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(19.10 KB 689x184 TCnaoFo.png)
Woman hate containment thread Anonymous 01/30/2023 (Mon) 19:27 [Preview] No. 18815
Direct all debating, shit-flinging, venting, and off-topic complaints about the second sex here instead of derailing other threads.

Anonymous 01/31/2023 (Tue) 10:20 [Preview] No.18828 del
Thanks for making the thread. I've thought about making something like this myself, but I didn't want to overstep.

Frankly, the vast majority of problems with women come from them being coddled by the world.
They are constantly protected from everything, and thus they never experience any "evolutionary pressure" that would lead to them actually developing mentally.
This happens because both men and women have a preprogrammed biological instinct to support and defend women, no matter what. Part of this is called the "Women Are Wonderful" effect.
It seems that it all roughly stems from this. I'll go point by point:
>Weakness of character
They have a deep lack of personal responsibility/accountability, and a lack of agency. They constantly rationalize how everything is someone else's fault, and how society "makes them" do things. They never look inward to consider if they themselves have done anything wrong.
A rough example would be when women yell at their husbands for buying junk food in the house, because then the woman can't control herself from eating it. So, she has zero self control, and it's somehow the husband's fault. Great.
Women having a shitty attitude is also due to coddling, but I'll get to that later.

Anonymous 02/01/2023 (Wed) 06:49 [Preview] No.18847 del
Try talking to women your age instead of creeping on teenagers.

Anonymous 02/01/2023 (Wed) 11:37 [Preview] No.18848 del
(812.66 KB 811x1253 yes its a man.png)
>Found the incel. Touch grass, creep. This is why women don't want you.
Every time.

Anonymous 02/19/2023 (Sun) 01:57 [Preview] No.19149 del
(23.38 KB 480x470 p.jpg)
Often times I wish women would just act normal. Like please just be normal, just be a healthy human being and have a normal attitude.
Just stop doing extremely retarded insane stupid shit.
Just stop making life harder for everyone, including themselves.
They have it so easy in life, it's not even funny.

Anonymous 02/21/2023 (Tue) 13:19 [Preview] No.19269 del
Why do you hate women so much for what is natural for them (craving a man that can support and sustain them better than others, while attracting him, for the most part, with good looks and secondary sex characteristics) but at the same time don't see anything wrong wrong with men following their natural born instincts (competing, gaining power and influence, getting the moat beautiful and excellent shaped women)? I bet you don't consider yourself to be a completely "decent human being devoid of the flaw of bahaving according to your sex instincts". I don't hate you, Anon, for holding such an unpopular view of yours. Even though I disagree and consider it to be outrageous. I just want you to try to reconsider and doubt them, thats all. Lets just talk about it as logically, coldbloodedly and rationally as possible. Let's dissect and metaanalyze ;) shall we?

Anonymous 02/21/2023 (Tue) 14:25 [Preview] No.19270 del
>Why do you hate women so much for what is natural for them
First, I don't hate women. Second, someone doing what's natural doesn't mean it's right to do.
>but at the same time don't see anything wrong wrong with men following their natural
Never said men are wrong for it. It seems you're trying to catch me in a "gotcha" that I never did.
>I bet you don't consider yourself to be a completely "decent human being
You don't need to be perfect to criticize others. In fact, one's own imperfections are irrelevant when criticizing others. Being imperfect doesn't negate any of the criticism.
>I just want you to try to reconsider and doubt them
I would be sincerely ecstatic if women started acting like proper good upstanding people. It would be a joy for me to see. But 99% of the time, they act like utter shit in a myriad of ways. So, I'm motivated to criticize them.

sage sage 02/21/2023 (Tue) 16:14 [Preview] No.19271 del
>I would be sincerely ecstatic if women started acting like proper good upstanding people. It would be a joy for me to see. But 99% of the time, they act like utter shit in a myriad of ways
NTA, but that's just your twisted and mentally ill view on things. You're not speaking about reality, but your incredibly warped POV.

Also, sage of course.

Anonymous 02/21/2023 (Tue) 17:46 [Preview] No.19274 del
Just to be clear, is your point that women, generally, DON'T act like pieces of shit?

sage sage 02/22/2023 (Wed) 22:55 [Preview] No.19335 del
mostly everyone is a piece of shit, but the women here/in these circles are something special

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 11:54 [Preview] No.19355 del
(59.84 KB 671x923 IMG_3298.jpg)
Ok, then those who do hate women, explain your reasons. Do you know their psychology? Do you speak to them alot? Do you consider yourself a "Chad" or unappealing "virgin"? Why?

sage sage 02/23/2023 (Thu) 15:44 [Preview] No.19356 del
>Ok, then those who do hate women, explain your reasons.
No, stop bumping this worthless garbage dump of a "thread".

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:13 [Preview] No.19360 del
stop turning every thread into your blog, retard

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:28 [Preview] No.19362 del
(22.00 KB 720x433 147191.jpg)
I doubt anyone actually hates women just for being women. That's just what retards like to use as a strawman.
What they likely hate is women's behaviors, actions, and words, that they've noticed are a common pattern with women throughout their life.
For example, if any time you try to discuss a serious topic with women, instead of having a conversation and exchanging arguments, they just say shit like "incel small dick virgin weirdo mom's basement jealous shower gay", then you quickly learn that women are mega retarded and that they're beneath having a civilized discussion with.
This is just one example, but unironically 99% of things women say and do are like this, if you pay attention. Like how women are constantly whoring themselves out for attention IRL and on social media.
Believe me, just say the word and I'll make a huge list of examples. I'm holding back hard.

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:38 [Preview] No.19363 del
(80.49 KB 812x1472 4663544091106.jpg)
(233.95 KB 1080x1673 4487566486.jpg)
(22.46 KB 526x523 0796969.jpg)
Additionally, hating women just for being women is an emotional reaction, which is something far more common in women.
Like when women get rejected or broken up with, and they start saying shit like "men are trash".
THAT's someone who actually hates the other gender in general. Women who get irrationally angry and malicious at the mere mention of men, or who are spiteful towards unattractive men, THOSE are the true hateful people. Pic related.
The autists posting infographics and writing essasys detailing women's wrongs don't actually hate them.
Shit, the chads women chase who only see them as naive wet holes to pump and dump, probably hate them more than the autists do. But bet your ass women aren't hateful of those chads. Plenty of hatred towards innocent virgins though, how od.

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:40 [Preview] No.19364 del

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:41 [Preview] No.19365 del
reminder this sperg claimed he’s married to an ugly woman because they mutually use each other for sex

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 20:52 [Preview] No.19370 del
Did someone seriously take a drawing mocking the retarded It's Raining Men song with the dancing fat niggers, and somehow make it about crushing patriarchy?

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 21:52 [Preview] No.19371 del
(108.43 KB 998x534 EXPQt6pU0AI4R1Q.jpg)

Anonymous 02/24/2023 (Fri) 04:22 [Preview] No.19376 del
You raise a good point here. I'll be more careful from now on. I don't wanna damage other threads.

Anonymous 03/05/2023 (Sun) 15:33 [Preview] No.19681 del
Today's rant is about single moms, contraceptives, lies, and baby trapping.
I often hear single moms say that they only have so many kids because the contraceptives failed. They assure everyone that they did use them, but I think they're lying. I think they not only didn't use protection, but that they neglected to use it on purpose, to trap the man.
First of all, I find it extremely unlikely that contraceptives would fail, multiple times, and all on the same person. It's a massive outlier. You don't see contraceptives "failing" multiple times when it's responsible stable couples.
secondly, the fact that she's a single mom from multiple men suggests she's irresponsible, and neglecting to use contraceptives is an irresponsible thing to do. It also suggests that she's the common factor in these "accidents".
Third, women often use the "baby trapping" strategy in order to get men to stay, especially wealthier or overall "better" men.
Women are very shallow, so they want a kid from a chad, but they know that chads only want casual sex (especially with low tier women like them).
Women are also very stupid, so they'll purposefully try to get pregnant by the chad in order to get them to stay, which never works, so she becomes a single mom.And since women are ultra mega retarded, she just repeats this strategy with multiple other men, not realizing that it doesn't work.
And then, to avoid accountability and social shame, she tells everyone (and herself) that the contraceptives "just failed".
There's also the strategy where women use casual sex as a "social lubricant" to try to get a relationship with a chad, but since, like I mentioned, they're stupid, they don't realize that the chad's only there for casual sex, not a relationship, so the plan fails. And since they're retarded, they just repeat the same strategy. Sound familiar?
They're also extremely arrogant, believing that their pussy will make the man change his mind, which is, again, retarded, because 1) her pussy likely isn't that good, and 2) the guy having casual sex multiple times per week can easily get pussy.
Fourth, women get EXTREMELY mad when you mention the concept of using multiple different contraceptives, which suggests that they're bullshitting about their contraceptives failing.
Women only get this level of mad when it's something that's true, like with roast beef pussy, bad female hygiene, etc.
In this case, they get super mad partially because you're offering a solution to their problem, which isn't actually a problem because they're doing it on purpose. They don't want the "problem" solved.
While I'm here, women absolutely HATE being given advice, because they enjoy reveling in their victimhood, so when you try to help them, it takes away their victim points, and so they get mad.
In conclusion, single moms are lying when they say their contraceptives failed. They just tried to get pregnant in order to score a chad, and now that the plan failed, they're lying in order to save face.

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 13:21 [Preview] No.20030 del

But if you hate single moms, I really hope you at least strongly support abortion

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 17:42 [Preview] No.20035 del
TLDR is that 99% of "accidental" pregnancies aren't accidental, they're a deliberate manipulative strategy by the woman.
My stance is that abortion is 100% murder, but it's a necessary evil and a net positive. Shitty people creating more shitty people is part of why the world is the way it is.
Single moms are the ones creating the weak men that lead to the hard times.

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 18:31 [Preview] No.20037 del
That’s just bullshit, what the fuck? Half of pregnancies are unplanned, HALF. And a significant number of those result in abortions. All your post is telling me is you’ve never had a pregnancy scare with a woman. They’re the ones most terrified about it.

Anyway “murder” is a legal term and does not include zygotes which aren’t sentient or sapient in any way, shape, or form.

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 18:40 [Preview] No.20038 del
>Half of pregnancies are unplanned, HALF.
What exactly do you mean by "unplanned"? Are you saying that contraceptives fail 50% of the time?
>They’re the ones most terrified about it.
Considering the fucking single mom statistics, evidently they love it. If they were scared, they wouldn't be having 4 kids by 5 different men.
>Anyway “murder” is a legal term and does not include zygotes which aren’t sentient or sapient in any way, shape, or form.
So when exactly does it become murder?

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 18:57 [Preview] No.20039 del
>Are you saying that contraceptives fail 50% of the time?
No? Are you aware that most people who have sex are in relationships, and aren’t having sex just once? Half of pregnancies being unplanned does not mean contraceptives fail half of the time. Contraceptives are very effective but still can mess up, either due to user error or bad luck. What’s most common though is people using natural family planning or the pull-out method accidentally getting pregnant from pre-cum, which can happen years after successfully avoiding pregnancy.

Infanticide is murder.

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 19:12 [Preview] No.20040 del
>Contraceptives are very effective but still can mess up
This is true, but it doesn't explain why some couples don't have kids until they're ready, and some women become single moms of multiple kids.
What I'm saying is, there's clearly a difference here, to the point where I suspect the contraceptives themselves are not the issue.
>or the pull-out method accidentally getting pregnant
That's not an accident, that's just being fucking irresponsible. The pullout method is too unreliable to be trusted.
This is like when people say that condoms don't work, but they say it because they didn't bother to actually use them.
>Infanticide is murder.
No, no. Give me a specific time at which it turns from a "bundle of cells" to something you can't kill.
Is it 9 months in? 8 months? 5?
Exactly at what point during the pregnancy does it become murder?

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 19:14 [Preview] No.20041 del
>4 kids from 5 men
this isn’t possible holmes, what kind of statistics are you talking about?

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 19:17 [Preview] No.20042 del
It's hyperbole, a bit of humor that references an old greentext post.

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 19:19 [Preview] No.20043 del
I never said it’s something you can’t kill. It’s a living thing. It’s just not a human being yet, which requires sentience and sapience. This is a philosophical question, and as I said earlier, murder is a legal term. There’s no scientific answer to this.
All I know is that 99% of abortions occur within the first few months of pregnancy, with the majority of those being within the first few weeks when the zygote is still basically just a few cells. Projecting consciousness into this is understandable but it’s not right or accurate in any way. The few abortions which happen outside of this timeframe are only performed when the mother’s life is at stake due to the pregnancy.

Irresponsible people make the most accidents, no? Being irresponsible doesn’t make it not an accident. Plus like I said, most people practice the pull out method with no issue. Then 10 years later suddenly it is one. Can you blame them for thinking something that worked for so long would probably always work?

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 19:27 [Preview] No.20044 del
>Then 10 years later suddenly it is one. Can you blame them for thinking something that worked for so long would probably always work?
But that's not what's happening, and it's not what the point of the post was.
I'm talking about women who are like 23 and have 3 kids. That's not a matter of contraceptives just statistically failing due to how many times she's had sex. There's something else going on there.
NOT TO MENTION her being with multiple other men also suggests there's something else going on.

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 03:00 [Preview] No.20236 del
I just saw a discussion online about the concept of poor people having a ton of kids, so now I need to rant. Holy shit people are fucking retarded.
They keep bringing up the point about "education", but how much education would you really need here?
Do people need a master's degree to understand that sex makes kids?
Am I a 200 IQ genius for making the calculation that contraceptives are significantly cheaper than raising a child?
Should I contact Mensa because I immediately realize that any extra income from government aid due to having kids wouldn't be enough to offset the costs of raising them, and thus having more would just be a net negative on one's finances?
Or that, if you have trouble supporting yourself, having one more person to support would be even more of a strain on your waller?
Am I the stupid one for suggesting you should, if anything, invest your resources into raising one kid properly, instead of spreading them thin with multiple kids?
Am I an emotionless psychopath for recognizing that having multiple kids for the sake of social status isn't a worthwhile tradeoff when you're poor? Hey maybe put food on the table or pay your bills instead of trying to show off, fucking dumbass.
Not to mention how obsessing over social status is stupid in the first place.
Or how the idea that having multiple kids being a sign of wealth and prosperity is fucking stupid, since resources are plentiful (in modern first world countries).
OR, that they're thinking about this completely backwards, and it's people with resources who have kids, and that having kids when you're poor doesn't automatically mean you're wealthy or make it so you have resources.
OR that the concept of having kids purely to use them as social status "trophies" is a piece of shit thing to do. Same for using them as entertainment.
Do you need to be an expert Historian to notice that older generations of poor people having multiple kids isn't working out for them?

No seriously, tell me. Are people really THIS fucking retarded? Are most of modern society's problems coming from people just being fucking stupid?
Am I just being a cynical piece of shit here, or are all of these just EXTREMELY BASIC THINGS that can be fixed\averted fairly easily?

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 03:14 [Preview] No.20237 del
This is how fucking stupid people are:
1. There are people who don't understand the concept of saving money.
At the end of the month, after paying all their shit, they still have some money in their account, so they just waste it on dumb shit THEY DON'T EVEN NEED OR WANT, because they have some fucking stupid OCD type of thing with having any money left. Like it actively fucking bothers them to be not-poor.
2. There are people who don't understand the concept of a budget.
These people get payed at the start of the month, live like a king for a week, and then scrape by for the other 3 weeks.
It's like they don't have the mental ability to prepare for the future. Like they look at the big number of money and go "YAAAAAY IM RICH", and then they spend it and go"Awww I'm poor", but they don't make the fucking connection that THEY'RE THE ONES WHO SPENT THE MONEY.
3. There are people who don't understand the concept of buying in bulk.
I've had people get offended at me when they mention something's on sale, and I suggest they should buy multiples of them. And most of the time, people just tell me "Nah" and refuse to buy in bulk. WHY. YOU'RE LITERALLY LOSING MONEY YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING RETARD.
It's like people have a fucking compulsion to be stupid and poor, it pisses me off.

I kinda feel bad for these people, I try to be empathetic, but it's really fucking hard to be sympathetic with people who repeatedly make the worst decisions again and again and again, and they absolutely refuse to listen to advice or change or do better, they just want to complain.

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 04:35 [Preview] No.20239 del
>At the end of the month, after paying all their shit, they still have some money in their account, so they just waste it on dumb shit THEY DON'T EVEN NEED OR WANT, because they have some fucking stupid OCD type of thing with having any money left.
Me desu, I never had money growing up so whenever I see the amount I have to buy whatever I want with I always spend it all. It is a form of anxiety for me and I know it’s bad but at least I can afford it. I just need to start saving

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 04:49 [Preview] No.20242 del
I hope you can overcome it, friend. Just think of all the cooler shit you could afford if you had even more money saved up.
I also hope you have some emergency money saved up, that's separated from your normal finances, just in case.

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 10:37 [Preview] No.20246 del
(70.90 KB 680x785 336675.jpg)
>Hey maybe put food on the table or pay your bills instead of trying to show off, fucking dumbass.
I typed this about two hours before pic related was posted. Exactly the point I was making.
Not only is this shit fucking stupid to even do for multiple reasons, she's probably mentally poisoning the kid too. It's probably gonna grow up to be a spoiled brat.
Also, notice there's no mention of a father figure

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 10:39 [Preview] No.20247 del
Tbf if you were the father would you want to be mentioned?

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 10:46 [Preview] No.20248 del
No, I wouldn't. But I imagine the father wasn't redacted from the article, he just wasn't with her.
And I also wouldn't impregnate an obviously deranged woman. Or date her.

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 10:48 [Preview] No.20249 del
The whole thing would be a bit less crap if she looked like she'd ever missed a meal too.
That is not a starving woman.

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 12:39 [Preview] No.20250 del
Yeah, I noticed that too. I'm guessing she gets 180/week, but they're conveniently not mentioning the other ways she makes money, like child support.
I've noticed that the more someone insists that they don't eat, the fatter they are likely to be.

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 13:24 [Preview] No.20251 del
>I also wouldn't impregnate an obviously deranged woman. Or date her.

Are you aware what board you're in?

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 18:12 [Preview] No.20266 del
To be fair, orbiting doesn't mean I wanna bang or date them. I'm well aware that the vast majority of the women on this board are either mentally unwell or outright dangerous.

