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Some anon say it's to imitate marky. Maybe.

Probably something fail in is his body too. In one of his last streams she says that at the age of 14 she was seeing a psychiatrist. I understand that a psychiatrist is a higher instance than a psychologist. that is, when a psychologist cannot fix your mental problems (the problems that generate your mentality) the psychologist sends you to the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist uses medication or drugs with you. that means your body fails somehow. it cannot create certain chemicals or has excess of some. from there derives his addiction to drugs. I also think she has some congenital defect. As an Oedipus, she is suffering the consequences of something that the parents did (or happened to them). it's sad. hopefully somehow they can overcome this situation.

Ciara. a kiss for you: muack!.
I hope you are well and happy :)