Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 09:02 No.79548 del
It also makes me lol how women constantly act PC and virtue signal all the time, yet whenever a man criticizes a woman, one of their first comebacks is to claim that that man is gay in some way. Same for extoling therapy, but then telling men to go to therapy as an insult.
Not only does it show that women are full of shit regarding their values\politics (Repeal the 19th), it also shows the female\leftist mentality of it being fine in their eyes to attack someone as long as they're unpersoned, or from a "bad person" group.
This shit reminds me of how "evil right wing" groups like 4chan/pol meetups are genuinely diverse, while super PC tumblr\twitter\reddit meetups and leftist writing rooms are full of white women.
It just goes to show that the people who claim to be PC are actually huge bigots, and the people who they accuse of being bigots are actually the most accepting of them all.