Anonymous 03/19/2023 (Sun) 07:59 No.20203 del
That’s mostly due to her being underage when doing the vast majority of this stuff, not only was there plausible deniability but no one saw her as a big deal, and as far as I know she was never reported to law enforcement. Also a lot of what she did was still technically legal for one reason or another, feds don’t care about someone taking money from redditors who want teenage girls’ panties, nor do they care about most CP possession even with reports, especially when it involves other underage people. It’s also very hard to prove anything to feds, and even with proof they just don’t give a shit 99% of the time anyway. Sosa had feds actually show up at his door and search him several times, and even though we all know he’s possessed gigabytes of child porn throughout his life, raped teenagers (Ciara of course), and more, literally nothing ever happened to him.

I agree it doesn’t matter much since she’s dead now, but getting the truth out is important since there’s a new wave of orbiters who don’t know any of this, and this information could be what prevents them from spiraling into depression over being obsessed with a dead girl whose personality they like wasn’t real anyway. Despite everything I just said I think maybe Ciara could’ve wound up living a decently normal life eventually if she hadn’t overdosed, but only as normal as Sosa, who hasn’t really changed that much as you can see in his replies above. But at least he got his act together.