Anonymous 04/03/2023 (Mon) 11:04 [Preview] No.20770 del
Today's rant is about Emotional Maturity.
Over the years, I've noticed that women are very very often completely lacking in emotional maturity, leading to some symptoms like:
>refusing to take accountability
For anything, really.
>refusing to ever admit to being wrong, or making a mistake
For example, a teacher writes something wrong on the blackboard or incorrectly grades a test, but when asked about it, she absolutely refuses to make the correction, and adamantly insists that what she did is actually correct.
>refusing to apologize
I'm in my mid 20s and I still haven't seen a woman give a sincere apology.
>refusing to be thankful or appreciative
Or even acknowledge that they're being gifted or given something. They act like the special privileges they get are something that they should always get by default, that it's the baseline, that they're being wronged by not being given more.
>being actively hateful at the concept of kind and nice to their bf/husband
Their bf/husband is even someone who is supposedly "on their side", but they still refuse to treat them well. Its like they lack the maturity to show affection to others, it's a literal toddler "cooties" level behavior/mentality.
>absolute refusal to receive criticism of any kind
Anything NEUTRAL, ie not immediately openly complimentary to them, already yields a tepidly aggressive response. Being actually negative in any way results in outright hostility.
Some women wont even LISTEN to any criticism, they'll just tune it out or passive aggressively do something else to "block out" the criticism, or just keep repeating stuff like "Yeah, yeah, okay, whatever.". Again, it's like a child covering their ears and going "Lalalala, I can't hear you.", except it's a fucking adult doing it. And again, they're rationalizing, so that in their head they're not actually doing anything wrong. (Again dodging accountability, even in their heads.)
>refusal to accept advice
Often even doing the precise opposite of what was suggested, out of childish spite. Like when you tell a child to not make a mess so it just slathers dirt/food/etc everywhere. Or when you tell a child to put something down gently, and they immediately smash it full force.
They seem to believe that listening to others is an act of submission or that it makes them "lesser". They'd shit their pants if they heard about the concept of Deference.
>refusing to ask for help when necessary
Even if it means harming themselves, like women arrogantly claiming they know about cars, while completely failing at tasks like changing tires, solving engine issues, and pumping gas. Checking the car's oil isn't even on the radar for them, and not to mention the accountability dodging of ignoring the engine lights, and just letting things get worse and worse, hoping they sort themselves out (which also seems related to them demanding others read their mind and fix their issues without them needing to speak up). Which leads me to:
>refusing to have adult conversations
They seem to have extreme difficulty in just sitting down and having a serious, calm, adult, open, transparent, honest conversation about an important topic.
You ever try having one of these with a woman? Chances are she'll just ignore you or walk out of the room (always with a made up excuse, so they again can rationalize in their head that they're innocent.)
Part 1/2

Anonymous 04/03/2023 (Mon) 11:04 [Preview] No.20771 del
>refusing to speak up when there's an issue
They'd rather be quiet, and just get internally angrier and angrier, getting mad at the man for not automatically reading her mind and knowing what's wrong and fixing it, until they finally explode in a rampage of anger, letting it all out at once. Meanwhile the issue itself could've been solved by a 20 second conversation in the first place. They often expect the man to "read her mind" instead of being an adult and just say what's bothering them right away.
They always avoid ACTUAL confrontation, though they're fine with fake pointless hostility, like drama. Probably because they can only mentally process the barest superficial aspects, which actually seeps into their conversation topics. Which leads me to:
>they demand others care about their interests, but show zero care about others' interests
This happens all the time on dates.The woman talks AT LENGTH about some retarded boring topic, and the man has to pretend like it's super interesting, or else she'll get mad at him.
But then, if the man dares to bring up one of his interests, suddenly she's no longer interested in the conversation, and will just get annoyed and mad at the man. Utter hypocrisy. Utter lack of self awareness, too.
>refusing to speak a bit louder, without having an aggressive angry tone
A woman says something very quietly, you ask her to repeat herself or to speak up, and they borderline yell and start getting mad and speaking in an openly aggressive tone.
Are women too mentally immature to repeat themselves, or are they too stupid to understand the difference between volume and tone? Which one is it? Neither is good.
>refusal to do what they're asked
Kinda related to the advice and speak louder things. Maybe they see obliging a request as an act of submission.
They sure seem fine with it as long as their social group accepts it, though. Pure groupthink herd/group mentality.
>refusing to be a be a graceful loser
I've noticed that women are very often sore losers. As soon as they lose once, they get super mad and suddenly don't want to play anymore. (Kinda like the conversations about interests, on dates.)
It's pure crybully mentality. They're fine as long as they're winning, but as soon as they get the SLIGHTEST resistance, suddenly they give up. As soon as things aren't going 100% their way, they're out.
>giving up at the first sign of resistance
See above. As soon as something isn't easy, and maybe even requires a bit of effort, they instantly walk away from it.
>refusing to admit when they don't know something
For example, you ask a woman a question about a topic, and she starts going on a long tangent that isn't anywhere close to answering your question.
Then you ask a followup question to try to actually get an answer, and she gets mad.
It's like they can't say "Oh I don't know about that.", so they just start bullshitting to your face to pretend like they gave an answer, just so they have an excuse to evade the question. I remember teachers used to do this shit all the time.
>refusing to give a deeper answer when asked, and instead giving a passive aggressive answer
Kinda related to the above phenomena. The "Educate yourself." or "I'm not here to educate you." or "There's no point in explaining it to you." type of mentality. Actually showing respect to the person and leveling with them takes too much emotional maturity, so they just say some retarded line that 1) evades the question, and 2) lets themselves rationalize\pretend in their head that they're good\innocent\winning, and move on.
I see this shit too with women refusing to explain shit to their kids, and either giving them an overly dumbed down or wrong answer, or dismissing them entirely. I see this especially often in single moms.
That's all I got for now.
Part 2/2

sage sage 04/03/2023 (Mon) 12:53 [Preview] No.20772 del
Holy shit, fuck off you massive fucking autists.
This is not your personal blog, go back to twitter or whatever shithole your fragile little ego crawled out from.

Anonymous 04/03/2023 (Mon) 19:41 [Preview] No.20777 del
That's unironically some fairly good academic research material on that subject.Thanks, I appreciate the share.
I've noticed that people often try to shame or attack people who make points like this, but they never ever ever ever actually suggest that the arguments are wrong, much less actually prove they're wrong.
Disclaimer: shooting others or harming them in any way is very cringe, and I wouldn't do it nor do I recommend anyone else does it.

Anonymous 04/03/2023 (Mon) 19:47 [Preview] No.20778 del
there is nothing academic about a severely violent and sadistic person ranting about women into a document on his pc before killing dozens of children

Anonymous 04/03/2023 (Mon) 20:03 [Preview] No.20779 del
Obviously it's not like a peer a reviewed study or something, but he's pointing out things that are very rarely talked about, like how women only care about something when it starts affecting them, or how they narcissistically think everything is about them personally.
The world is perfectly happy to talk about men's faults, but as soon as anyone brings up women's faults, suddenly everyone squirms.

sage sage 04/03/2023 (Mon) 21:45 [Preview] No.20783 del
That's because nobody is interesting in reading trite and worthless drivel like that.
Nobody even reads it anymore.

Anonymous 04/03/2023 (Mon) 22:46 [Preview] No.20785 del
Take a moment to think about the fact that one of the few people autistic and hateful enough to write essays like you do is a guy who killed 28 people.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 02:34 [Preview] No.20787 del
imagine being so autistic that you're completely oblivious to the fact that you're very obviously projecting your own shortcomings onto women

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 02:36 [Preview] No.20788 del
>comings onto women

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 06:09 [Preview] No.20793 del
I can apologize when I've made a mistake, automatically making me better than 99% of the female population lol.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 06:13 [Preview] No.20794 del
Show me a peer-reviewed double blind study that shows only 1% of women can admit when they’re wrong. And since you’ll backpedal and say it’s le epic meme, okay fine, find me literally any peer-reviewed double blind study that proves women are even slightly less prone to admitting they’re wrong than men. Anecdotes, screenshots of random women, social media posts, memes, wojaks, and images from /r9k/ and reddit do not count.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 07:08 [Preview] No.20795 del
If you want an actual answer, I only hold these beliefs because I've seen women behave this way over and over, to the point where it's become a pattern.
It's not like I have a blind hatred for all women and am just making shit up as an excuse to attack them. This is stuff that they actually do. There are widespread memes about how women dodge accountability. "Women aren't even accountable for not being accountable."
There's this great thread starter that goes something like "Without blaming men, why are you single?". And if you look at the replies, WITHOUT FAIL, it'll either be something about how men aren't good enough for her, or how she's too good for all the men.
The point of the thread is to mention their own personal faults, but they just shift the blame onto the man. EVEN THOUGH the OP openly says "without blaming men".
Another thing: Someone points out something bad a woman did, and all the women reply with a variation of "But men do it too."
It's legit like they're NPCs and they always reply the same way.
MAYBE if women just started acting like respectable upstanding people, my opinion of them would change.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 07:20 [Preview] No.20796 del
(114.61 KB 1280x1280 55632523563.jpg)
Another example of women dodging accountability: When women in "abusive relationships" repeatedly choose to date the same scumbag type of men over and over, but they adamantly insist that they were all 400 IQ master manipulator super geniuses, that all perfectly masked their evil personality for years, and the woman is just a helpless victim.

Gee, could it fucking be that the 25yo single mom of 8 is just bad at picking men? Nooooo, it MUST be that all those men were just masters of speechcraft and charisma who tricked the poor helpless woman.
Literally just stop chasing deadbeat delinquent scumbag pieces of shit, and the problem will be solved. OH but that would require the woman to admit she's the one picking the bad men.
See what I mean?

sage sage 04/04/2023 (Tue) 09:45 [Preview] No.20798 del
Don't bother.
You are incel, so your existence is worthless anyway. Your """opinion""" has no value, nothing you say has any worth.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 09:55 [Preview] No.20799 del
Lol, Hi reddit

sage sage 04/04/2023 (Tue) 10:06 [Preview] No.20800 del
>noooooo you can't just not be an extremist ;_;

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 19:09 [Preview] No.20813 del
>”bro trust me i’ve seent it”
>”there’s this meme about…”
>random tweet screencap

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 22:38 [Preview] No.20815 del
(932.70 KB 2556x5835 1f3.png)

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 23:00 [Preview] No.20816 del
(92.13 KB 1080x791 1a5.jpg)
I find it interesting how there are always two "sides" at play in a discussion.
One "side" will go into autistic levels of depth\detail when explaining their point of view, and is eager to discuss and exchange thoughts and arguments.
And the other "side" absolutely refuses to engage with the actual point, and instead just repeatedly goes for personal attacks.
You can see this pattern in a ton of topics, like politics, sex, race, economics, 4chan vs tumblr/twitter, etc.
I guess it's related to how they view the world. One wants to find the truth, the other wants to berate and mock others until they automatically agree with them.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 23:51 [Preview] No.20817 del
Unfortunately, outside of your echochamber people actually make conclusions on empirical evidence and not delusions. You claim women are less intelligent and more illogical with black and white thinking, meanwhile everything you say is based on cherrypicked social media screencaps and soyjak comics, not a single legitimate study. You insist your own personal view of the world is the only “real” one, exactly how you claim women would. You go on and on about men being the rational sex, the ones with nuance, the ones who really care about reason, all while basing your views entirely on your hyperfixations on subjective experience and memetic repetition. There’s a reason your instinct is to deflect and become defensive when asked for sources and can no longer rely on memes and strawmen. Guess what? The world does not consist of what you look at on image boards every single day to try to rationalize your own failures.

> A new study of over 300,000 people that spans 57 countries reveals women are, on average, more empathetic than males. Consistent across all age groups and most nationalities, women tend to score higher on tests of cognitive empathy, or “theory of mind” than males.
>There wasn't a single country in which men scored better, on average, than women.

>the strongest predictors of overestimating IQ were biological sex and then psychological gender. Being born male and having strong masculine traits were associated with an inflated intellectual self-image.
>There was also a strong contribution of general self-esteem to participants’ intellectual self-image. As noted above, males report higher self-esteem than females.
>Recent brain imaging studies show that a part of the brain that helps produce violence, called the amygdala, is larger in men than in women. Also, the frontal cortex (frontal lobes), which help to regulate impulses coming from the amygdala, is (are) more active in women.

>Nearly 99% of rapists are male.

>Simply put, males commit much more crime than females. In UCR data, men comprise about 81 percent of all arrests for violent crime and about 63 percent of all arrests for property crime. (See Figure 8.3 “Gender and Arrest (Percentage of All Arrests)”.) In the NCVS, victims report that males commit most of the violent crimes they experienced, and self-report studies find that males far outpace females in the commission of serious street offenses.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 23:51 [Preview] No.20818 del
>Psychologists at the University of Warwick had men and women judge how each of 50 objects fit into a certain category—whether it belonged, did not belong, or only partially (somewhat) belonged. For example, is a cucumber a fruit? Is a horse a vehicle? After making each judgment, people reported how confident they were about their decision.
>Men were more likely to see an object as fully belonging or not belonging to a strict category, while women more often judged that objects only partially belonged. The more intriguing finding, though, was that men and women were equally confident about their decisions. This means the gender difference was not due to men simply being more certain or women more uncertain about their judgments. One possibility is that societal gender roles promote more absolute, black-and-white views in men and more detailed, complex views in women.

>We examined gender differences in healthy adults on the revised version of the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (henceforth the Eyes Test), developed by Baron-Cohen, Wheelwright, Hill, Raste, and Plumb (2001). In this task, participants examine photographs of pairs of eyes and choose among four descriptors (e.g., playful, comforting, irritating, bored). Healthy adults and samples from ten countries (Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Chile, and Hungary) were included in the analysis. Consistent with previous evidence of a small female advantage in decoding nonverbal behavior, we found a small statistically significant effect for female superiority over males on the Eyes Test (g = .177, k = 42). Together, the test for heterogeneity and [I.sup.2] indicate that the female advantage on the Eyes Test is homogenous across studies.
>The small effect in favor of females suggests that women tend to be better than men at judging emotions or mental states represented by eye stimuli.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 23:52 [Preview] No.20819 del
>Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we asked male and female participants to use a cognitive emotion regulation strategy (reappraisal) to down-regulate their emotional responses to negatively valenced pictures. Behaviorally, men and women evidenced comparable decreases in negative emotion experience. Neurally, however, gender differences emerged. Compared with women, men showed (a) lesser increases in prefrontal regions that are associated with reappraisal, (b) greater decreases in the amygdala, which is associated with emotional responding, and (c) lesser engagement of ventral striatal regions, which are associated with reward processing. We consider two non-competing explanations for these differences. First, men may expend less effort when using cognitive regulation, perhaps due to greater use of automatic emotion regulation. Second, women may use positive emotions in the service of reappraising negative emotions to a greater degree.
>In addition to the prefrontal differences mentioned above, women engaged the ventral striatum to a greater extent than men during reappraisal. The ventral striatum has been implicated in reward-related processing in humans (Knutson, Adams, Fong, & Hommer, 2001; McClure, York, & Montague, 2004) and animals (Elliott, Friston, & Dolan, 2000). The ventral striatum is also more active when individuals are processing positive or humorous stimuli (pictures, films, etc; (Mobbs, Greicius, Abdel-Azim, Menon, & Reiss, 2003) and its activity may predict self-reports of positive affect (Knutson, Taylor, Kaufman, Peterson, & Glover, 2005). Therefore, it is possible that women are generating positive affect to a greater extent than men in order to down-regulate their negative responses. It is well-documented that positive emotion, or humor, can be used strategically to regulate negative emotion (Tugade & Fredrickson, 2004). In accordance with these studies, we suggest that men may be quantitatively reducing the amount of negative affect they are experiencing, whereas women may be qualitatively transforming their negative affect into positive affect.

>Stylistic differences while narrating anger stories were noted between men in the present study and women in the study by Thomas et al. (1998). Men most commonly spoke of anger provocateurs in vague terms such as “this guy,” “an acquaintance,” or “another employee,” whereas women almost invari- ably used specific proper names throughout their in- terviews. Further exploration of this finding by schol- ars of linguistics would be useful; the vague language suggests a detachment or distancing that was not noted in women’s narratives.

Anonymous 04/04/2023 (Tue) 23:57 [Preview] No.20820 del
So there, actual peer-reviewed studies in abundance that counter every single thing this guy has asserted as fact, based only on his limited interactions with women in his childhood and memes he gets from people just as delusional as he is. Even when politely asked for objectivity, all he can do is post memes mocking objectivity in the first place.

Why expect anyone to take you seriously with your claims presented as fact if you freely admit you don’t actually care about being objective? Isn’t that, I dunno, woman behavior?

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 00:28 [Preview] No.20821 del
I'll be happy to dissect and discuss each and every point, but before that, I have two questions for you:
1. How do you explain one individual's life experience being so anathetic to the points made in those studies?
For example, how come the studies suggest that women are more empathetic, but any time the topic of a societal problem faced primarily by men comes up, women's replies and input are overwhelmingly either "Deal with it, sucks for you." or "But women have it worse."? I mean, this kind of thing happening occasionally and me saying that's how women act would be cherry picking, but it happening effectively EVERY time seems like a strong pattern.
Also, could it be that, instead of genuine empathy, those studies detected virtue signaling? Women are definitely more likely to say what's socially acceptable instead of the truth or what they really think.
And shit, how do you explain tons and tons of men reporting the exact same experience of seeing women acting precisely that way?
2. How likely do you believe it is, that studies such as these may have a pro-female bias, in the sense that they're active looking for things that would compliment women?
Certainly you've heard about cases in the Research field where results are manipulated to generate the profit required to fund the research in the first place. And it would certainly be scientific to sincerely question the legitimacy of studies.
No, woman behavior would be to use the "u no get pussi" insult lol.
Also, I've noticed in the past that any time any study or statistical analysis is presented that show women in a negative light, people immediately work to discredit it, like with dating site and tinder statistics.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 00:48 [Preview] No.20822 del
You’re an overly online faggot who thinks histrionic retards shit-flinging on facebook is real life and representative of the average well-adjusted person. Get a job.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 01:11 [Preview] No.20823 del
Oh so if it were real life, suddenly it'd have more weight? Funny, cause when I mention personal experience, suddenly that doesn't count.
>representative of the average well-adjusted person
Ain't that convenient for you. Any criticism of women I give, you can just automatically declare that either the women behaving that way or the men reporting it are just "not average person" and poof, suddenly all the criticism doesn't count. Fuck you, go fuck yourself.
You sound just like the retards who say "Tinder isn't real life".
Also mate you're on an obscure sub-subforum dedicated to stalking and obsessing over severely mentally ill individuals, what the fuck are you talking about.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 01:12 [Preview] No.20824 del
>like with dating site and tinder statistics.
Women are sexual selectors. Nothing negative about it, only spergs like you who don’t meet the criteria women want think it’s a bad thing. You want to bend nature in your favor and hate women for seeking males who will give them and their offspring a good, healthy, affluent life. Blame yourself, buddy, this is biological. Failing to keep up then lashing out at the world for your own stunted growth is just sad.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 01:14 [Preview] No.20825 del
Because every example you give is completely anecdotal or from a random internet post, most often an outlier, meanwhile these studies are done on large groups of people, controlled, and with the intention of seeking a median.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 01:26 [Preview] No.20826 del
(220.21 KB 506x1438 6535325235.jpg)
Alright, what do you think about:
1. The tinder statistics studies, like pic related
2. Those "end of the year" tinder statistics that show that women only swipe right on like 0.005% of men. (paraphrasing)
3. Studies that indicate a wider bell curve distribution among men than women, regarding IQ (or height)? Forget about the question of who has the "better" IQ or something, just answer me if a study like that would be valid, in your eyes.
I am very, very, VERY eager to see what excuse you can come up with to discredit everything I just said. Go on, I'm waiting for it. You know you want to. You never have to actually discuss anything or handle different opinions if you just say nothing your opponent says ever "counts". Like a child on the playground saying they have an "everything proof shield". Again, the mental luxury of just automatically winning everything.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 01:44 [Preview] No.20827 del
Tinder is for sex. Men are more horny than women with lower standards, on top of not being sexual selectors. So what?

As for the wider bell curve distribution for IQ, yes that’s legitimate. There are more women who are average intelligence than there are men of average intelligence, but this comes with the caveat of there being more low IQ men than low IQ women too. Like you mentioned, this is correlated with height, so with height being controlled, men and women are actually equal in number of average intelligence.

I don’t see why anything I’m saying is seen as insincere discrediting or whatever. Most of this is biologically and socially incentivized, so as saying goes, don’t hate the player hate the game.

It’s interesting that you defend certain degenerate behaviors from men like porn addiction as “natural,” but when it comes to actually natural female behavior, you are against it and see it as a moral failing and a sign of innate inferiority. Most young people have sex, and since the dawn of time the ball has been in women’s court to choose sexual mates and life partners. Despite women being incentivized to be hypergamous (finely tuned evolutionary advantage in it, maximizing good genetics with environment), the vast majority of women still just settle down with betas they met in high school or college, have kids with them, and spend the rest of their lives with them. Meanwhile the average man sees it within his rights to not resist these biological urges, through compulsive masturbation or something else.

I think the reason this all bothers you so much is because you feel like you didn’t make the cut and it’s easier to say women are bad instead of reflecting on why they wouldn’t touch you with a 20ft pole. I could be wrong, feel free to correct me if I am, but there’s a reason the guys who these women actually pick for sex and for relationships aren’t mad about it. Yeah, I know we’re on this gay ass obscure forum, so my word on normalcy might be taken with a grain of salt, but there’s a good reason why normal people do not obsess over this every single day with rage like you do.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 02:12 [Preview] No.20828 del
kek if the genders were reversed here you’d just say women are whores and call it a day

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 02:25 [Preview] No.20829 del
I have never defended degenerate behavior from men, you might be confusing me with another person.
I've always advocated for good behavior from BOTH men and women, it's just that women are allowed to get away with way more without any consequences.
>Meanwhile the average man sees it within his rights to not resist these biological urges
A bit off topic, but I'm glad you mention Hypergamy. Maybe men are just tired of putting in a ton of effort for relatively little reward. Like a man needing to be athletic to be with a woman who's never been to the gym in her life, and especially her thinking she's on the same "level" as him. Or a man needing to outearn a woman or else she's not interested.
Or how men have to initiate contact and entertain women and all that stuff, and the women get to just sit back and enjoy the service.
Perhaps many men are seeing how women have it hundreds if not thousands of times easier, and just figure it's easier to jerk off than to play a rigged game. I'm not condoning men doing this, I'm just presenting one possible reason.
>I don’t see why anything I’m saying is seen as insincere discrediting or whatever.
Well, it kinda puts me in a tough situation where I've personally seen stuff that I've mentioned happening over and over, except I don't actually have the studies to back it up.
I've experienced it, I've seen tons of men who've experienced the same, I can go speak to a woman and I'll immediately get further confirmation of the experience (ex. women never admitting to mistakes). But since I don't have the academic studies to post, suddenly none of that counts.
I understand the need for objective empirical data, but are you seriously telling me that you've never seen women act in ANY of the ways I mentioned before? You even mentioned Hypergamy. Come on, you know some of the things I'm talking about.
>I think the reason this all bothers you so much is because you feel like you didn’t make the cut and it’s easier to say women are bad
You're mistaken. I have no personal emotional beefs with women. My beef is strictly ideological.
I could be the virginest of virgins, and it would still be true that women constantly dodge accountability.
I could be the ugliest least attractive man on the planet, and it would still be true that female stand up comedians are painfully unfunny.
What I'm saying is, my personal situation is completely irrelevant and detached from women's behavior.
Women are already fucking up. Does me simply pointing out their fuck ups make me an "incel"?
>but there’s a reason the guys who these women actually pick for sex and for relationships aren’t mad about it.
Please do not confuse my longwinded autism for anger. I write these retarded walls of text because I've noticed the ideological inconsistencies with the world over the years.
I see a woman hitting a man in public, and nobody cares. Then he just slightly defends himself, and everyone freaks the fuck out and gangs up on him. Boom, I notice that.
Women complain for eons about "beauty standards", but they're always praised and loved no matter what they look like. You'd be extremely hard pressed to find a woman who is just too physically unattractive to find a partner. Yet they act like they're huge victims. I notice that.
Feminists complain about "oppression", but western women are actually THE most privileged social group on the planet. I notice that too.
I could seriously go on, but you get the point. Noticing patterns doesn't make someone any better or worse, and you don't need to be in a bad situation to notice patterns.
Shit. actual chads who bang women left and right are probably WAY more hateful of women than any "incel". They're the ones pumping and dumping them, and strategically pushing the right buttons in order to get the woman to open her legs.
Not to mention the deadbeats that women CHOOSE to reproduce with.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 02:28 [Preview] No.20830 del
Arguing online sure is fucking easy when you just make shit up and create strawmen in your head.
Please shut the fuck up unless you actually have anything to contribute.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 02:55 [Preview] No.20831 del
>Perhaps many men are seeing how women have it hundreds if not thousands of times easier, and just figure it's easier to jerk off than to play a rigged game.
It is easier. But that's like saying it's easier to just step outside and eat grass than to make yourself a meal. Yeah it's easier but that doesn't really matter if you want longterm fulfillment. Not that I give a shit if someone wants to spend all day beating off or eating grass, I just stand to the side shaking my head.

