Anonymous 03/19/2023 (Sun) 05:05 No.20197 del
I’m not sure Ciara even had much of a conscience to where she could be called evil on purpose. She was empty and basically ran off a script like an animal would, reacting to stimuli and seeking pleasure without a second thought until there were consequences which affected her access to this pleasure. Which is way scarier to think about. That personality she showed in videos was the result of seeing what people on r9k claimed to like in women, and she felt the need to manufacture a persona to align with that so she could maximize the positive attention she got. Those videos where she addresses the viewer as “anon” were a joke to her anyway, it was obviously ironic but she also knew orbiters would eat it up anyway. She wanted attention and she got it. What’s there not to get? Genuinely nice people don’t feel the need to make tons of videos trying to convince the world how nice they are, especially when mountains of evidence exists proving otherwise. Even Ciara at her nicest wasn’t even really nice. She was painfully dry to talk to about anything other than herself, she’d ghost everyone she initiated contact with, never once gave anyone advice, just constantly made everything about herself.