Anonymous 10/14/2021 (Thu) 14:08:02 No.5291 del
Okay thanks i think i understand now. The thing you said about want makes sense because i had her on my mind all the time and i think i felt like she was watching only after i tried that energy thing. To be fair i've felt like im being watched even before ciara i just didn't know who and i don't think I'm autistic just so lonely and stupid, im still young though so it could be something everyone experiences and it's my first time. Nice tips, though i am not sure if this is right. Is this even love? Maybe it's just admiration that will fade. When i first saw the spoiler of ciara at the top of the thread i was shocked and grossed out, why? Aren't you supposed to have sex when you love someone? Maybe I'm too self aware and can see this for what it is, voyeurism. Did she post that or was it leaked, either way i am not supposed to know or see it none of this should exist. It's all voyeurism through this screen and i am disgusted with myself.