>Well, it kinda puts me in a tough situation where I've personally seen stuff that I've mentioned happening over and over, except I don't actually have the studies to back it up.
Large part of this is because most of what you see happens online, and the internet is not a good and accurate representation of humanity. Most of this consists of petty interpersonal dramas where EVERYONE is stupid, and online arguments. For every depressed man who hates women for whatever reason he swears are 100% scientific and real, you have just as many annoying women who hate men. That's life. I have indeed experienced plenty of what you described with with women, I've also experienced it with men, but the vast majority of my interactions with both women and men are fine and don't leave me angry about anything. Most people are just normal, in my experience, and when they're not, it doesn't have to do with their sex. I agree with you on the point that people see certain behaviors from women as acceptable that wouldn't be acceptable from men, but the same goes for stuff we do that women would be burnt at the stake for doing. Gender exists, we just gotta deal with it. IMO trying to be a decent person is the best thing you can do instead of fixating on what's fair or unfair like a child.

>I have no personal emotional beefs with women. My beef is strictly ideological.
Ideology is influenced by environment, and this is where you get the other side of the coin with the insane types of feminists who say all men are rapists, they can only cite personal interactions and things they've seen as ""evidence"". All these very extreme, hardlined stances on huge percentages of the population come from somewhere, rarely is it from an objective point of view. That's not to imply you haven't actually experienced or seen what you say you have, quite the contrary, I think it's just unfairly tainted your view of what's literally half the world's population. You're over exposed to the worst of the worst, completely streamlined, and you intentionally seek it out as a way to kill time, entertain yourself, reinforce your perspective, and get high on rage. There really are a lot of huge problems that come in patterns with women, but I'll be damned if men don't also have their own awful fucked up patterns and reflexes, the fact that some of us do is why these insane women with their own extreme views on us exist. It's not rational for either side to fixate like this and see it as pathological and inherent to our respective sexes.


Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 02:55 [Preview] No.20832 del
>I see a woman hitting a man in public, and nobody cares.
I have literally never once seen a woman hit a man in public, or a man hitting a woman in public either for that matter. But having read about this a lot, the reason why even abuse psychologists don't take this as seriously is because the most common explanation is that the woman is reacting to abuse from the man, along with the fact that women's violence is very rarely a threat to men, and most men would laugh if a woman tried to hit them. I'm not saying it makes it right, or any less bad, but this is why it's not taken as seriously in general. On the other hand you have the fact that men who hit their female partners are extremely likely to also rape and/or kill them, but with women hitting men, that's no more likely. Again, I am not saying it's less bad for women to hit men.

>but they're always praised and loved no matter what they look like
This is not true, talk to women about their experiences and you'll learn that the ONLY reason they ever got/get bullied or harassed is for their looks.
>You'd be extremely hard pressed to find a woman who is just too physically unattractive to find a partner.
You are right that they can still get a partner, but that loops us back to what we already covered about men having lower standards and higher sex drives and thus being more desperate for whoever they can manage to get.

>Shit. actual chads who bang women left and right are probably WAY more hateful of women than any "incel".
It depends, but you have a valid point here. Many radical feminists are completely against hookup culture for this reason, they say men who have casual sex see women as objects. I don't think that's universally true but it's common enough to notice. But most "incels" would love to do the same thing if they had the opportunity.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 03:43 [Preview] No.20833 del
>Large part of this is because most of what you see happens online, and the internet is not a good and accurate representation of humanity. Most of this consists of petty interpersonal dramas where EVERYONE is stupid, and online arguments.
That's a very good point.
>but the vast majority of my interactions with both women and men are fine
That's not the case for me. Men are fine, but it's rare to see women acting normal.
Either I'm a cynical piece of shit, or you're missing\ignoring some bad things women do. Possibly both.
>Most people are just normal, in my experience, and when they're not, it doesn't have to do with their sex.
The thing is, it kinda becomes about their sex, when you start noticing a pattern.
>but the same goes for stuff we do that women would be burnt at the stake for doing
Please provide some examples, if you're able.
(For the record, male promiscuity is also looked down upon, with the exception of circles like college frats.)
Speaking of, I'm actually very very interested in hearing women's genuine complaints and issues. It kinda triggers a soft spot for me to hear that women are also having trouble, just like men are.
However, any time I try to listen, it's always some bullshit non issues that they very often brought upon themselves, and that they could easily fix, but refuse to.
>Gender exists, we just gotta deal with it. IMO trying to be a decent person is the best thing you can do instead of fixating on what's fair or unfair like a child.
While there is definitely some truth to this, it's a bad argument to make because nobody uses it when it's WOMEN being disadvantaged. When they're disadvantaged, the world needs to change to accommodate. When men are getting screwed over, they're just told to "man up", "life's not fair", "deal with it", etc. It's the disparity that's the problem.
>the other side of the coin with the insane types of feminists who say all men are rapists
I see what you're saying, but I find it that with feminists' complaints about men, it's almost always either a non issue, or women creating their own problems. Like women complaining about being "objectified" or that men only want them for sex.
But with men's complaints about women, that shit's real. Women really ARE hypergamous. Women really DO doge accountability, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong here.
>You're over exposed to the worst of the worst, completely streamlined, and you intentionally seek it out as a way to kill time, entertain yourself
This is also a very good point. But I'd like to point out that the urge to search for examples of women being shitty comes from witnessing women being shitty IRL over the years, and looking for confirmation that others are seeing it too.
>the most common explanation is that the woman is reacting to abuse from the man
This is the kind of thing I mean when I say "dodging accountability".
So they think that the woman is only abusive because the man is. They don't even CONSIDER the possibility that women are capable of wrong or evil.
Not to mention how you could just as easily argue that a man beating a woman is also just "reacting to abuse".
Speaking of, I recall a recent statistic that a large percentage of domestic violence is reciprocal.
And as a side tangent, I kinda believe it. I find it much easier to believe that maybe the "victim" is a bit provocative and the "abuser" takes it way too far, than to believe that the victim is just watching TV and the abuser just walks in the room and starts beating on them.
>This is not true, talk to women about their experiences and you'll learn that the ONLY reason they ever got/get bullied or harassed is for their looks.
I can believe they get bullied for their looks. But what I mean is that any woman will still get praised, no matter what they look like. It's like there's no "failure state" when it comes to women's looks.

Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 03:44 [Preview] No.20834 del
>men having lower standards and higher sex drives and thus being more desperate for whoever they can manage to get.
Yes, men can certainly be horny simps, but consider this:
Maybe men's standards aren't lower, they're just accurate\fair. Maybe it's women, who constantly aim for men better than themselves, who have the "wrong" standards.
Cause I'm pretty sure most men would be very very happy to have a woman on the same "level" as themselves. Women, not so much.
I recall one statistic that said that if women could have 80% of what they wanted in a partner, most would say that's not enough.
>But most "incels" would love to do the same thing if they had the opportunity.
Would they? There are definitely some who just want sex, but I imagine the majority just want a normal relationship, romance, all that stuff.

By the way, I appreciate you being able to have a calm rational discussion.

Anonymous 04/06/2023 (Thu) 06:56 [Preview] No.20872 del
(157.37 KB 1242x1936 7414.jpg)
Even other women are getting tired of hearing single moms' bullshit excuses about birth control failing.

Anonymous 11/23/2023 (Thu) 14:10 [Preview] No.39258 del
(310.98 KB 340x919 Miang_Body_trans.png)
I hate w*men bcs they are eugenic enforcers.

Xenogears hit a nail on the head with Miang as this personified eugenic force manifested in various w*men throughout centuries, that molds the human race for the sole purpose of sacrificing it to the Demiurge in the end.

W*men are like a mirriad fucking mini-Hitlers, biologically programmed to carry out incel genocide (incelicide) at every opportunity.

Anonymous 11/23/2023 (Thu) 18:11 [Preview] No.39314 del
Croc needs to know about this thread lol. People are going on Geeg's thread to see her, not read his novels about women.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 01:21 [Preview] No.39463 del
The worst part is how they're only eugenicists for men. When it comes to themselves and other women, suddenly they "deserve" everything.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 05:30 [Preview] No.39483 del
Darwin said it better than anyone, brocel: females are a discriminatory sex, while males are a competitive sex. The only female competitive strategy for Chads is unironically calling other females whores lol. Fucking Clown World.

But the biggest Hiroshima-Nagasaki pill for me was when he argued that ALL of the human aesthetics, all of the High Arts, all of the video games that made an impact on me, are basically a by-pruduct of female sexual selection like a fucking peacock's tail.

You just fucking can't escape women.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 05:45 [Preview] No.39487 del
You can't escape *god*, you mean. Biology, bud.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 06:46 [Preview] No.39489 del
Women are no God. They are just a mechanism. And any mechanism can be reimplemented on a newer material basis.

Man has always struggled against nature. And women are just another part of this nature to be submitted by rationality.

Even if aesthetics is a by-product of sexual selection, it doesn't mean that it doesn't have its own separate internal logic. Just as mathematics has its internal abstract logic even tho it came out of the simple counting of material objects.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 07:32 [Preview] No.39491 del
I meant god made it this way. It’s nature. Human nature. You’re fighting God. Don’t hate the player hate the game and so on.

The proper state of a woman is fear Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:19 [Preview] No.39494 del
There is nothing sexier than a woman afraid. Balled up in terror at her sheer helplessness and vulnerability. Women who are afraid don't get uppity at you. The ego they had vanishes into dust, instantly. A scared woman is a humble woman. A humble woman is a good wife.

The problem is women have become secured, and safe in our societies. Protected. If men were roaming the streets in packs with socks full of oranges randomly beating women, the world would be a better place. And the streets would smell pleasant like citrus, instead of like shit.

Really think about it logically. The first step to fixing society is making women afraid again. And not just fake fear like "If I roam the streets in skanky clothes, I'll get raped." Because that's not real fear. That's a sexual fantasy. Women love rape. Raping a woman is a reward. Rape is validating her attractiveness. A beating is correcting their stupidity.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:19 [Preview] No.39495 del
(116.14 KB 1247x1080 sketch-1597264904614.jpg)
There is nothing sexier than a woman afraid. Balled up in terror at her sheer helplessness and vulnerability. Women who are afraid don't get uppity at you. The ego they had vanishes into dust, instantly. A scared woman is a humble woman. A humble woman is a good wife.

The problem is women have become secured, and safe in our societies. Protected. If men were roaming the streets in packs with socks full of oranges randomly beating women, the world would be a better place. And the streets would smell pleasant like citrus, instead of like shit.

Really think about it logically. The first step to fixing society is making women afraid again. And not just fake fear like "If I roam the streets in skanky clothes, I'll get raped." Because that's not real fear. That's a sexual fantasy. Women love rape. Raping a woman is a reward. Rape is validating her attractiveness. A beating is correcting their stupidity.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:22 [Preview] No.39496 del
What the fuck? Why do I need a password to delete a post? Now I look retarded. I hate you people.

You will be beaten with the women on the day of the sock.

Anonymous Admin 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:24 [Preview] No.39497 del
How on earth the site would know which post was yours?

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:25 [Preview] No.39498 del
(77.96 KB 1137x1080 sketch-1597264900052.jpg)
You ever heard of fucking cookies?

Anonymous Admin 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:26 [Preview] No.39499 del
>implement cookies for user tracking
>muh privacy and anonymity

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:27 [Preview] No.39500 del
I don't often say this, because they always delete me anyways. But jannies, please delete this.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:28 [Preview] No.39501 del
You can see my IP!

Anonymous Admin 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:30 [Preview] No.39502 del
1. I can't.
2. Tracking based on IP hash (what both global and board staff can see) has two notable weak points: 1. changing IP for whatever reason, 2. tor users get no IP hash at all.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:34 [Preview] No.39503 del
Can't the IP hash function as a cookie, then? Like just allow me to delete my posts as long as my hash matches the post I'm deleting.

Honestly I'm speechless. I'm not used to a website respecting my privacy. Usually the jannies gangstalk me and find out where I live.

Anonymous Admin 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:41 [Preview] No.39504 del
Some people's IP changes more frequently than others, some do it on purpose, so they might have posts they wish to delete but no hash to prove it they posted it.
Users on Tor when they post get no IP hash at all, basically they all look like one user.
Implementing deletion based on hash "authentication" is not feasible.

User deletion also can be disabled by the BO.
Sometimes users get clever and over some quarrel or whatnot, or just because they are malicious they delete their own post and claim BO/globals deleted it, and cry about censorship. And also deletions can cause confusion. So it is an option for all BOs.

Sure I can delete it for you.
Just the heads up, what you wrote might be "call for violence", we'll consider if we delete both.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:44 [Preview] No.39505 del
How are you gonna have a woman hate containment thread without calls for violence? Just leave them both up at this point. It's so retarded it's art.

Also I never called for violence. I merely illustrated with great clarity how much better the world would be with abject and unrestrained violence against women. Think about it.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:45 [Preview] No.39506 del
You are a fuckwit self obsessed attention whore and he should just ban you.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:45 [Preview] No.39507 del
Gay ass nigga

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:47 [Preview] No.39508 del
No, I just get attention better than women do. As always a man does it better.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:49 [Preview] No.39509 del
These women are whappin' their tits out for a 20-post thread. Where people cum to the tits, get bored, and then leave.

What I do is shitpost theater. You are riveted.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:49 [Preview] No.39510 del
You get attention from the old boys in the public toilets after dark.

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:51 [Preview] No.39511 del
You callin' agatha2 a public toilet? Mods! Seize him!

Women should be afraid 11/24/2023 (Fri) 08:52 [Preview] No.39512 del
I don't sense one iota of female hatred from him. It's off-topic.

sage sage 11/24/2023 (Fri) 09:45 [Preview] No.39516 del
This is such a pathetic post.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 09:50 [Preview] No.39517 del
(82.62 KB 1024x768 1653505569701.jpg)
Ignore this mentally disabled discord faggot. Tor posting and anonymity is the best thing about this place. If you blocked vpns and tor like 4chan, I would drop this place instantly.

Anonymous 11/25/2023 (Sat) 20:36 [Preview] No.39686 del
I don't like how women always refuse to take accountability for anything they do. They are so mentally fucked that they'll rationalize EVERYTHING that happens to them to be in their favor.

Anonymous 11/25/2023 (Sat) 21:49 [Preview] No.39694 del
>I don't like how women always refuse to take accountability for anything they do.
So you're saying "women" are basically just incels with tits?

Anonymous 11/25/2023 (Sat) 22:06 [Preview] No.39697 del

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 02:48 [Preview] No.39976 del
Apologies to the brothas in the thread in advance. I've noticed an interesting pattern lately:
>black woman has bad attitude towards a man or (black) men in general
>she's insecure\defensive and hostile towards them
>black men get tired of being treated like this and stop pursuing black women
>black women notice this, but they absolutely refuse to process that it's their fault in any way
>they start claiming it's about racism. "anti-black", "white beauty standards", it's all bullshit
They just don't get it that MAYBE it's their own individual attitude that's the problem. They'll think that they're "less desirable" because they're black, and everyone's this evil racist, when it's really because they themselves individually have a shitty attitude. Same for "being seen as masculine". Maybe you're just combative and hostile, and black men don't wanna deal with that shit anymore.
As usual, women have ZERO accountability.
This reminds me of the whole "passport bros" situation, and how white women freak the fuck out and claim men are seeking other women purely due to some kind of racism (ex. "docile asian woman") when in reality men are seeking women elsewhere due to the women's own attitudes.
Crazy how when men are rejecting women, suddenly the men are the ones with a problem. Men are always at fault, as usual.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 02:52 [Preview] No.39977 del
(43.94 KB 1542x279 bw2.png)
(58.90 KB 1527x366 bw1.png)
Forgot the pics. Remember, fellas. If a woman is being retarded and you criticize her in any way, you'll get hit with every -ist in the book. Shit, even just refusing to actively praise them and just being neutral is enough.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 03:08 [Preview] No.39979 del
Shit, maybe this EXACT same thing is why leftists are so obsessed over "oppression". As in, they're shitty people who treat others badly, but they're too stupid and narcissistic to realize this, so in their head, they're being attacked out of nowhere for no reason, completely unprovoked, when in reality, they're just getting criticized for their bad behavior.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 03:18 [Preview] No.39980 del
It just blows my fucking mind that over 50% of the population walks around completely incapable of processing the concept that they did something wrong.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 10:50 [Preview] No.40002 del
before i even got to the white woman example in your post, i immediately thought of the correlation to white women lol. except i'm an older white male from the rural south.
they're all extremely immature, stupid, irresponsible, worn down and used up, covered in tattoos with a loud mouth.
and when i don't immediately respond to their pathetic advances with glowing admiration, "you aint a real white man like your pops and his pops. you make white men look pathetic. no wonder you don't have a white wife, you are a disgrace to white men."
thanks for the zinger you stupid bitch, enjoy rotting while i jack off to camwhores on an obscure imageboard. i just don't even care.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 11:03 [Preview] No.40003 del
(200.55 KB 490x294 1611312698579.png)
I stopped hating women when I realized that they are programmed to be like that and they can't help it.
Women can be good people if they live under a strict moral code though. The few good women out there are the ones who were brought up by strict families with a strong fatherly figure. Not coincidentally the trainwrecks posted here have all problems with their father, who was either absent or never cared about them.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 14:20 [Preview] No.40019 del
You're not wrong, they really do shit themselves when they face ANY level of rejection in any way.
Speaking of, I wanna point out the pattern of women being rejected being a news article. Like it's such a notable event for them that it merits a news piece.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 14:25 [Preview] No.40020 del
I've kinda reached the same conclusion, yeah.
And the way I see it, there are two options here. Either 1) women are treated as equals, and it'll take years if not decades for their minds to catch up to their rights, or 2) Equality is revoked, women are understood to be retards, but they also don't have the power to fuck up other people's lives with their retardation.
The worst situation is the one we have right now, where they have zero accountability and full power.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 14:26 [Preview] No.40021 del
(338.24 KB 1437x633 genius.png)
Here's a REALLY good comment I found. It really makes you understand how fucking retarded women's thought processes are.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 17:27 [Preview] No.40051 del
My man Chris Rock already had it figured out 20+ years ago. https://youtube.com/watch?v=jHbJ9DGNQgI [Embed]
>black women are not attracted to white men (women are shallow, shocker)
>black men aren't shallow, they'll accept any white woman
>even unattractive white women are still accepted by black men
>"They're not mad at us. They're mad at themselves."
So black women are so shallow that they cause emotional damage TO THEMSELVES. Women are so fucking retarded that they actively make their lives harder FOR NO REASON.
And you know the worst part? To women, the <1% chance of actually getting a chad is worth all this mental aggravation. They'd rather be shallow than to just live in peace with their looksmatch (Or dating down, perish the thought). What a fucking joke lmao. You really think this is better than their fathers picking out suitors for them?

