Anonymous 03/19/2023 (Sun) 04:58 No.20196 del
Imo her scamming was far from the worst part. She was really into CP, into beastiality, helped groom kids for Sosa and others (seriously classic tale of sociopathic woman helping her sociopathic bf find victims for his sex crimes), she’d befriend women she was obsessed with and earned their trust just to get dirt on them and leak it over time on r9k and discord and to these girls’ friends (she did this with Marky and plenty of others, ones you wouldn’t even expect, basically if you were “friends” with Ciara you had to assume anything you told her would become public information), she was a compulsive liar, she’d harass random people persistently for small reasons and order her orbiters to join in for fun, and she hoarded info on anyone she could for future blackmail use.