Anonymous 04/01/2023 (Sat) 06:41 No.20730 del
Early difficulty socializing, and having to route learn socializing like a skill. Has difficulty mapping or caring about other people's emotional states, leading to what looks like low empathy. A lot of dorks both male and female are autism spectrum. I would hazard a good guess that her dad was 35+ when he had her.

It's not a death sentence, you just need training to overcome it. And it is a disability. The neuro-divergent nonsense is horse shit.

The worst cases are they become isolated and angry leading to mass shooting fantasies. Other bad-ends are they become druggie party people. Rapper Lil Peep did this. Doing a bunch of drugs and partying is the easiest way to socialize, and getting male attention through sex is the easiest way to get validation. So autist girls sometimes become mega whores. Both approaches are mal-adaptive.