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 00:10 [Preview] No.41245 del
(317.92 KB 788x658 everybodys a 10.png)
I just discovered how extremely mad women get at the X/10 scale. As I understand it:
1. They absolutely hate when things aren't vague, or when they can't hide behind plausible deniability. So a numerical rating is kryponite to them.
2. They are fucking retarded, insane, and entitled, so they get pissed off at any rating that's not an 8, 9, or 10. They seem to believe that a 6 or 7 is a bad rating. Further proof that these fuckers are delusional. Do you really think it's a good idea to let individuals like this vote? It's like how "mid" became an insult, even though it just means "average".
Come to think of it, women also hate weight scales, another indicator of objectivity.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 00:41 [Preview] No.41250 del
(281.55 KB 500x380 1594567093478.png)
What is wrong average? Average is good. It means being like most people on earth. I wish I was normal.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 00:53 [Preview] No.41252 del
Even though I've used it occasionally in the past too, I agree that giving a rating is rather weird and dehumanizing. And yes, I do realize many people do it, both men and women.

I agree with what she says about if you genuinely love your partner you see them subjectively as a 10 and they're the hottest person to you. They're the person that makes you go absolutely crazy.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 01:21 [Preview] No.41261 del
Not ayrt, but I think that the whole point of rating someone else is giving him/her an opinion as objective as possible. Subjective ratings are worthless.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 04:05 [Preview] No.41270 del
>giving a rating is rather weird and dehumanizing
By that logic, any indication that some people are better than others is "dehumanizing". By that logic, if a woman prefers a Chad over a beta, she's clearly rating one over the other, thus dehumanizing both. See how stupid that sounds?
>subjectively as a 10 and they're the hottest person to you
Firs of all, the scale measures objectively, not subjectively. Secondly, this is stupid too, because there'll always be people better looking than your bf\gf. Even an ex, for example.
This whole "weird" "dehumanizing" victim mentality shaming language, and "Everyone's a 10, don't you dare point out hierarchies" mentality is simply weak minded.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 04:07 [Preview] No.41271 del
You can tell that these women are full of shit because they're PERFECTLY FINE with actually rating people. They only have a problem with it when you ascribe a number to it. They have no moral issue, it's just delusion.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 04:10 [Preview] No.41272 del
Women have deluded themselves into thinking they're all literal 8s, 9s and 10s, so any number below any of those is seen as an insult to them.
What you're saying is 100% absolutely right. It's GOOD to be average.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 04:28 [Preview] No.41275 del
And thus we arrive at the critical question: Are women genuinely too stupid to understand how an objective measurement works, or are they DEEPLY delusional and manipulative? Neither are good.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 22:47 [Preview] No.41344 del
>Not ayrt

>as objective as possible. Subjective ratings are worthless
I don't even know how to say in any non-offensive way how wrong you are, if you think rating the looks on a 10 scale is in ANY way objective. Let alone at the same time claiming "subjective ratings are worthless". lmao
You judging somebody by calling them 10/10 or saying they are "the most fuckable being in existence" is the exact same thing in the end.

This goes for >>41270 too, obviously.

Surely we can agree that there is a difference between having a preference (e.g. blonde over brunette) and saying "you are objectively inferior", even though it's still an subjective rating. And I'm sure we can agree on this isn't people going to a math competition, beauty pageant or arguing for a higher salary where they themselves ask to get judged and compared.
All this ignores even that there are different beauty standards in different societies. Some people are into tits, others into asses and others again stroke their cock to fucking feet or armpits. If you go to Korea, they dig chicks with gigantic eyebags, some African tribes put plates into their lips and ears, muslims wanna fuck 10 year old burkas.
It's an utterly futile and pointless endeavour to claim there is any objective rating system for beauty, especially if it's just a random person throwing out a 6.7/10.

>Even an ex, for example.
No, truly loving somebody is just different than anything else. It's a form of attraction that is hard to put into words and absolutely impossible to put into numbers. Shit simply makes you go crazy, it's a form of primal lust.
Unless you got some asexual issues going on, I guess.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 23:24 [Preview] No.41349 del
>as objective as possible
I never claimed that perfect objectivity was possible but entirely subjective ratings like "you are 10/10 to me" are worthless dogshit. The rating is useful only when you give a value that is probably agreed upon by most and that makes it useful.
Giving to a recessed chin balding manlet or a blue haired land whale a 10/10 is worthless and stupid.

Anonymous 12/10/2023 (Sun) 23:26 [Preview] No.41350 del
To clarify, you can use the rating scale objectively, or use it subjectively. It's just that people usually mean objective ratings. For example, you can objectively rate a woman to be a 5/10, but since she has something you like that's unconventional, you personally rate her higher, like a 6 or 7.
Additionally, being realistic here, when it comes to rating men, women do not have any variation of preferences. There is no subjectivity. There are no women getting wet over a man's beer gut or fondling his moobs. Women effectively all get horny for one type of man. So for rating men, the rating might as well be fully objective. (Also notice how the examples you gave, except for maybe the plates, are all about what men find attractive in women, it's never the other way around.)
Not even mentioning the various sciences studying specifically objective beauty, there are things that are unquestionably objective, like weight. For men, it goes muscular > athletic > healthy > under/overweight > fat > obese. Same goes for shit like height, income, and every other metric that applies to men.
>a form of attraction that is hard to put into words
You can personally be crazy for someone, while still being able to objectively gauge their level of looks.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 04:54 [Preview] No.41413 del
>There are no women getting wet over a man's beer gut or fondling his moobs. Women effectively all get horny for one type of man.
There are plenty of women like this. You must have never seen those big nigga season pics or the large amount of millennial chicks who go crazy for dadbods (no, not just muscle men with nice beards, I mean actual shlubby dudes with beer bellies).

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 06:53 [Preview] No.41437 del
I knew you were going to ride on the "MUH AS POSSIBLE", thus why I very clearly stated it's not
>in ANY way objective
Both ways of rating a person are ZERO percent objective.

>Giving to a recessed chin balding manlet or a blue haired land whale a 10/10 is worthless and stupid.
Congratulations, you just understood that those ratings are arbitrary.
Now maybe you can make that mental jump to the logical conclusion that all ratings like that are arbitrary and not in any way objective.

>There are no women getting wet over a man's beer gut or fondling his moobs.
You are incredibly retarded if you think this.
Discussing this further with you is utterly pointless, since your assumptions are not based on reality. As was to be expected.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 11:25 [Preview] No.41462 del
>zero percent objective
You are so fucking dumb.
A lot of factors in sexual attraction are objective , this is way most people can agree on whether a person is attractive or not. If you take, say, chico lachowski and you ask 100 women whether he is attractive or not, the vast majority of them, if not all of them, will say yes.
This is because there some are features that are universally considered attractive and are signifiers of good gealth and high quality genes. There are evolutionary reasons behind this obviously.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 11:52 [Preview] No.41466 del
You are correct, I have never seen those. Do you have any good examples I can look at? I've also never seen a woman date down IRL.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 11:57 [Preview] No.41467 del
>logical conclusion that all ratings like that are arbitrary and not in any way objective
No, dumbass. YOU'RE retarded. Giving an unattractive person a high\perfect rating doesn't mean the ratings are arbitrary, it means the person is giving a wrong rating. People are being stupid, and you think the issue is the ratings. It's like when people hate guns, when the real issue is irresponsible individuals.
And of course when the retard can't make a counter argument, he tries to run away from the conversation, of course claiming he still "won".
It's quite interesting how similarly women and retarded men act sometimes. Not sure if baiting or genuinely stupid.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 12:13 [Preview] No.41469 del
>I've also never seen a woman date down IRL.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 13:48 [Preview] No.41482 del
Then go outside.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 20:22 [Preview] No.41550 del
>never seen a woman date down IRL.
I am not trying to do some sort of "heh incel loser" thing at all, but really? I go out every day and see this on a regular basis. In fact most relationships I see irl usually involve a woman who takes far better care of herself than her bf.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 20:43 [Preview] No.41559 del
Yes, really. And I assure you I'm not exaggerating just as an excuse to attack women. I fucking WISH relationships were looksmatched.
One, someone "taking care of themselves" doesn't mean they're better looking, so women spending hours doing facials and makeup and spas etc. doesn't count. What matters is her actual looks. (And if we go by effort, men go to the gym so they instantly "win" on that front)
Two, the vast majority of people overrate women's looks and underrate men's, so that might be what's happening.
When I go outside and I see couples, I take a mental note of their "levels", and the woman is always dating up. For example, if he has a healthy weight, she's fat. If he's tall, she's average height. If he's buff, she has a healthy weight. Same goes for every other metric. The men are always at least 1-2 levels above their gfs.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 23:02 [Preview] No.41590 del
Most people (both men and women) tend to see women as dating down more than anything as far as looks go.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 23:36 [Preview] No.41596 del
(28.86 KB 540x303 20a.jpg)
I can believe that's what they think, but like I said, women's looks are overrated and men's underrated. (Plus the average person is probably literally too stupid to even understand what an objective average even is.)
Women like to hype up other women because they see it as a pseudo-hivemind, and simps hype up women because they don't control their biological instinct to support women.
This is one of those things that are so painfully obvious that it really puts in perspective what a clown world we live in. You can make a step-by-step analysis of couples and instantly see what I mean.
Athletic men date average and fat women all the time. No gym woman wants an average\fat man though. Average women will barely tolerate average men (though will jump ship as soon as they get a better option), and fat\obese women will often rather be alone than be with her looksmatch.
The man is effectively always taller than the woman, even beyond the fact men are taller. No woman is getting wet over a man shorter than them. Again, tall women will often be alone instead of accepting an equally "unconventionally heighted" man.
Women want a richer man. AGAIN, career women will often be single instead of dating down. (Seeing a pattern yet?) Don't get me started on career women. These women are so fucking retarded they merit a unique rant just for their situation.
Any of these will only be broken for specific reasons. A woman will date an ugly man with money, or a poor chad, but you'll notice they never date down specifically.
Finally, hypergamy is objectively present in the animal world too, like with the peacock's feathers. I sure fucking HOPE you won't look me in the eyes and say the female peacock is more colorful than the male one.

Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 23:43 [Preview] No.41599 del
this is what women says. you've been lobotomized.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 00:00 [Preview] No.41601 del
No offense to you personally, but just so you understand, this video is what you sound like when you type stuff like that.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 02:50 [Preview] No.41626 del
(147.90 KB 1024x1448 F-N5NTZXkAAV8gZ.jpg)
this is how an average day in the life of a below-average female compared to a below-average male is actually like

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 07:12 [Preview] No.41638 del
>I fucking WISH relationships were looksmatched.
Your obsession with looks is incredibly unhealthy.
Maybe you should become a porn producer or something.

>Two, the vast majority of people overrate women's looks and underrate men's
Huh, that's weird, because here you/the other anon said:
>If you take, say, chico lachowski and you ask 100 women whether he is attractive or not, the vast majority of them, if not all of them, will say yes.
>This is because there some are features that are universally considered attractive and are signifiers of good gealth and high quality genes.
If men are generally rated lower, and women generally rated higher, shouldn't that just be normal, according to that other definition?
Really weird how, now that's suddenly somehow bad or incorrect, whereas just five minutes ago what the average person rates somebody was meant as a base for an "oBjEcTiVe BeAuTy RaTiNg".

Make it make sense.

>When I go outside and I see couples, I take a mental note of their "levels"
That's some insane schitzo behaviour, but oh well.

>The men are always at least 1-2 levels above their gfs.
Unironically, sounds more like you're just kinda gay. kek

NTA, but:
>(Plus the average person is probably literally too stupid to even understand what an objective average even is.)
>My subjective rating should be the gold standard... oh and ignore what I/the other Anon said before about, about us all being influenced by biological factors, because that thing doesn't apply in this case... for whatever reason.

Again, make it make sense, buddy.

>No gym woman wants an average\fat man though. Average women will barely tolerate average men
That's actually even the absolute stereotype where the woman is active and actively keeping herself skinny and the man becomes a fat slob. lmao
It's not a stereotype for no reason. The reason is because it actually exists.
Again, your assumptions are simply not based on reality.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:14 [Preview] No.41655 del
>Your obsession with looks is incredibly unhealthy
It's not my obsession, you r*ddit
piece of shit. It's WOMEN's. Men aren't the ones who obsess over getting a top 1% woman, and who care about shit like income and social status to a stupid degree. It's all WOMEN doing that. Men don't talk about women's cup sizes the way women talk about men's height, for example. It blows my mind how women force this retardation on men, and simps view it as men initiating it. In these morons' minds, women are never at fault for anything, and everything bad must be blamed on the nearest man.
>shouldn't that just be normal
No, that's not how it works. People being fucking stupid and giving out wrong ratings doesn't change the objective measurement. 100% of the planet could rate an obese woman as a 10/10, and it would still not make it true. But I guarantee you that group mentality NPCs will not understand this concept. To them, what the social group says is what's true, period. You're the type of fucking idiot who's indirectly perfectly fine with economic price gouging.
See, this is why voting doesn't work. The People in general are fucking retarded and don't understand basic shit, and will make the wrong choices over and over again 99% of the time and not learn a single fucking thing.
>that thing doesn't apply in this case
It doesn't apply because it's an OBJECTIVE rating. You don't understand. People with triple digit IQs are able to put aside their personal preferences and biases and look at things OBJECTIVELY. Again my point is proven that people are literally too stupid to understand basic shit like averages or objectivity.
>where the woman is active and actively keeping herself skinny and the man becomes a fat slob
It always blows my mind when r*ddit retards describe something that's the COMPLETE opposite of reality. Where the flying fuck are these athletic women who go for fat men? And don't you even fucking dare bring up fictional examples like Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin. In reality, it's gym guys who go after fat chicks. You're fucking insane. Absolutely delusional.
>your assumptions are simply not based on reality
The fucking irony of a delusional person who doesn't understand the difference between "subjective" and "objective", telling me that what I'm saying isn't based on reality. You are not even mentally capable of understanding how stupid you're being.
>incredibly unhealthy
>Really weird
>suddenly somehow
>oBjEcTiVe BeAuTy RaTiNg
>Make it make sense
>but oh well
>Again, make it make sense, buddy.
>your assumptions
Please eat shit and go back to r*ddit\twitter.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:20 [Preview] No.41656 del
the way you argue and how you twist words screams reddit. you also have the typical biases of an emasculated lobotomized redditor. you need to go back.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:24 [Preview] No.41657 del
Pretty much. People still refuse to understand how insanely unbalanced life is between men and women.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: In 2023, shit is so bad that obese women have it literally THOUSANDS of times easier than athletic men.
And that's just looking at the raw outcomes. If you count the effort each one puts in, obese women have it MILLIONS of times easier than athletic men.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:24 [Preview] No.41658 del

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:26 [Preview] No.41659 del
Well said. It's like you're arguing with a woman in a man's body.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:33 [Preview] No.41660 del
>no bruh, you are detached from relity. women are always better looking than their partner.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:38 [Preview] No.41661 del
>No bro, it doesn't matter how many examples there are of women being hypergamous. You're criticizing a woman, so it's automatically not true
Also that woman is like a 3 but is calling herself average. Further proof women don't understand averages.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:46 [Preview] No.41662 del
Women, soy men, and low IQ people in general literally do not have the mental ability to understand things like averages, general patterns, exceptions\outliers, etc. If you've ever wondered why the world is so fucked, it's because the majority of he population is FUCKING STUPID.
>rating 80% of men as below average
While men rate women 50-50, which makes sense. So it's not even general stupidity, it's just women being retarded.
>using an average rating to insult someone
Women are SO fucking delusional that they'll use an average (or a 6-7)as an insult, like with height or a X/10 rating. This is the equivalent of someone going "Heh, look at this loser, bet you only make 250k/year lmao."
>being insulted when given an average (or slightly above) rating
Women will legit shit themselves if you rate them a 7. Again, they are so fucking stupid that they see the 7 as an "average" or "okay" rating. To them, anything less than a 10 is an insult. And the funny thing is, that 5/6/7 is STILL an incredibly boosted score. They would not even believe you if you told them the true rating. They'd seriously think you're just making up a number to attack them, when really you'd be giving them an accurate rating.

Do you really think it's a good idea that these retards have ANY power in society? Do you really want people THIS stupid making important decisions of any kind? Fuck you.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 11:47 [Preview] No.41663 del
(45.83 KB 785x359 averages (1).png)
(220.21 KB 506x1438 averages (2).jpg)
(97.00 KB 727x735 averages (2).png)
(67.69 KB 1125x1088 averages (3).jpg)
(83.79 KB 1080x1080 averages (1).jpg)
I'm so fucking flabbergasted at the state of the human population that I forgot the pics.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 12:13 [Preview] No.41664 del
Frankly I don't know which is funnier:
>an 8/10 chad with self esteem so low that he dates a 3/10
>or a fat balding midget with a birdcel nose calling herself average looking.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 13:11 [Preview] No.41671 del
>You don't understand.
No, you don't understand that there is no objective way of rating the looks.
Hence why I said, this discussion with you and your ilk is pointless.

>The fucking irony of a delusional person who doesn't understand the difference between "subjective" and "objective", telling me that what I'm saying isn't based on reality. You are not even mentally capable of understanding how stupid you're being.
Right back at you, homie.
Right back at you.

But I'm glad I made you have a raging hateboner.

Who are you quoting?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 13:34 [Preview] No.41673 del
do you realize that everybody here brought arguments, examples and data while your only counterarguments are "you are wrong, you are detached from reality, it's like I say and so on" ?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 13:37 [Preview] No.41674 del
(1.69 MB 800x1503 IQpills 9f8.png)
>there is no objective way of rating the looks
LITERALLY too stupid to understand objectivity. And so solipsistic that you assume everyone else thinks the way you do. And so arrogant that you refuse to listen. A prime example of what I'm talking about. A person literally too stupid to discuss topics.
>No, you
>Right back at you, homie.
A "no u". legit a middle school level comeback. I estimate that you have an IQ of ~90. Still capable of navigating the world, but too stupid to engage in any depth.
Here's an IQ test for you: If a woman has dated and had kids with 5 abusive men, is it more efficient to address the woman, or men?
>your ilk
>discussion (...) is pointless
>raging hateboner
Continue to eat shit, r*ddit retard scum of the earth. I hope you learn to be less retarded.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 15:10 [Preview] No.41684 del
Essayposter, I don't think that you are necessarily wrong but you have to understand that dealing with women requires compromise. Hating them for their hardcoded behaviors is useless and stupid.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 15:26 [Preview] No.41689 del
Hmmm, what level of compromise do you suggest? I kinda don't want to deal with things like mind games, shit tests, drama, etc.
And dumb women are a problem because they very often are simply arrogant and hostile (possibly as a defensive measure)
My social standards for women as human beings are already extremely, EXTREMELY low, and yet 99% of them still fail.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 16:52 [Preview] No.41703 del
How many of you here are offie-doofies, I wonder?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:17 [Preview] No.41705 del
To be honest I like e-girls because they are mentally ill enough to e-date incels.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:24 [Preview] No.41706 del
Great video, I like this guy. I think I've seen vids from him before, I recognize the voice.
You can instantly recognize the oofie doofy guys online by how they virtue signal and do these r*ddit fake encouragement speeches at men asking for advice. And then at the slightest hint of resistance, they instantly turn hostile and hateful towards said men.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:25 [Preview] No.41707 del
Make no mistake. They'll date an abusive pedo before they'll date an unattractive man.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:33 [Preview] No.41710 del
They usually do both at the same time. They like having men with low self esteem giving them emotional support and attention while also being mentally and sexually abused by discord sexual predators.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:35 [Preview] No.41711 del
True, but those are called orbiters, it's not dating in the slightest.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:36 [Preview] No.41712 del
It's e-dating indeed and a lot of e-bfs are not aware of the cucking happening their backs.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:46 [Preview] No.41715 del
Being lovebombed by a bpd whore is amazing though.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 17:57 [Preview] No.41716 del
Not worth it. If you fall in love with her, you are pretty much fucked.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 18:09 [Preview] No.41720 del
What >>41716 said is correct. It's true that most women are shit, but going for mentally ill women is not the answer. You need to be strong and only go for (mentally) respectable women.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 18:10 [Preview] No.41721 del
It's the uncle IncelTV (now goes by the name Rehab Room because youtube censorship).

He also made a bullet points video about the signs that you might be an oofie-doofie.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 18:20 [Preview] No.41723 del
incelTv is a braindead pajeet. the only good blackpill content creator is TAILS.
i advice against consuming this kind of content though, it will only get you more bitter. you need escapism.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 18:39 [Preview] No.41726 del
Another good video, thanks for the share. Those are some pretty good tips for mid-level men, but at the risk of being too reductive, it seems to all just boil down to "Be Chad. If you're good looking, she'll behave."

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 18:42 [Preview] No.41727 del
(8.03 MB 640x360 The Dark Core.mp4)
Nice substantiated arguments lol.

Yes lol, the best BP channel is the one that can't wrap his peanut brain around that sexual selection and natural selection are TWO DIFFERENT MECHANISMS. Fisherian runaway and corresponding extinction events don't happen out of nowhere, dumbfuck.

Typical blueppilled deluded faggot that hopped on a bandwagon and now dilutes the blackpill with his retarded gynocentric takes.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 18:49 [Preview] No.41729 del
The concept of Fisherian Runaway is truly fascinating. Female creatures are seriously so spoiled for choice, that males are indirectly forced to develop shit that doesn't even matter, JUST to please females.
I find it equivalent to women on Tinder getting so many matches that they start to reject men for increasingly irrelevant reasons.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 20:05 [Preview] No.41745 del
(16.51 MB 640x360 The Pink-Pill.mp4)
>it seems to all just boil down to "Be Chad. If you're good looking, she'll behave."
Well, all the data points to it. Some things are really that simple.

You're gonna pay either way - with your genes, or with your money and status (Destinymaxxing lol).

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 21:57 [Preview] No.41767 del
If you don't want women to blame you for your own male biological urges, don't blame them for theirs.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:25 [Preview] No.41781 del
I personally don't blame women for being chadsexual, that's why I can even sympathize with Kennedi as she tries to grapple with her chadsexuality.

What I blame is SOYCIETY for blowing the smoke up my ass my all life. What I blame is my mother and father who were bluepilling me from the young age because they themselves got bluepilled form the young age. This is a fucking GENERATIONAL thing. It goes back millenniums.

The simple truth that I wish someone had told me much earlier is: We live in a society that is built upon sexual division of labor - men work and die, women give birth and raise the children. THAT'S ALL. NOT THAT HARD, IS IT? Just tell me this, and not your fucking bluepilled muh personality there is someone out there for you BULLSHIT.

But then again, if you tell men the truth, and PROVE it to them, then our soyciety might collapse.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:30 [Preview] No.41783 del
I sure as fuck blame women for their behavior. Either they're mature individuals and need to be held accountable for their actions, or they aren't, in which case it's time to revoke Equality. Can't have it both ways.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:35 [Preview] No.41785 del
I blame women for having a shitty attitude, for never taking accountability for anything, for being sneaky and manipulative, for making life harder for others, for self sabotaging and then demanding that others solve her problems, for seriously poisoning everyone around them and making them a worse person, for having zero morals or values, for being NPCs, for being given power without having the mental ability to use it responsibly, for being painfully stupid, arrogant, annoying, and much more. All things that are 100% in women's control, yet they completely fail at.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:36 [Preview] No.41786 del
most people here blame them for lying about not being whores and then finding out it was a lie, rather than the fact itself of a being a whore.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:37 [Preview] No.41787 del
I blame whoever decided and enabled to give women Equality, so now men have to do this fucking retarded dance where we have to pretend like women are mental equals, all the while coddling and customizing every experience around her.
Oh and I blame women for constantly lying, to both others and themselves. I blame them for being delusional. For taking the mental easy road and just living in a fantasy world, and screw everybody else.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:38 [Preview] No.41789 del
> All things that are 100% in women's control
This is where you are wrong, they act according to their biological programming.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 22:58 [Preview] No.41798 del
I have a problem with that because it takes away all accountability from women.
Why is it that women get this special treatment where they can be pieces of shit, and people just shrug and go "Welp it's their instinct what can you do lol".
Every living being has some kind of biological programming, but some of them are able to have some self awareness and control over it. So why is it apparently asking too much to get women to do it?
I want either 1) a solution that could be said\applied equally to both men and women, and that doesn't just put all the blame on men, or 2) I want people to start openly saying that, since women can't control their biology, that they should be treated like lesser beings. No, really. If someone is gonna make that point, I want them to look me in the eye and have the balls to tell me the logical next step of that argument, that women are not equals.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:00 [Preview] No.41799 del
Again I'm SO fucking tired of people getting shit on by women, and they just swallow it and go "Lol can't live with em can't live without em amirite?". NO, there's clearly a problem here. FIX IT.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:02 [Preview] No.41800 del
I've heard the "biological programming" argument before, but nobody has the fucking balls to follow it up with "Well since they can't control themselves, they need to be treated like animals". Because that's the logical next step of that kind of apologist argument.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:04 [Preview] No.41801 del
(32.65 KB 500x375 1675040456089.jpg)
Essy calm down. This isn't good for your mental health.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:07 [Preview] No.41803 del
No, these kinds of difficult conversations need to be had.
Either women are equals, in which case they need to control themselves, or they aren't equals, in which case they need to submit. Right now they have full power with zero responsibility.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:08 [Preview] No.41804 del
>We live in a society that is built upon sexual division of labor
You'd make a good feminist commie.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:09 [Preview] No.41806 del
I can't recall any single instance of a woman posted here that has said "I'm not a whore," just to be found out to be one later on. Your assumption that women are virgins to find out that they aren't doesn't mean that they were lying about not being whores.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:10 [Preview] No.41807 del
It's useless getting so worked up anyway. You can't change things. You have to find a way to accept how things are and move on.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:16 [Preview] No.41810 del
Many e-girls claim to be virgins and then you find out that they aren't. Also many e-girls act as anything remotely sexual is disgusting to them to pander to their virgin orbiters and then you find out that they sexted and sold nudes to pedophiles when they were 15.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:17 [Preview] No.41811 del
That seems like the wrong way to go. The west abolished slavery, didn't it? So it's not a matter of accepting bad things, but fixing them, even if it takes time and effort.
We need a way to convince the male population in general to control their simping and coddling instincts. Women are only like this because men are programmed to care for and protect women. How do we go about changing this programming? Red\black pill content?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:18 [Preview] No.41812 del
You can't do shit. You to cope with it.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:25 [Preview] No.41814 del
So what do you suggest men do? Continue playing along with this retarded dance? Just keep getting assraped over and over and just taking it?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:28 [Preview] No.41815 del
Tyme cycles. Things will change naturally. You can't do shit on your own anyway. Use your time more wisely than raging about how much you despise women here.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:30 [Preview] No.41817 del
That's your solution, just wait it out? So when are women gonna be good people? Is it gonna be 20 years from now? 40? 80?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:36 [Preview] No.41818 del
And you'd make a good feminist useful idiot. You, just like any libshit feminist, deny reality.

Firs, men are expected to work the shittiest, more dangerous jobs. Females being the bottleneck on reproduction has an effect on the job market: women work office jobs while men clean the toilets (hyperbolically speaking).

Second, men are expected to die in wars. Again the result of the basic sexual dymorphism. All while the betacucks like yourself GLORIFY being a cannon fodder. Muh warrior spirit, muh honor, muh must protect muh queens. YOU ARE A FUCKING HOUSE NIGGER, YOU GOT THAT!? Shut your fucking mouth, bitch.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:45 [Preview] No.41821 del
No kidding. It's crazy how deep the brainwashing goes. It's like some men are proud that they're being taken advantage of.

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:47 [Preview] No.41822 del
>act as anything remotely sexual is disgusting to them
>then you find out that they sexted and sold nudes to pedophiles when they were 15
Doesn't it make perfect sense to grow to find that kind of past behavior disgusting and end up traumatized by it to the point of being repulsed by most expressions of sexuality?

Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 23:49 [Preview] No.41823 del
Tell me you don't believe in God without telling me you don't believe in God. I'm happy. You're not.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 00:04 [Preview] No.41826 del
This just in, "civilization" has made white women retarded monkeys.

More news at 11.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 00:16 [Preview] No.41829 del
You don't get it. These girls don't just pedobait and esex with older men online, they also have the most disturbing kinks, like rapeplay, ageplay, bloodplay, etc... all fetishes stemming from sexual abuse or mental illness.
They need to go to a therapist rather than larp online as innocent uwu virgins and lead on a dozen men for attention. On top of that, they are awful friends and use people who genuinely care about them.
There is no excuse for their behaviour.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 00:29 [Preview] No.41830 del
Those kinks come from being abused by the men you're blaming them for being victims of in the first place.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 00:35 [Preview] No.41832 del
Of course those men are also to be blamed. But there's no excuse for their lies or how they deceive and use people online.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 00:40 [Preview] No.41833 del
Yeah I think we are talking about different things here. The original point you made was about "girls who act disgusted by sexual things but did sexual things in the past." That trajectory makes complete sense and you judge them with the assumption that they have not actually changed.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 01:02 [Preview] No.41839 del
No, I judge them because they lie about it.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 01:36 [Preview] No.41845 del
Do you expect every single woman who has done things they regret to tell the general public about everything they've done in detail?

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 01:40 [Preview] No.41849 del
The general public? no.
Their partners? yes.
Their friends? yes.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 02:10 [Preview] No.41851 del
At what moment would that even be appropriate? "Here's a random list of everything I've ever done that I regret."
That is not normal and most people would correctly see this as a huge red flag.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 02:31 [Preview] No.41853 del
>At what moment would that even be appropriate?
When the other person asks about it. I've befriended several e-girls and asked them at a certain point if the rumours about them were true. They all said something along the lines of "No they aren't. If they were true, there would be proof about it", and then I later found out that their nudes actually exist and that all the rumours were true in the first place.
What bothers me the most is not finding out that they are promiscuous or kinky, but being lied to and deceived for attention, which was my original point.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 11:04 [Preview] No.41880 del
>would see that as a huge red flag
because it is one, retard

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 15:44 [Preview] No.41901 del
I'm seriously sick and tired of feminist propaganda getting shoved down my throat. I can't even read about anything related to women in the past centuries. It's always about muh patriarchy and muh poor whamen somehow, even when it is admitted that being a fucking courtesan was one of the BETTER lots in life at the time. But fucking rich Chad wouldn't commit and divorce his wife for a whore, OH WOE TO MUH WOMEN! When her male fucking classmatch died of asthma in a fucking coal mine at the age of 25 jfl.

It truly starts to sink in for me recently - WE ARE LIVING IN A GYNOCRATIC DYSTOPIA!

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 19:19 [Preview] No.41934 del
I literally say it is a red flag in my post, how am I retarded?

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 21:18 [Preview] No.41951 del
It's all in your head Take your meds.

Anonymous 12/13/2023 (Wed) 21:26 [Preview] No.41956 del
a girl lied to you, so what?

Anonymous 12/14/2023 (Thu) 04:06 [Preview] No.42017 del
It is weird to have a woman hate thread on a board dedicated to worshipping random women

Anonymous 12/14/2023 (Thu) 05:15 [Preview] No.42024 del
Most threads are filled with more hate than love because of copium.

Anonymous 12/14/2023 (Thu) 05:28 [Preview] No.42026 del
this board has never been dedicated to worshipping women, that's just a fundamental misunderstanding of the function of the board on your part

Anonymous 12/14/2023 (Thu) 05:38 [Preview] No.42031 del
It is like mixed between lonely men who obsess over e-girls and dramafags who are addicted to gossip and drama.

Anonymous 12/14/2023 (Thu) 10:59 [Preview] No.42044 del
Sounds about right.

Anonymous 12/14/2023 (Thu) 11:12 [Preview] No.42046 del
most of the times the relationship with egirls is a love-hate one. you love them for their meticulously crafted persona and their loner act. you hate them when you realize that is all a sham and that they are like any normie girl out there, possibly even worse. at least normal women don't have their underage nudes floating around in every corner of the internet.

Anonymous 12/16/2023 (Sat) 00:37 [Preview] No.42217 del
It's called idealization and devaluation. It's a cycle, seen in people with BPD, maladaptive daydreaming (most of us here do this), and limerence (most of us here experience this)

Anonymous 12/18/2023 (Mon) 23:26 [Preview] No.42569 del
Shoujo manga is complete shit. It's ALWAYS the exact same formula.
>unattractive/plain, clumsy, shy, insecure, useless female MC
>if it's outside of school, she has some mundane busywork office job
>the #1 hottest guy around, who gets the attention of all the women, SOMEHOW only has eyes for the retarded MC
>but UH OH, now the #2 hottest guy shows up, and ALSO only has eyes for her
>who will she choose????????????
>one guy is rough with dark hair, the other is a blond prettyboy
>various moments of retarded woman logic, where she self-destructs the relationship(s) FOR NO REASON
>rude popular "bitch" female bully character, who later gets humiliated
>female friend character who blindly supports the MC no matter what
>a LOT of fucking talking, and drama\contrived issues
You'll notice this pattern EVERYWHERE in media made for women. (Twilight, 50 Shades Of Gray, Ugly Betty, Bridget Jones's Diary, Pride And Prejudice, Hunger Games).
Anyway, what really triggered this autistic rant is women brainstorming reasons why men don't like shoujo. They don't understand the concept of being wrong, so they'll think of every reason EXCEPT the truth. For example, that men don't like it because:
>because things for women are automatically considered bad
Again this is like the black women thing. They think that shoujo is criticized because women like it, but it's actually because it's just BAD. There is no bigotry here, it's just their lack of merit. Notice the low IQ trait of not understanding cause and effect.
It doesn't even occur to them that people simply dislike shoujo. No, no, it MUST be some kind of bigotry
>because it's not aimed at men, so they don't read it
Again a low IQ trait. This "railroad" mindset where if it's not aimed at you, you can't watch it. And the solipsism to assume men think the way women do.
When women fuck up, their first thoughts aren't "What did I do wrong?", but rather "Who exactly is trying to oppress me?".
Do you seriously want these things voting or having any real power in society? They can't even fucking CLOTHE themselves properly.

Anonymous 12/18/2023 (Mon) 23:45 [Preview] No.42571 del
One very interesting thing I noticed, is that romance media truly shows the difference between men and women's romantic fantasy.
For men, it involves a man meeting that one special woman, getting closer over time, and eventually falling in love.
For women, it involves an unattractive worthless woman somehow getting Chads going crazy for her, and her choosing one of them to be with.
It really reflects how disgusting women's view of romantic relationships is.
And while I'm here: In media for men, there are women with all kinds of body types. But for women's media, they only care about one specific body type. Chad only, as usual.
Just like how IRL men have various tastes in women, while women only like one kind of man.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 00:34 [Preview] No.42579 del
Almost all romance manga and anime I've read/seen aimed at men involves a plain looking protag that would be undesirable irl for relatability's sake, just like women's romance does. So I don't really get it.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 00:35 [Preview] No.42580 del
Sol Romcoms targeting male virgins are equally bland, formulaic and stupid to be honest.

I don't think it's right comparing the evaluation-devaluation cycle of BPDs with the conflicting love-hate feelings that usually orbiters live.
Orbiters don't split. BPDs do.
People with borderline personality disorder tend to view the world in black and white. So to them you are either "all good" or "all bad" and the switch in their mind can happen for whatever reason.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 00:40 [Preview] No.42581 del

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 00:50 [Preview] No.42582 del
The difference is that the female lead is about on the same looksmatch level as the male mc. And harem shows, and shows where it's a beta mc with a "model" type woman are frowned upon, critically.
Another reason why it's different is men don't expect their fantasies to play out IRL, but women do. Women really will expect the top 1% Chad to lust for them, and get upset when they can only get their looksmatch.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 00:52 [Preview] No.42583 del
Correct, they're also stupid, except if the female love interest is equally a bland virgin like him.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 01:02 [Preview] No.42584 del
Dude, I appreciate the sentiment, but you're just coping. Plenty of harems that are as bland and formulaic as shoujo.

Tho I agree that men have more imagination when it comes to romance and sex. Take the basic love triangle, for example: women always have the same 2men-1woman configuration with the men always chasing the woman (duh), while men have 2men-1woman (Goethe's Werther) as well as 2women-1man (Proust).

And that's not even touching on de Sad and Masoch lol.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 01:22 [Preview] No.42585 del
Harems are openly criticized and put on the same level as ecchi or "accidental pervert" type shows. Meanwhile Twilight and 50 Shades sell 160mil and 35mil copies. And again, men don't expect this kind of stuff IRL while women do.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 01:26 [Preview] No.42586 del
(491.27 KB 2718x1969 aya.jpg)
>The difference is that the female lead is about on the same looksmatch level as the male mc.
That's just not true. Popular beautiful student consul president is a trope for a reason.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 01:36 [Preview] No.42588 del
Twilight and 50 Shades got criticized too lol. Harems sell like hotdogs too (LoveHina was a massive hit).

Men expect to find their Ayanamis in the real world too (at least I was expecting lol). It's just that they are not capable of. While women are capable of getting the Chad of their dreams to pump and dump them. That's the main difference.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 01:50 [Preview] No.42590 del
Hmm, in that case, are there more looksmached or hypergamous couples in media? Off the top of my mind, there's Boku No Kokoro and Gotouban for hypergamous in the man's favor, Tomo-chan, Chuunibyou, Takagi-san, Genshiken, Nazo No Kanojo, Eromanga, SAO for looksmatched. (And Genshiken, Toradora for hypergamous in the woman's favor)
Of course, this is completely anecdotal to the series I personally know, but still.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 01:53 [Preview] No.42592 del
You make a good point on that first paragraph, I'll concede there. So I'll change my argument to focus on the realism point: Women IRL expect Chads while men expect decent women. It would take a thousand times more effort to be a Chad than to be a Rei, for example.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 02:12 [Preview] No.42593 del
(229.07 KB 850x1202 rei.jpg)
>Hmm, in that case, are there more looksmached or hypergamous couples in media?
Well, it depends. Do we count a VN with routes for each girl an example of hypergamy?

I think are plenty of every scenario.

>So I'll change my argument to focus on the realism point: Women IRL expect Chads while men expect decent women. It would take a thousand times more effort to be a Chad than to be a Rei, for example.
And I agree. But for a different reason.

There is an asymmetry of preferences between the sexes. Women find men far less attractive than men find women. This automatically requires far less effort from women when it comes to romance. That's why it is so easy to be a Rei for an average woman.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 11:17 [Preview] No.42623 del
(901.97 KB 648x649 ciara.png)
Must have missed this thread somehow. Well i posted this on /r9k/ instead so might aswell repost here.

I want to kill myself because women post their pictures on imageboards and pretend to be like myself while they will never experience 1% of the sufferings i did. They will never have the same personality as a imageboard dweller. All i see is a facade of the whore. Just look at Ciara,Agatha,Marky,Rozeli,Ashley,Sunny. I hate the retarded /agatha2/ simps. I hate them all. All these whores have discords. All these whores have people. All these whored have normal lives.
I am ugly and disgusting in every way possible and no woman would ever want to date me. I have lived with myself in isolation for years so i know myself better than anyone else. I know my flaws perfectly. I am a subhuman and i hate looking at my face in the mirror. I dont know when ill kill myself. I'll try to enjoy as much movies and games before doing it. I simply have nothing else to live for. I refuse to waste my virginity on a prostitute.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 11:30 [Preview] No.42624 del
>All these whores have discords. All these whores have people. All these whored have normal lives.
Yeah because they are not ugly and disgusting like you. But I'm sure there are ugly and disgusting women who have the same shitty life as you but obviously they won't be on an e-girl board.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 12:05 [Preview] No.42629 del
>There is an asymmetry of preferences between the sexes
Correct, and that's something worth complaining about and criticizing. Women being excessively demanding is the equivalent of a spoiled child refusing to eat anything but caviar.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 12:08 [Preview] No.42630 del
Don't even go there. Women cannot be lonely. There is no woman on the planet who is friendless or dateless. There simply isn't. Women and simps just hate seeing men getting any victim points, so they claim "women can be just as lonely as men".

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 12:12 [Preview] No.42631 del
I agree with you except with the killing yourself part, and the negative outlook part. Even though women are hypergamous shallow leeching pieces of shit, you can still enjoy plenty of things in life, so it's not worth it to kill yourself. Even if you give up on women, focus on enjoying yourself and living a cushy life.
I don't recommend giving up on women, but if you did do that, you'd be free in a way. Free from needing to base your life and efforts around women, like 99% of men do. Give it some thought.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 14:42 [Preview] No.42646 del
you are right those girls are all manipulative whores but nothing to kys over.
a woman saying she is lonely is like a woman saying she has autism...she's lying.

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 22:51 [Preview] No.42733 del
Why didn't you include Audrey in your list of manipulative hypergamous fake whores

Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 23:11 [Preview] No.42735 del
You are the only one who cares about that fat pig. Thank god, I'm not seeing her anymore in first page.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 02:59 [Preview] No.42754 del
Dog, I'm so glad that cum drinking ugly whore is dead.

>I hate the retarded /agatha2/ simps. I hate them all. All these whores have discords. All these whores have people. All these whored have normal lives.
How am I a simp? Because I try try woo them to get their nudes? I've never gave them a dime.

No shit they are all larping attention whores, and I'm here to hate and degrade them.

>I refuse to waste my virginity on a prostitute.
That's where you lost me, buddy. Virginity is not something that simple, it's not a thing you can just throw away. Virginity is a state of mind, a state of being. You can't just "lose" it when you stick your dick into a prostitute.

I've fucked plenty of prostitutes, and I'm still a virgin.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 03:47 [Preview] No.42759 del
Dunking on retards is one thing, but being glad that someone died is too much. Don't go too far. You should want people to change and become better, not be harmed or killed.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 04:29 [Preview] No.42761 del
If she didn't die young she would've lived a fulfilling sexually active life as your average woman and died surrounded by her grandchildren. No way in hell I'm gonna give her that.

I'm glad she died before she had the time to live properly. This is Justice.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 04:37 [Preview] No.42763 del
She probably is doing exactly that, for all we know her death could have been faked.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 04:52 [Preview] No.42765 del
Go out and find something to do, meet different people, maybe you will meet people who speculate with you, and you have to change, otherwise you will only stay in the quagmire.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 05:10 [Preview] No.42766 del
All these whores have people. All these whored have normal lives
Is it sperm in the glass? That's the price they pay for having this.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 05:14 [Preview] No.42767 del
>I want to kill myself
Suicide doesn't change anything except one less person in the world.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 17:20 [Preview] No.42807 del
Be brutally honest with me on this one: Do any of you guys actually enjoy interacting with women? I'm pretty sure most men just pretend that what women say or do is interesting, purely so they don't lose access to sex\intimacy. Either that or they've deluded themselves into believing it.
I can't be the only one to find them extremely annoying.

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 17:24 [Preview] No.42808 del
I mean, imagine if men were actually openly honest when interacting with women:
>"Baaaaabe, would you still love me if I were a worm?"
>"Shut the fuck up. You are so fucking annoying. If you didn't make your holes available, nobody would tolerate you in the slightest."

Anonymous 12/20/2023 (Wed) 17:53 [Preview] No.42809 del
I don't interact with women, so I don't know.

Anonymous 12/21/2023 (Thu) 15:09 [Preview] No.42933 del
I like to flirt and bullshit. But it's been at least a decade since I had a woman to talk with that I didn't want to strangle after a half hour.

Anonymous 12/21/2023 (Thu) 15:38 [Preview] No.42938 del
I hate women.

Anonymous 12/21/2023 (Thu) 20:36 [Preview] No.42966 del
I know exactly what you mean. I personally get a deep feeling of "What am I even doing here." whenever they start saying dumb shit.
I am literally begging women to just act normal.

Anonymous 12/21/2023 (Thu) 20:39 [Preview] No.42967 del
To get an idea, 99% of the time, taking a woman seriously and trying to have an adult conversation with her, leads to frustrations like the ones seen in this vid:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=-4EDhdAHrOg [Embed]

Anonymous 12/23/2023 (Sat) 18:04 [Preview] No.43204 del
(1007.77 KB 1290x1744 new.png)
Oh look, another one.
>post wall single mom
>famous rich chad
Every time. Just watch women getting wet over this movie but actively shitting on Leonardo Dicaprio.

Anonymous 12/24/2023 (Sun) 11:40 [Preview] No.43787 del
I mean shit at least Leo DiCap's girlfriend is getting something out of the arrangement, like his wealth and status in exchange for her youth and beauty. What does A young attractive rich guy get out of dating a woman twice his age with no success of her own? This is pure female fantasy if I've ever seen it, getting everything without giving anything. But women still somehow feel entitled to men like that and get mad when you point out how uneven the arrangement is even though women also complain about men all the time, just why do they have to be so hypocritical about this?

Anonymous 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:25 [Preview] No.43794 del
Because nobody stops them, nobody criticizes them, everyone coddles them and lets them be fucking retarded with impunity. Women are quiet because they benefit off of this, and men are quiet because women will withhold sex\intimacy if they speak up.
Human beings' biological programming to unconditionally support and protect women and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Anonymous Board owner 12/24/2023 (Sun) 14:00 [Preview] No.43858 del
Just want to make sure you see this: >>43817

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 15:08 [Preview] No.44062 del
Another example of women being absolutely unable to process being wrong: Retarded women will say shit like "Do straight men even like women?", but they won't even begin to consider that MAYBE women have done something wrong to deserve being disliked. They seem to act like every criticism of women comes from a complete vacuum, and women did nothing to provoke it.
Imagine if men acted like this. Imagine a man goes up to a dude, spits in his face, the dude gets mad and storms off, and the man goes "Whoa, what's his problem? Who hurt you?". THAT's the level of fucking delusion that women operate on, every day.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 15:26 [Preview] No.44063 del
(93.10 KB 640x497 post.jpg)
(54.87 KB 825x1024 post 2.jpg)
(57.81 KB 720x940 post 3.jpg)
Women will do and say the most hateful, hostile, provocative, cruel, evil, manipulative piece of shit things, and then at the tiniest pushback, they'll instantly have an attitude of "Woooooooow, I didn't even do anything.". Absolute crybully mentality. Instant switch from attacker to victim mode.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 15:42 [Preview] No.44064 del
(140.27 KB 1080x1181 flipped genders 1.jpg)
(119.52 KB 1080x631 flipped genders 2.jpg)
One great way of detecting this is by just copying what women say about men and flipping the genders, and seeing them freak the fuck out in offense.
And while I'm here, a way to detect when a woman knows she's "lost" or is in the wrong, is she'll INSTANTLY go for the same repeated insults. (Women are extremely unoriginal.) Take a look at this screenshot for a prime example:
>Women aren't interested in you
>You're not attractive
>Women don't give you attention
>You don't have sex
>Masturbation shaming
>Passive aggression
>You don't have sex
She legit repeated the same insults multiple times. They simply cannot come up with original insults, let alone anything that isn't based on sex.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 15:44 [Preview] No.44066 del
Imagine spending Christmas day writing essays on why you hate women.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 15:45 [Preview] No.44068 del
Women will say shit like "Women are not an object for men to win over." but at the slightest challenge, they'll repeatedly use a man not "getting" women as an insult. Lmao fuck off.
The simps who gave these idiots any kind of power were fucking retarded.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 15:47 [Preview] No.44069 del
extremely based behaviour tbh

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 17:05 [Preview] No.44080 del
lol essayposter go drink some hot chocolate dude wtf

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 17:14 [Preview] No.44081 del
I'm enjoying some warm chocolate milk, thanks mate. I just had to let some steam out after seeing some women acting fucking stupid yet again. Somebody's gotta speak up.
Merry Christmas to you and the other users on here.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 17:26 [Preview] No.44085 del
You need to get off Twitter/Facebook.

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 17:50 [Preview] No.44087 del
Women in real life aren't much better. You criticize them for something and there's a 99% chance that they'll reply with a variation of "no u".

Anonymous 12/26/2023 (Tue) 18:53 [Preview] No.44193 del
I don't like when women have this attitude like they're doing the man a favor by being with him, even when he's far above her level. For example, you'll have a fat woman and a man who works out casually, and she'll have this attitude of
>Ehhh I guess he's okay. I'm not happy about this though
Just because he's not a gym monster. When in reality, she should have an attitude of
>Oh please don't leave me. Please give me a chance. I know I'm fat and you could get better women, but please go out with me. I'll do everything you want but please accept me
And she should already have that attitude with just healthy men, who are already above her level.
But no, we have a world where 2s think they're 10s. Pathetic.

Anonymous 12/26/2023 (Tue) 18:56 [Preview] No.44194 del
Both attitudes you described are shitty attitudes and will not work out in the long term, you fucking jealous moron.

Anonymous 12/26/2023 (Tue) 19:15 [Preview] No.44195 del
Well then maybe they should change it then. I did exaggerate the second one to make a point, but a little fucking humility would be extremely welcome.

Anonymous 12/26/2023 (Tue) 23:10 [Preview] No.44219 del
Another thing I want to talk about is how extremely fucking rare intelligence is in women. Sure, there are plenty of them who are academically successful, but that doesn't translate to actual intelligence. Case in point, 99% of women get confused over basic shit like analogies or hyperbole. You try using one in a conversation with her and she'll reply with some mouthbreather shit like
>Uhhhh but those are two different things you can't compare them DURRRRRRR
>But people aren't _
>DUHHHHHH there's no way it's "99.999%", you pulled that statistic out of your ass, DURRRRRRRRRRR source?????

Anonymous 12/28/2023 (Thu) 22:45 [Preview] No.44546 del
(58.30 KB 720x705 blindpill.jpg)
Essayposter I found the solution for you

Anonymous 12/28/2023 (Thu) 23:07 [Preview] No.44551 del
I just love women so much... I think about them all the time. I had two female friends once and they were really cool. I have nothing against women, except ugly women, because they're an eyesore.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 00:38 [Preview] No.44564 del
(230.96 KB 1169x2130 you aite.jpg)
Nice story, fairly heartwarming. Though this likely wouldn't work. Even if literally everyone else she knew were unable to see, she'd still be able to tell how fat\buff and tall a man is. Not to mention his status and income. Maybe the man could get away with having a bad face.
And on a personal note, my issue with women is not about getting them.
Here's another nice greentext in return.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 07:47 [Preview] No.44585 del
i spend about 5-6 hours gooning to porn each day, because it reminds of the only thing women are good for. i hate women so much, i react to the sight of them like a cat being sprayed with water from a hose. i will scream at them in public, spit on them (from behind for now to avoid assault charges) and i also carry stones in my pocket to throw at parked vehicles i suspect are being driven by women.
i think perhaps soon i will bag some of my feces to smear all over the door handles of these same vehicles.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 08:29 [Preview] No.44586 del
Unfathomably Based.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 09:12 [Preview] No.44587 del
(2.65 MB 640x480 the fire rises.webm)

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:01 [Preview] No.44632 del
>woman physically assaults man
>starts pursuing him
>repeatedly tells him to back up while she actively chases him
>but that's not enough, she now wants to throw a weapon at him
>man acts in self defense
>another woman tries to attack the man unprovoked, gets maced too
I know the man was acting like an absolute social autist 100%, but HOLY FUCK do women make it hard to defend them. Even when they're kinda in the right, they STILL make it hard to be on their side. Holy fucking shit.
Also notice how the woman got triggered at the term "bitch", and it wasn't even the woman he was talking to lol.
Maybe it was in the heat of the moment, but the fact that she kept pursuing him and escalating the situation, and attacking him even when he was backing down, makes it seem more like what an aggressor would do, not a victim.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:25 [Preview] No.44634 del
This reminds me of how women\feminists are vehemently against using guns for self defense. It's like they don't want a solution. They don't want to be harassed, but also don't want to do anything to protect themselves.
Hmmmm that kinda makes me think of when a woman starts drama and she doesn't want a solution, she just wants to complain. Coincidence?

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:29 [Preview] No.44635 del
Actually, that kinda explains why these women's alleged goals are so vague or effectively "impossible", like "Teach men to not rape.". Yeah great idea, retard. Let's just teach all criminals to not crime. In fact, let's just make crime illegal. Next, we'll just make gun-free zones so no one will be shot.
Point being, they don't seem to actually want a solution.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:39 [Preview] No.44636 del
>Virginity is a state of mind
That is where you lost ME.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:40 [Preview] No.44637 del
Yeah. No.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:41 [Preview] No.44638 del
Sexually fulfilling, but not a fulfilling life. She was a druggie surrounding herself with other degenerate druggies. If she had children, they'd just be molested by the kind she surrounded herself with, unbeknownst to her because she'd be passed out on drugs.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:44 [Preview] No.44639 del
Women want men to protect them when they're harrassed. You're supposed to throw your life away for them, even if she isn't giving you children, she isn't in your family, and she's a misandrist.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 19:09 [Preview] No.44642 del
The dude is not an autist, he's a man who've had enough of these foids and their bullshit. It's about damn time somebody started doing shit about all this gynocratic farce.

>starts pursuing him
That's a typical foid behaviour, see Jonny Depp's case. The bitch never got any pushback from her beta orbiters and was getting pampered by this fucking gynocratic soyciety all throughout her life, so it didn't even occurs to her that a physically stronger male could rip her ugly fucking head off with his bare hands.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 19:11 [Preview] No.44643 del
(215.09 KB 836x906 c3qec8yaqhj91.jpg)
Precisely. There seems to be a pattern in feminism where women don't actually want to do anything, they just want to complain until men do it for them.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 19:22 [Preview] No.44644 del
I've noticed this too. Women who have never experienced physical consequences for their actions go and attack a man who doesn't care about them, and he actually fights back.
This is why it's so important for women to "check" other women, like how men do other men. EVEN FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY, ie so they learn not to fight someone stronger than themselves.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 19:30 [Preview] No.44645 del
>it's so important for women to "check" other women
Agree completely on this point, sadly a lot of female friendships are competitive and fucked up because they're jealous of each other.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 19:54 [Preview] No.44647 del
>female friendships are competitive and fucked up because they're jealous of each other
They also encourage poor behavior like this because they believe the world should protect them from consequences. To be fair, there is always someone there to do it. Good shit if it's another man, which it usually is. Simps would crack your head open for trying to hold girls accountable, and the women would see your death as morally just for doing so.
Women's moral compass hinges on what the world will permit her. If she wants to be a slut, no matter how much societal decay that causes in the long run, nothing must threaten that wish.
You are then seen as a moral paragon for supporting women in their destructive ways. You could be an objectively morally reprehensible person, but if you kill an "incel" for criticizing sluts, you're good in their eyes.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 19:56 [Preview] No.44648 del
>I hate you but you must do as I say even as I berate you.
>No I will not tell you how to fix it, just do it!

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 20:40 [Preview] No.44658 del
That sounds really fucking similar to shit like
>babe whats wrong
>no im not telling you, you should already know. the fact you dont know means you dont care about me

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 20:41 [Preview] No.44660 del
>Women's moral compass hinges on what the world will permit her
Close. Their morality (or lack thereof) is completely based on what benefits them, personally, at that time. Whatever is good to her is morally correct, to her.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 21:31 [Preview] No.44669 del
Yep! I was close to the mark, just couldn't get the words. That's why I don't trust their "views" on the world. They can be so easily swayed.

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 21:32 [Preview] No.44670 del
You have to be a mind reader, but she doesn't have to be a mind reader with you. Just tell her what's going on.

Anonymous 12/30/2023 (Sat) 16:36 [Preview] No.44721 del
I really didn't wanna talk about this shit cause it's so fucking stupid, but I'm kinda ideologically obliged to call out retardation:
Women will often make up a rule\standard towards men, then feminists will see men's reaction to this, and twist it into it being the man's fault
>Man owning cats
Woman is turned off by men who own cats, so men tend to avoid owning one. Feminists twist this into men not wanting cats because they're misogynists and cats are "female coded", or they don't want to appear "gay" due to "toxic masculinity".
>Men refuse to open up because they know women are turned off by it
Feminists twist this into men stubbornly clinging to "gender roles" and again "toxic masculinity".
>Incels call out how women heavily discriminate against a man's race (ethniccel, indian janitor meme, etc.)
Feminists twist this into acting like it's MEN who are racist and think less of men of other races, when they're just responding to how WOMEN act.
The fucking irony of this all is that it's WOMEN who push any "toxic masculinity" that they complain about. They create the "problem" and then complain that it exists. Best of both worlds.
I see two possibilities here: These women are looking for any excuse to attack men, or they're so fucking stupid that they don't understand men (and refuse to).
So, as I've been saying for years, women are either stupid or evil.

Anonymous 12/30/2023 (Sat) 19:56 [Preview] No.44747 del
>Woman is turned off by men who own cats
This could not be further from the truth besides some outliers that are definitely exaggerated for comedic effect. If you are attractive and seem like a good partner, having a cat isn't why women avoid you.

Anonymous 12/30/2023 (Sat) 19:56 [Preview] No.44748 del
Btw essayposter, I'm glad you're sticking on topic lately, more or less.

Anonymous 12/30/2023 (Sat) 20:57 [Preview] No.44758 del
Thanks, I've been trying to redirect my autism solely on this thread.

Anonymous 12/30/2023 (Sat) 21:59 [Preview] No.44778 del
I much preferred the old essayposter.
Essayposter without essays, women hate and autism is not essayposter.

Anonymous 12/30/2023 (Sat) 23:25 [Preview] No.44787 del
Hey, if you want me to unleash my autism, name some thing about women and I can probably effortlessly dump a few paragraphs on why it's fucking retarded. Or an analysis on something stupid a woman said or did.
While I'm here, earlier today, I was thinking that the reason women instantly try to blame everything on someone else might be because, when growing up, they got yelled at for fucking up, so now they instantly get defensive and scapegoat the blame to avoid the yelling.

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 00:10 [Preview] No.44792 del
You sound like a certain beetle I've heard of. lmao

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 00:48 [Preview] No.44793 del
The fucking explosive one? Lmao

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 09:49 [Preview] No.44815 del
lol Something like that. This is a beetle with a youtube channel. They're an autistic beetle of sorts who rants about women.

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 12:42 [Preview] No.44829 del
Sounds right up my alley, can you give me a link?
Watch him link ER's channel lol

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 14:00 [Preview] No.44835 del
>Watch him link ER's channel

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 15:38 [Preview] No.44849 del
Elliot Roger. I've never seen that channel before, but now I'm aware that Maron is an egirl with a huge ass. I'll research more of his videos later, thanks for the link.

Anonymous 12/31/2023 (Sun) 16:13 [Preview] No.44870 del
>Elliot Roger
lmao No problem, man. I don't watch his channel, he just joins the stream of a guy named Undead Chronic, whom I do watch.

Anonymous 01/01/2024 (Mon) 23:19 [Preview] No.45116 del
Happy New Year, retards.

Anonymous 01/01/2024 (Mon) 23:48 [Preview] No.45121 del
Happy new year, gent

Anonymous 01/02/2024 (Tue) 03:16 [Preview] No.45133 del
Suckling on a new year lemon pig for you essayposter. Cheers nigga, even if I’ve probably disagreed with you more than any other poster here. You’re funny and at least have passion which is more than one can say of most people.

Anonymous 01/02/2024 (Tue) 14:55 [Preview] No.45155 del
Appreciate it, friend. Here's to another year of powerful autism.

Anonymous 01/02/2024 (Tue) 15:18 [Preview] No.45157 del
2024. This is the year. The year that essayposter gets a gf and graduates from hating women.

Anonymous 01/02/2024 (Tue) 21:58 [Preview] No.45252 del
It's funny you say that. One of my resolutions his year is to unironically be more supportive of women, instead of just dunking on them. Perhaps more constructive criticism will be better received.

Anonymous 01/02/2024 (Tue) 22:04 [Preview] No.45253 del
Women seem to have a hard time gauging a man's intentions (not counting the ones who are just using casual sex to catch a Chad), so here are a few tips I thought of:
How to tell if a man actually cares about you, or if he's being positive just to get you in bed.
Someone who is trying to care for you will likely do and say whatever is actually best for you, and not necessarily just what you want to hear. Though note that these are just signs, they're not definitive. And they also apply to people in general, not just boyfriends.
>He tells you the truth, even if it's negative.
A man who just wants to fuck will say whatever you want to hear, to get conversations over with and hurry up to the fucking part. He won't want to have any difficult but necessary conversations.
For example, if you ask a man who cares about you whether you're fat, and you are, he'll tell you the truth. Ex. "Yeah you're overweight.". Ideally, he'll still be polite about it, of course.
But if he just wants to fuck, he might say something like "Naww, you're beautiful/perfect." or "Yeah, you're thick\squishy\etc.". He'll dismiss the problem.
>He tells you "no".
And generally keeps healthy boundaries with you, including when you fuck up and he (correctly) pushes you away.
Conversely, a man who just wants to get laid will likely overlook all your fuckups, as being upset with each other will delay you guys from having sex.
>He goes against what you want, when it's for your own good.
If you want to do something stupid, he'll be against it. You want to do it, but it's bad for you, so he's against it. He's discouraging from doing the wrong thing. He's looking out for you, even when you aren't looking out for yourself.
Again, a man who doesn't care will go along with whatever you say, as "upsetting" you will just delay sex.
While these are good ways to deduce a man's intentions, please do not "test" the man by purposefully creating situations to see his reaction. Using "tests", "mind games", or retardaiton like that will just make an honest man dislike you. You can only use these metrics in situations that happen GENUINELY naturally.
Also, don't do that thing where you artificially wait 30/60 days before having sex, expecting that to weed the casual sex men out. It won't, it's just stupid. Men like that will just keep multiple women on the "cooldown" until they're actually available.
Just be fucking honest with the man, and expect honesty from him, and you'll be fine.

Feel free to share this info around, for women's overall edification.
I've been thinking of ways women can earn respect from a man, and how to better interface with men in general. I might post about that next.

Anonymous 01/02/2024 (Tue) 22:07 [Preview] No.45254 del
(268.82 KB 1620x958 info.png)
Here's the info in screenshot form, so it's easier to share. If it helps even one woman, I'll be glad.

Anonymous 01/08/2024 (Mon) 15:59 [Preview] No.46151 del
Entitled waitresses who obsess over tips are pieces of shit. The absolute scum of the earth.

Anonymous 01/08/2024 (Mon) 16:30 [Preview] No.46152 del
People are struggling out here. We aren't going to always have the money to tip generously. Hell, I don't even have the money right not TO go to a restaurant. Otherwise, I'd tip them big.

Anonymous 01/08/2024 (Mon) 18:15 [Preview] No.46163 del
That's a very generous mindset my friend. I'm personally against tipping because it's a complete scam. The waitresses having a shitty attitude and effectively blackmailing customers just seals the deal.

While I'm here, note how women often have this attitude where they attack the wrong person. They'll defend the person harming them, and attack the people who are innocent
>Waitresses getting mad at customers when it's the employer who's scamming them
>Woman's bf cheats on her, but she attacks the other woman
>Get pumped and dumped by Chads, but claim it's incels who only see women as sex objects
>Get wronged by exbf, now she's mad at all other men, and would instantly get back with her ex
>Women are most likely to be victims of violence from the men they choose to date, but they blame all other men
>Getting mad at men who suggest they take measures to protect themselves
>Women in abusive relationships defending the man who beats them, but attack anyone trying to help

Anonymous 01/08/2024 (Mon) 22:25 [Preview] No.46215 del
Crazy enough, you'll also be called incel by OTHER "men" for calling out these logical inconsistencies.
>Get wronged by exbf, now she's mad at all other men, and would instantly get back with her ex
Women don't even realize their own mating strategy disproves this. She's only talking about the subsect of men she chooses to date. All other men are basically invisible, therefore they aren't given the opportunity to wrong them.

Anonymous 01/08/2024 (Mon) 22:56 [Preview] No.46224 del
They're paid less than linecooks while having to deal with customer service bullshit instead of drinking in the back while frying patties. Tipping shouldn't be necessary but the US blows. In Europe it's not done because they're paid living wages. So I'm pro tipping in the service industry in the US.

Fucking hate how tipping is expected from every single service now, like fuck you if you have a selfpaying register set up that begs me to tip 20% by default.

Anonymous 01/09/2024 (Tue) 01:08 [Preview] No.46262 del
Right, I forgot to consider that factor. Any time a woman is talking about "men" in a negative way, she means sub8 men, and when it's positive, she means Chads.

Anonymous 01/09/2024 (Tue) 01:13 [Preview] No.46267 del
The problem is that being pro tipping is just encouraging the problem to continue. This shit will only change if people collectively stop tipping, thus motivating (forcing) the people involved to use a different system.
And let's be real: Waitresses don't want a static wage because they know full well that they earn way more with the tips system. That's why they shit themselves when someone says they're against tipping. They aren't starving by any means.
Also, kindly stop using leftist terms like "living wage". Using their language just gives them power.

Anonymous 01/09/2024 (Tue) 13:40 [Preview] No.46334 del
One thing that pisses me off is when women will push for a standard/demand towards men, men (or women) complain about it, and women blame "society" for it.
Hey retard, YOU'RE the "society" here. YOU'RE the one who created the rules you complain about. All this "society", "patriarchy", "toxic masculinity" bullshit is created and pushed by WOMEN, not men.
It's like these retards are too fucking stupid to understand this. Like they believe rules just exist out of thin air. (Alternatively, they believe that inherent shit like Biology or Math is deliberately created by humans.)

And another thing: Women who boast about being "independent". That's just being a normal fucking adult, it's not this grand achievement, it's just what's normal and expected of men, but women get praised for doing it.
Very often women will do this. They'll talk about doing some basic shit everyone does, but act like they achieved something. Like doing basic housework, or paying for their own date. They actually advertise this as a "benefit" for men, ie "He won't have to pay for me". U wot m8? That's what's already expected of an adult.

Anonymous 01/09/2024 (Tue) 13:45 [Preview] No.46335 del
Also, anyone who throws blame onto vague external things like "society" is just a fucking retard, and you shouldn't take them seriously.
Same for the people who bring up History in the past to justify how people act in the present.
Yeah Jessica, I'm sure you're a single mom of 5 because in 1974 women couldn't get credit cards. Fuck off mate.
"Women have been historically oppressed" Okay so why are you being a fucking mongrel retard in the present? Fuck you.

Anonymous 01/09/2024 (Tue) 13:52 [Preview] No.46336 del
>But women have to fight harder in the job market
Maybe you just fucking suck. Ever think of that? Maybe you just aren't as good as men around you, and that's why it's harder for you.
Maybe there isn't this grand conspiracy to oppress you, maybe you're just not as good as you think you are.

Anonymous 01/10/2024 (Wed) 17:05 [Preview] No.46382 del
(414.08 KB 615x668 2_Woman.png)
Have you guys noticed that women often have difficulty telling left from right? It sometimes takes them a few seconds to figure it out, or they need to use artificial techniques like looking at their hands, or at an "L" or "R" tattoo, instead of just knowing. They also sometimes use one when they're meant to use the other. It kinda reminds me of when women try to brake in a car, and they hit the accelerator instead.
This has got to be some type of retardation, right? There's no way the base woman is THIS fucking stupid.

Anonymous 01/10/2024 (Wed) 17:23 [Preview] No.46383 del
Apparently there's a test for this. https://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/java/hands1.html
I personally took 13.981s on the up/down one, and 13.537s on the left/right test, a 0.444s difference. This is the second fastest tier, being filled by 5% of submissions.
So again I pose the question: Am I some kind of supergenius, or is the majority of the population just fucking retarded?

Anonymous 01/10/2024 (Wed) 23:05 [Preview] No.46397 del
(69.78 KB 799x546 rightlo.gif)
Too bad you lack basic reading comprehension. You are in the first bracket, you absolute retard. Read again.

Anonymous 01/10/2024 (Wed) 23:12 [Preview] No.46399 del
Yeah, you're right. I got it backwards. However, it proves my point even further

Anonymous 01/10/2024 (Wed) 23:18 [Preview] No.46401 del
The stats of the general population are mind-boggling. How the fuck can that many people be so slow telling left from right

Anonymous 01/10/2024 (Wed) 23:59 [Preview] No.46403 del
You have no idea. I'm not exaggerating when I point out that most of the population is legit fucking retarded. See >>41674 and >>44219

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 00:05 [Preview] No.46404 del
I've heard that, for women, this is linked to ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 02:01 [Preview] No.46406 del
women can't have autism and ADHD
anxiety up for debate

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 02:32 [Preview] No.46408 del
Aren't fujoshi types pretty autistic? Obviously those women aren't "autismo" level like men can be, but still.
I'm not very versed on ADHD, so what are your thoughts on why women can't have it?

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 02:46 [Preview] No.46410 del
Why do women get diagnosed with autism then? It's not like money is being made of adult diagnosis especially, since there are no autism meds.

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 02:52 [Preview] No.46411 del
That's not a good argument, since people get diagnosed with all sorts of shit, like how doctors condone transexuals or how americans are overly medicated.

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 03:43 [Preview] No.46413 del
One of my favorite things in these retarded topics is taking something women say about men, flipping the genders, and watching them absolutely dookie diarrhea shit themselves.
Like in the "financial abortion" discussion. If you say a man shouldn't be forced into fatherhood, you'll see all the pro-abortion women using nothing but anti-abortion language, with zero self awareness.
>If he doesn't want to be a father, he should keep it in his pants
>He should've wrapped it up
>Consent to sex is not consent to motherhood
>No one should walk away from their responsibility to their children.
>Be an actual parent
>You're not forced to have sex
Leftists suddenly doing an 180 and are proponents of abstinence.
>Men want all the rights and zero responsibility
Literally abortion.
>If you're grown enough to have sex, you're grown enough to take responsibility
>Men just want to have sex without repercussions
Abortion used as birth control.

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 04:00 [Preview] No.46415 del
Bonus: Regarding abortion in general.
-Leftists claim that the man leaving is screwing over the kids, but they're the ones who propose aborting them.
-A BIG thing that gets me is how women have an amoral crybully mentality. They'll bring up "biology" and "fairness", but only in ways that benefit them.
>It's the woman's body, so we hold all the power. Men get no say. Tough luck, it's Biology, life's not fair, MEN
>It's not fair that men can physically walk away when women have to deal with the pregnancy\abortion. Women need to be compensated for this
Note the COMPLETE lack of empathy women have for men's issues.
And finally,
>Neither parent can just sigh off the rights of the child
Oh so suddenly kids have rights. This coming from the people vehemently denying a kid's right to life, and even its literal Humanity.

Anonymous 01/11/2024 (Thu) 07:39 [Preview] No.46417 del
How do they survive out there

Anonymous 01/12/2024 (Fri) 15:34 [Preview] No.46551 del
fujoshis have nothing to do with autism

Anonymous 01/15/2024 (Mon) 03:43 [Preview] No.46796 del
Hooooly fuck, I just had to hear a woman complain about the "toilet seat up" situation again. Women are so fucking stupid and wrong at EVERY turn. It really is hard to emphasize how ignorant and factually incorrect they are about EVERYTHING.
>you gotta put the seat down, i might fall in
Then just look before you sit.
>nooooo but what if it's the middle of the night and i wanna pee
Then just turn on the lights.
>noooooo but it's dark and the light is bright
Then just turn it on, partially block it with your hand, and wait until you've acclimated to the light.
>nooooooooo i don't wanna do that
Fine, but at this point it's on you.
>noooooooooo you're the bad guy

Dealing with women is like dealing with a bratty child who you're not allowed to command. They won't fix their problems, but also don't want to listen to your solutions, but they'll happily share their self inflicted misery with you.
And yes, I'm aware this is just a made up issue to initiate drama, and that the mechanics themselves are irrelevant, but it still ought to be mindblowing that this is the shit and people that we have to deal with.

Anonymous 01/15/2024 (Mon) 04:06 [Preview] No.46797 del
Again, to really understand how retarded this is, imagine if men acted like women:
>Be man, need to take a fat piss in the middle of the night
>Stumble into bathroom in complete darkness
>Whip dick out, aim at toilet, start pissing
>Hmm, that's odd
>Turn on light, toilet lid is down
>I'm outraged. Triggered, even
>Barge out of the bathroom, pants around ankles and dick out, still dribbling piss
>Knock over 17 shelves on my way to the bedroom
>Shake my wife by her shoulders
>"Wake up right this minute."
>Grab her by the forearm and drag her to the bathroom
>Look at my wife with the angriest face imaginable, with the fury of 28 Vietnam napalm strikes
>Look at piss apocalypse toilet
>Look back at wife
>Point at toilet
>"This is your fault. You did this."

Anonymous 01/15/2024 (Mon) 12:38 [Preview] No.46808 del
Every interaction I have with women shows me they are indeed children. They don't mature faster than men, not mentally or emotionally at least. They are children who throw tantrums when they can't get their way. Even worse, women believe it is morally just to hurt and or kill whatever is preventing them from having their way. This is usually doled out by other "men".

Anonymous 01/15/2024 (Mon) 16:43 [Preview] No.46817 del
>This is usually doled out by other "men".
This reminds me of situations where the woman physically attacks the man, and nobody cares, everyone's laughing. And then the man defends himself in any way, and suddenly 3 white knights spawn out of thin air off screen and agro on him.

Anonymous 01/15/2024 (Mon) 17:35 [Preview] No.46821 del
It's annoying to make it a gender issue about how MAN BAD but holy fuck, I can't stand touching toilet seats and wish I didn't have to.

Anonymous 01/15/2024 (Mon) 19:59 [Preview] No.46835 del
>suddenly 3 white knights spawn out of thin air off screen and agro on him.
Couldn't have said it better. They perpetuate these problems in society.
Or like if the couple is having an argument, it's already assumed the man is in the wrong. I can't say I'm unhappy when these white knights get their just deserts.

Anonymous 01/17/2024 (Wed) 11:35 [Preview] No.46932 del
All the girls on this board are pretty mid looking except Agatha who was definitely pretty unique in her prime.

Anonymous 01/17/2024 (Wed) 16:08 [Preview] No.46941 del
I personally approve of Agatha because she acts and dresses fairly modestly, and isn't trying to be a slut like most other egirls.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 01:07 [Preview] No.46961 del
Here's a theory: You know how female drivers often hit the gas instead of the brake, when they panic? What if that's an instinct they have related to dodging accountability? They're literally running (driving) away from their problems.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 01:51 [Preview] No.46962 del
Honestly, I don't get how someone can have a discussion with a woman, see how she behaves, and not immediately understand that this person is not fit to have any kind of power in any way.
>hypersensitive to any criticism
>completely unable to back up what they say
>copying what others around her are saying\doing
>refusal to acknowledge when proven wrong, just deflects repeatedly
You'd seriously need to be an extreme fucking simp, completely blinded by your biological programming, to not instantly see this shit.
The intellectual range of their responses ranges from "toddler" to "middle schooler", how the FUCK can you retards not see this?

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 04:12 [Preview] No.46966 del
Do you guys think there are any women out there who genuinely get zero attention from men?
I came across a thread about AI boyfriends, but surely there's no real market for it.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 10:02 [Preview] No.46975 del
She's up there for objective girlfriend/wife material in her prime. I can admit it's lust making me feel that way for the other girls. For Aggie it's more than that.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 10:06 [Preview] No.46976 del
This is why I hate when a close family member tries to have a discussion with me. It usually devolves into them trying to be right and overlong lecturing/explanations to affirm their beliefs.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 10:11 [Preview] No.46977 del
The older they get, the less attention they get. I'm sure with the new generation, this will be more likely as men are stepping not only away from society but women as well. It's not going to happen instantly.
I just wonder what's going to happen with the e-girls with massive let's say "attention egos", who subconsciously believe the attention and adoration they get will last forever.
I forsee growing mental illness, anxiety, and ultimately, suicide.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 14:32 [Preview] No.46984 del
yes they talk about it a lot on the foreveralonewomen subreddit

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 15:50 [Preview] No.46986 del
Didn't that subreddit close because the girls were receiving too many dms lmao

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:29 [Preview] No.46991 del
They talk about it, but that doesn't make it true. I've actually researched that forum extensively, and 99% of posts involve them either chasing Chads, or pushing away sub8 men.
But hey, I'm open minded. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll go there right now mid comment and see. I opened up the first thread that came up and pic related was the comments. Surprise surprise, it's STILL the same shit they were talking about 8+ years ago.
>Chads don't want me, I'm such a foreveralone :'(((((((
>That one time Chad sharted in my face is the highlight of my life :((((
>Ewwww, gross sub8s, get them away from me
>No, it doesn't count if he's sub8, those are just, ugh, friends (ew)
Every time.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:30 [Preview] No.46992 del
Excuse me, I forgot the pic.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:32 [Preview] No.46993 del
Oh oh, and don't forget a hundred variations of
>I know I'm not good looking or charismatic, but ya know, I'm actually pretty good looking, quite above average I'd say
And posts about humble bragging.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:45 [Preview] No.46995 del
That's the one, yeah.
>Originally there was a unisex ForeverAlone forum
>At one point, men realize they can just ask the women there out, problem solved for both, right?
>Lol nope
>Women repeatedly reject all the men
>Men kept asking them out
>Women leave and make ForeverAloneWomen
>Still get asked out
>Have to go private so that no men can get in
>These allegedly "lonely" women are literally preventing men from interacting with them
>While it's private, incel users theorize that they're just shallow and only want Chad
>Incel users get called misogynist for this
>Eventually, male users infiltrate and report back with screenshots
>Surprise surprise, the incels were 100% correct
>All the posts were either about how Chad doesn't want them, or about how they don't want sub8s.
>A good while later, they delete all the incriminating threads, heavily tone down their intensity, and opened the forum
>You still get permanently banned if you try to ask any of the women there out
I have a saying I came up with: If someone has a problem with an easy solution, and they're not taking it, there's something going on there.
And in this case, the something is them wanting to hide the fact that they only want Chad.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:47 [Preview] No.46996 del
I know exactly what you mean. It's so fucking annoying when people argue to "win" instead of doing it to trade points of view. You just can't converse with someone like that. Nothing you say matters, they're not listening.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:49 [Preview] No.46997 del
>I just wonder what's going to happen with the e-girls with massive let's say "attention egos", who subconsciously believe the attention and adoration they get will last forever.
On the subject of R*ddit, just look at DatingOverThirty. The answer is they'll continue to complain about not getting Chads, blame their problems on everyone else, and spew hatred at sub8 men.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 18:58 [Preview] No.46998 del
These women really don't seem to realise or are unable to comprehend that they are the female version of the 'weird creepy neckbeard type of guys'. But they still don't have any problem denigrating those guys while believing without any justification that they themselves have value and deserve better, for the simple fact that they're women. Meanwhile if they actually had any smv they would have a higher class of suitors. But this is beyond their comprehension, their self-perception is totally out of line with reality.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 19:00 [Preview] No.46999 del
"""""Lonely""""" women be like:
>I chased a Chad for casual sex, and he ended up pumping and dumping me
>See, all men want is just sex, they don't want a relationship
>You don't understand, the hottest #1 Chad in high school wasn't interested in me. Women like me are invisible to men, ugh
"Hey I'll date you."
>Noooo you just want to take advantage of a vulnerable woman and use me for sexual favors and verbally abuse me, you incel
Fucking shit, it's that thing about them refusing solutions again.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 19:01 [Preview] No.47000 del
>their self-perception is totally out of line with reality.
Precisely. It's just like they say: "3s thinking they're 8s who think they're settling for a 6"

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 19:02 [Preview] No.47001 del
Remember, whenever women use "men" in a positive way, they're talking about Chads. And when they say it negatively, they're referring to sub8 men.

Anonymous 01/18/2024 (Thu) 19:18 [Preview] No.47004 del
Wow it's crazy how all the men who ask out these women are "creepy weirdo misogynists". It's like when a woman says all her exes were toxic.
This shit about """lonely""" women really fucking triggers me because it's such a completely blatant lie but they all go along with it to be victims. It's like when women say they totally aren't showing their tits and ass for men.

Anonymous 01/19/2024 (Fri) 09:36 [Preview] No.47034 del
Which is funny when sub8 men are never on their radar. They have to malign the men they hardly interact with in the first place for some reason. Even though the Chads are a big part of their dating problems.

Anonymous 01/19/2024 (Fri) 15:55 [Preview] No.47047 del
Yeah, it's like when the majority of people who physically harm women are the abusive Chad bfs they CHOOSE to date, but then women go online and complain about how incels are these evil rapist murderers who want to enslave women.
The Halo Effect is no joke, those nuclear blackpills are still very much accurate.

Anonymous 01/19/2024 (Fri) 16:07 [Preview] No.47048 del
And the guys they don't see screw their face in confusion and go "What? I'm just sitting here enjoying my video games. You don't even know I exist let alone look my way."
Women love the idea that they have this boundless empathy when they don't. They don't even have a firm grip on reality or different realities in a metaphorical sense for all their spiritual talk. They can't put themselves in the shoes of others, and bring everything back on themselves without grasping their own life experiences/choices. So they believe most men are out here slaying and breaking hearts because they've had more experiences with those types of men...meaning they believe that those types of men are in abundance within the male population...meaning what we've been saying again and again...That they don't even consider that we exist. Not in that framework.
Women only regard us when they want to use that stupid "I" word, but believe we're in relationships to be able to do the horrible things they claim.

Anonymous 01/19/2024 (Fri) 17:28 [Preview] No.47050 del
Very very well said. They literally do not perceive sub8 men. And when it comes to empathy, just look at how they recoil in disgust and hatred whenever anyone brings up male problems. The "empathetic gender" is the first one to try to put the blame on men for men's problems. Ironically, the same people who claim everyone oppresses them.
Repeal the 19th.

Anonymous 01/20/2024 (Sat) 18:45 [Preview] No.47136 del
One of the worst things about women is the dishonesty. They lie about everything. Their words, actions, behavior, clothes, appearance, entire lifestyle, and they're so delusional that even their own thoughts are lies. They lie to themselves constantly.
Speaking of, maybe this sounds autistic but it really hit me hard when I had the realization that the vast majority of shit in this world are just lies. Politics are lies, taxes are lies. It's all fake manipulative bullshit. It feels like I'm flying out of bounds in a multiplayer game map and there's nothing more to the world, even the back walls aren't there.
And if you really wanna go in depth, you could argue that the very foundations of perception are lies. But that's another topic.

Anonymous 01/20/2024 (Sat) 22:09 [Preview] No.47151 del
Something I've been thinking about is how some of the e-girls here played to the racism of a lot of their orbiters. I don't even call them racist to malign them. Maybe it's a larp, maybe it's not, but there's no denying we all love a bit of racism on the Chans. I do and I'm not even white. But the problem is a lot of guys, even genuinely racist guys, believe these e-girls were/are genuinely hateful of other races besides the white race and all that entails. As if these girls had any REAL allegiance.
Like you said, women lie, but I don't believe it's always malicious. Lying/manipulating is in their biology because they can't defend themselves like we can. So they have to use their social powers in order to get what they want or avoid certain consequences.
Now more than ever women crave attention, and they can get that dopamine hit, hit after hit because of the internet. So, in the case of these Chan e-girls, they assimilate into the culture of the Chans because that's what get them the attention. This is exacerbated because a lot of them don't or didn't have thriving irl social lives. So they'll say all the racist shit they can to be accepted into the social circle they landed in.
But then they end up meeting and fucking guys of other races, giving their pair-bonding and best years to these guys.
It's a lie. Women only have allegiance to a dominating force, and that doesn't always have to be physical. But it can be. That, or they'll change their tune in real life if they believe they can get a guy for security if he has the money, status, if he's built and dangerous.
Guys are different. We can stand on our beliefs and are willing to die for them. Well, mostly, compared to women.

Anonymous 01/20/2024 (Sat) 22:13 [Preview] No.47152 del
>just look at how they recoil in disgust and hatred whenever anyone brings up male problems
Women have to insert themselves into the conversation when the discussion is about men exclusively, but never dare do that when someone is talking about women exclusively.
What's even funnier is that women and everyone else complains about men leaving society and going their own way while insulting us, berating us, laughing at us, wanting us to die, laughing at our suicide rates, calling us incels.
Well, if you don't like us we'll leave. Should be okay if you hate our guts, right?

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 11:48 [Preview] No.47384 del
women be like

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 15:18 [Preview] No.47387 del
Why are they so fucking retarded. Want to act self-righteous like they don't know what their main commodity is. And they have no other real world skills so they usually end up doing just this.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 17:29 [Preview] No.47393 del
>essayposter is black
So sorry my brotha.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:03 [Preview] No.47394 del
>As if these girls had any REAL allegiance
Correct. Normal-Stacy type women just copy whatever Chads or their Chad bf does\likes, and egirl type women copy whatever the community around them does. Truly the ultimate NPC.
And yeah, like you said, women's lack of mental and physical strength leads to their overreliance on social groups, and all the ills that come with that.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:05 [Preview] No.47395 del
That's the thing, they literally do not see sub8 men as human beings. They see them as tools to be used and discarded. And when the man doesn't want to be a slave anymore, they'll act like spoiled children and smash the toy until it works again.
And again, someone who acts like this shouldn't have any power in society. They will immediately abuse it.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:13 [Preview] No.47396 del
Remember, women are genuinely perfectly fine with committing the absolute worst abominations in the world, IF, they don't feel "judged" for it. (This reminds me of the Milgram experiments, now that I think about it)
So, women are fine with being sluts, as long as they can rationalize that what they're doing is 100% innocent and definitely not bad. This is why women get so triggered when you point out shit like them wearing low cut tops to show their tits, or skin tight pants to show their ass. You're breaking the illusion that they're totally not whoring themselves out. It's also why "naked photography", cosplay, and social media attention whoring are so common with women. It's all a way to be a whore while pretending they're not one.
You can also use this to your advantage though. If you wanna do some weird shit in bed, she'll be far more likely to go along with it if she thinks you're not "judging" her. (And women care about "judging" because of their reliance on the social group)

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:18 [Preview] No.47397 del
lol I'm ONE of the essayposters when I get in the groove, I don't know the skin color of the original essayposter.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:21 [Preview] No.47398 del
Different poster. The essayposter is not black, he is a cracka.
If you're black, can you give us your thoughts on >>39976?

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:37 [Preview] No.47401 del
I wholeheartedly agree. They act like the men around them while overcompensating in that regard because they think it's cool. You can still see some semblance of femininity in some of them, but it's undercut by them acting like...niggas. They are not incentivized to treat us with respect and don't even raise black men future girls want to respect, but still the blame is on the black MEN, never them. And now society has generated this ultra-guilt towards black people (mostly women) so you can't even criticize them without a mod treating it as a mortal sin. Nothing is their fault.
I was treated like absolute trash by black girls growing up, so the rare times I saw white girls I was enamored because they seemed like the extreme polar opposite of what I lived around. Of course, like the other anon said, they believe this attraction to be due to le racism and beauty standards pushed by some boogieman. When really, it's just men doing what humans normally do, adapt. I'm against race mixing in so much as when people do it, they generally go for the worst of the other race. Like when black guys go for slampig white women. But even then those women are better than the black bitches that shunned them. White women are just more feminine and better to be around because I don't feel like I'll be put on a t-shirt for some slip up.
Men go where they're wanted. If women can't analyze the situation, realize their own fault in this, and then adapt, they're going to fail %100 of the time.
We're still animals in an ecosystem. If you fail to push against the pressures of a system, you die, figuratively and/or literally. Society just doesn't encourage women to adapt.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:38 [Preview] No.47402 del
I ended up saying more than I thought I would, but shit! lol
Also, I hate how they insult white girls for their soft femininity as if it's a weakness. BW's brutish nature is a large part of their fucking problem.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:42 [Preview] No.47403 del
At least when men abuse their power, someone will eventually check them. Women have more people behind them to protect them from the consequences of their words and actions. So subconsciously, they believe they're in the right.
The more I realize about them the more I can understand MGTOW.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 18:44 [Preview] No.47404 del

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 19:10 [Preview] No.47407 del
Appreciate the thoughts, friend. Also, women being brutish reminds me of when women want a man to lead, but they take immense offense at the idea of being a follower.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 19:10 [Preview] No.47408 del
Exactly. Women never got checked growing up and now they cannot even understand the concept of being wrong.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 19:21 [Preview] No.47409 del
Like the idea that they don't want to follow their husband but they'll follow their boss.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 20:13 [Preview] No.47410 del
Holy shit, don't even get me started on that. They're so fucked in the head that they'll claim it's fine to take orders from the boss because he pays her. Which implies that the woman's """kindness""" is completely conditional, and again, that they're literal whores.
Additionally, it may also be the BB part of the AFBB mentality. It would explain why women are so hateful of the idea of being nice to their bfs\husbands.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 20:26 [Preview] No.47412 del
(127.41 KB 750x851 just wrong (1).jpg)
(93.62 KB 748x722 just wrong (2).jpg)
Fellas, I'm no moralfag by any means. It's basically impossible to offend me, I've seen my fair share of rekt threads throughout the years.
But when I see women actively celebrating abortion, doesn't that seem kinda wrong? It seems to go beyond just being disrespectful, it seems genuinely malicious for no reason. Evil, satanic, even.
I mean, if you really need an abortion, that's one thing. But to parade it around and have this "yaaas queen" attitude seems REALLY fucked in the head.
I have two theories on this:
1. Birth control causes anti-natal sentiments in women.
2. Some women are self-aware in some way (biologically or subconsciously) that they have "bad genes" and shouldn't procreate, so their body sends out anti-natalist signals, which result in women having a hatred for their own kids. I also theorize that this might be why women exhibit so much "red flag" behavior, like dyed hair, excessive makeup, piercings, tattoos, retarded haircuts, etc. They are sub-sub-subconsciously trying to ward men away so her bad genes aren't passed along.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 20:28 [Preview] No.47413 del
Seriously, this is the kind of shit that makes me think "I'll pray for you." and "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing.".

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 20:47 [Preview] No.47415 del
Them parading their abortion around is an abomination because they're made to bear children and give birth. It's in our nature to procreate, as in any other living organism. I understand not wanting children, but using abortion as birth control and then parading it around as a flex is another kind of evil.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 20:52 [Preview] No.47416 del
Well their singlehood rates are growing and more men are voluntarily leaving the dating game. You see more and more videos of women complaining about men not approaching them, and ignoring them. Hell, even tradcucks are trying to shame men back into the dating game.
Some women are even claiming trad now, even though we all know it's a ruse.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 20:59 [Preview] No.47417 del
Yeah it's fucked but 99% of pro abortion women would also find this pretty fucked up, it's just not common even if you can find plenty of examples of this online. These are VERY fringe libtard extremists trying to be offensive on purpose with a weird sense of humor on top of coping with abortion being stigmatized.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 21:03 [Preview] No.47418 del
>BW's brutish nature is a large part of their fucking problem.
Full disclosure, I am white, but a black female friend of mine talks about these dynamics pretty often. She is far from brutish, but she says that the reason most black women tend to be is because they have to be in order to survive in the environments they grow up in, so they overcompensate to protect themselves from the violence and high tensions surrounding them. She grew up in the Bronx for perspective, so this seems fair enough to me. It wouldn't make sense for someone in an upper class black family from Connecticut to make this argument, but for the average black woman I can understand it.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 21:16 [Preview] No.47419 del
Women will dominate a home's housework system, refuse to delegate, and then get mad that they're allegedly the only ones doing choires.
It's like they're TRYING to make men dislike them.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 21:18 [Preview] No.47420 del
(419.60 KB 1080x1350 12487912875287.jpg)
Speaking of single women, I've noticed a pattern where women being alone\single is enough to make it to the news, but articles about single men effectively never happen.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 21:18 [Preview] No.47421 del
Yeah that's true. And the point about coping is a good point.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 22:10 [Preview] No.47424 del
This is hilarious. They’re so pathetic. They refuse to take care of themselves as they age and have stupidly high standards (it isn’t hard for any female to find a boyfriend, let’s be realistic). These fat hags blame it on “b-but men only like blondes!!! that’s why I can’t date Chad!!!” Ohhh poor thing. Must be so hard. Gotta put it in the news.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 22:14 [Preview] No.47425 del
Not to mention being thin and blonde are both things any woman can very easily attain. The logic is nonexistent.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 23:09 [Preview] No.47427 del
(134.64 KB 1170x998 421788724871248724.jpg)
(134.64 KB 1170x998 421788724871248724.jpg)
No, you don't understand. They NEED Chad. Expecting them to be reasonable and date an average man is literally violent oppression, and if you suggest they date their looksmatch, you're literally a genocidal Hitler who wants to murder and enslave all women like in the Handjob's Tale.
But really, think about this: These kinds of articles are only created and given attention because of retarded women. Women being alone in general is only due to retarded women. So again women having any kind of power harms everyone around them. Repeal the 19th.

Anonymous 01/25/2024 (Thu) 23:57 [Preview] No.47433 del
I meant to mention this as well, that that in itself is an adaptation, but one that still fucks them over. Seeing as the brutish hood women still align themselves with more aggressive hood men, which would slash part of the need to even be masculine in the first place. These guys wouldn't spare a thought to shooting another black dude if they thought that dude would put their girl in danger.
But I understand, and it doesn't matter much to me anyway seeing as I'm never being in the dating pool anyway. If I were, I still prefer white women and women of other ethnicities over BW.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 00:01 [Preview] No.47434 del
Like when you try to think of ideas to better delegate tasks so no one feels like their toes are being stepped on, women don't follow them, then get mad they aren't being done properly.
Say for instance, when I say everyone in the house do their dishes WHEN they make them, but no one ever does.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 00:03 [Preview] No.47435 del
Or when the media does talk about single men, it's to fearmonger about incels.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 00:09 [Preview] No.47436 del
Oh man, I've seen that shit happen so many times. Again, that goes back them being shit at following (And shit at leading).
>Woman is tired of doing all the housework
>Gets mad that others don't do more
>Never accepts others' work as good enough
>She believes it's only done right when she does it
>Everyone around her eventually gives up
>Woman is tired of doing all the housework
Again, another example of women misusing any power they have, as well as being so retarded that they harm themselves (and others).

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 00:16 [Preview] No.47438 del
>When women talk about men in a positive way, they mean chads
>When women talk about men in a negative way, they mean sub8s
>When the media talks about lonely people in a positive way, they mean women
>When the media talks about lonely people in a negative way, they mean men
Kinda sensing a pattern here.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 00:44 [Preview] No.47441 del
its honestly possible ill take your guys word for it, my life goal is to ascend and find a wife on foreveralonewomen so hopefully they become more receptive to dms in the future

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:00 [Preview] No.47444 del
I wish you good luck. If there are genuinely lonely women there, I hope you guys meet and are happy together.
That said, you should be realistic. Don't expect a "Wow, no guy has ever called me cute before." scenario, and don't expect them to be any more pleasant or good people, just because they may be physically unattractive or have other issues.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:02 [Preview] No.47446 del
For as shit as relationships can be in this age, I hope you find what you're looking for.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:05 [Preview] No.47447 del
On the other hand, it's also important to not be a doomer. Don't let the redpill\blackpill shit affect you emotionally, cause that might also subconsciously close yourself off from women, and not to mention turn women off.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:10 [Preview] No.47448 del
I on the other hand have decided a relationship would never and likely should never happen for me. And it isn't like I'll ever be in a position to be in one or make one last.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:21 [Preview] No.47449 del
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a fucking doomer, but I triggered myself by actually going on FAW.
Any time the point about them dating an unattractive man comes up, they INSTANTLY have to deflect and rationalize, by saying that the man's just going to pump and dump them. AS IF a fucking incel virgin man who finally gets a woman interested in him, is gonna instantly dump her like he's a Chad who has casual sex all the time. Again, even here women only think of Chad.
I have also never seen any proof of a "lonely woman" actually existing. I've been looking for them for years, in the case that I'm wrong about this, and yet not one example.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:22 [Preview] No.47450 del
What makes you say that? What's going on with you?

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 01:50 [Preview] No.47453 del
I'm currently not in the financial situation to be in one. If I were, they aren't worth the effort. I've also found being alone is superior.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 02:01 [Preview] No.47454 del
Shit, I know what you mean. I don't have a good counter argument for that one. Maybe that the 1% chance of finding happiness in a good woman is worth the effort.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 02:33 [Preview] No.47457 del
I don't know what to say. I keep looking at FAW and other "lonely woman" forums, and the recurring pattern I keep seeing is a mentality of
>I'm not good looking enough to get Chad, so I'll give up on dating altogether
>If I can't get Chad, I'd rather be alone (sub8 men aren't even considered)
Lonely women ought to be classified as a fucking cryptid at this point.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 04:52 [Preview] No.47467 del
One thing I've noticed is that incels\virgins are alone because no woman wants them, while women are """""""""""alone""""""""""" because they sabotage themselves. They get in their own head, refuse help\advice, find any excuse, reject every man who shows interest, send mixed signals, act hostile, etc.
Men's problem is external, caused by other people, while women's is caused by their own mental retardation.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 05:24 [Preview] No.47474 del
Thanks for the advice and good luck guys.
Yeah I just checked the sub, wtf? Pinned post is
>"restrict your dms, we have to keep the larp going"
And some of the posts that are trending just read like psyops written by CIA to fuel incel rage.
Women are unreal lol

Anonymous 01/27/2024 (Sat) 07:43 [Preview] No.47537 del
In my effort to empathize with women, I came across a video that talked about how fat women are oppressed in society. She spoke about how she was indeed overweight in middle school, and a couple of other young women would bully her for it. This led her to fad diets, and later on to things like being against "diet culture" and how society creates these "oppressive beauty standards".
And then I realized. She was doing the woman thing of mistakenly focusing on the symptoms instead of the actual problem. Verbally, she complains about society, but her ACTUAL problem was being mistreated by the bully women.
All she really needed to do was to start beating up her bullies. The problem would be solved, and she wouldn't mull over this oppression bullshit. She was trying to lose weight so the bullying would stop, instead of just kicking the ass of who was bullying her.
I also noticed she did the woman thing of overlooking the people who wrong her (bully classmates) and attacking those who are innocent (society). (For other examples, see >>46163)
Idk man, I'm open minded and genuinely try to understand the women's perspective, but the more I do, the more I see how retarded they are.

Anonymous 01/27/2024 (Sat) 13:10 [Preview] No.47546 del
Not only that but they also make retarded choices and encourage each other to make retarded choices. Like being a whore, irl and online. That's when their problems also become external because men see what's happening and quietly reject them.

Anonymous 01/27/2024 (Sat) 13:15 [Preview] No.47548 del
Oh and another VERY important reason: I have a below-average iq.

Anonymous 01/28/2024 (Sun) 02:27 [Preview] No.47583 del
That's kinda true. Women are each other's worst enemies. Women poison each other all the time, both deliberately and accidentally.
That might actually be a benefit when getting women, honestly. I still recommend not giving up.

Anonymous 01/28/2024 (Sun) 02:46 [Preview] No.47584 del
>Overweight woman tries to diet to lose weight
>Consumes less calories and works out more
>Successfully reaches her goal weight
>Proceeds to go back to old dietary habits
>Gains back the weight
>Blames diets and claims they "don't work"
Surely women aren't THIS stupid, right? I don't think you need to be an expert in Nutrition, Biology, or Thermodynamics to see the obvious here.
I also see fat women have this attitude of "Why are you at the gym? You're already skinny." towards thin women, not understanding how stupid that sounds.
Is being overweight related to low IQ???

Anonymous 01/28/2024 (Sun) 03:46 [Preview] No.47586 del
Total Fatty Death.

Anonymous 01/28/2024 (Sun) 04:04 [Preview] No.47587 del
Also, this is something all fat retards do, not just women. FUCK fatties.

Anonymous 01/28/2024 (Sun) 05:13 [Preview] No.47589 del
Got any good FPS? Let's hear em.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 17:45 [Preview] No.47667 del
Do you guys think it's true when women claim stuff like being catcalled and whistled at at ~13? I always assumed they're lying, and trying to humble brag and be a victim (in a mentally ill way).
They always use terms like "creepy old men" which either means they're making it up and copying what other women say, or they don't complain when attractive men do it. I've never heard a woman say shit like "Ugh that young hot jock guy keeps catcalling me, I hate it".
I also wonder if it's something like guys their age catcalling them just to be retarded, and women exaggerate and imagine this whole scene, to be victims.
I remember in high school some female classmates got picked up from class by men in their 20s in their own cars, so there's definitely something fishy going on here.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 18:19 [Preview] No.47670 del
It could be a mix of all the things you describe. One large reason I believe is their love for being a victim. Hell, they probably love it when they actually are a victim of something. Women love being a part of communities, as they are more social and want to fit in because of it. Being a victim allows them to do just that, as everyone and their grandmothers will flock to their aid should a woman be in distress.
I remember a girl I used to know who made multiple snaps about her abusive ex as she was fleeing home from him and his family. I do believe she was abused but the way she was talking about it was almost as if she were happy to have gone through the abuse and could talk about her "traumas". She had a shared experience with the sisterhood.

I've also come to learn that with anyone, but women mostly, doing things like catcalling is only okay if they find you attractive. If they find you hot, they don't care. I don't know, I think there is a chance they were catcalled at a teen. I see grown men staring at my cousin as she walks by, but to be fair, my cousin looks more developed for her age.
To your last point, so many girl admit to being with older men. Then claim they were "young and dumb" even though they claim women mature faster than men and are more intelligent than men. Hmmmm. But you see this trend of young girls going for older men. One thing people don't often mention is that the man isn't always the one to initiate. Then these are the same women shaming dudes for going for 18 year olds because they got fucked by a 25 year old when they were 14.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 18:43 [Preview] No.47672 del
Are you forgetting that this board has people openly thirsting over girls as young as 13?

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 18:56 [Preview] No.47674 del
What you said about victimhood leading to more socialization is a good point. Women faking victimhood to acquire more social points does sound like something they'd do. It's like when they get mad at men when they offer a solution to their problem, because then they don't have an excuse to complain and be a victim. (See: "lonely" women)
Have you ever heard your cousin or other young women being catcalled IRL? I personally haven't.
Also, you can tell that women are full of shit when they get mad at men for dating younger women, because they never EVER point out (or accept the argument) that the younger women are just exploiting the older man's income\resources. Not to mention that the man had to actually work his ass off to be "valuable", while the woman just exists.
I don't doubt that some people are into that shit, I'm talking specifically about things like catcalling or whistling.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 19:00 [Preview] No.47676 del
Another thing: Women's self victimization is legit just Munchausen Syndrome. It's happening in a large scale and few people seem aware of it.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 19:44 [Preview] No.47677 del
I live in a large city and I witness catcalling on a near daily basis. Doesn't really happen in small towns.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 20:09 [Preview] No.47678 del
Of course, fixing a problem means letting go of the attention they receive for having that problem. Even then their lives are just oh so terrible. I had a friend who was offered to go to another country by a guy who said he'd take care of her because she was depressed and suicidal. She never took that offer, but a man rarely ever gets that deal. You won't see a woman readily knight for a man like that, ever. If she does it won't be for long.
>Have you ever heard your cousin or other young women being catcalled IRL?
The only thing she's complained about is when a man delivering her food tried to hit on her even after telling him her age. She may have also commented about the looks but that's it.
No, everything bad that happens to women is a man's responsibility. Even if people can admit when a girl is at fault as well, the man still takes the brunt of the criticism. People always have to add a "but" when conceding a girl was wrong. BUT they rarely if ever include that when exclusively blaming a men. Which reminds me! Have you noticed a shift in the "not all argument" that's rarely pointed out and laughed at?
Women for ages have been lambasting men for using the not all argument, but in recent years have been using the not all women argument. No one on their side will call them out on this bullshit. Hell, even people on our side concede to women when they say that, knowing they never allowed us that.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 20:11 [Preview] No.47679 del
Another thing, no one wants to talk about the creepy older women who catcall and even FEEL on younger men or even just handsome/built men in general. This happened to me and the people around us just chuckled. Imagine how they'd react if it were the other way around.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 21:55 [Preview] No.47685 del
>Even if people can admit when a girl is at fault as well, the man still takes the brunt of the criticism.
Holy fuck, I've noticed this too. They'll have a woman who is 95% in the wrong, bring up where the man might be 5% wrong (or make it up completely), then claim "everyone's at fault", and act like that automatically cancels out everything everyone involved did.
The woman committed genocide, but the man was rude to her once, so you can't criticize her.
The kind of person who makes this kind of mental gymnastics bullshittery is not someone who should have ANY power in society, whether corporate or social. I don't know what to say, these are simply not human beings. They don't live in reality, they're delusional. Anything goes in their head. You cannot have a discussion with them because they'll always rationalize that they've won every time.
>Women lack accountability
>No, humans lack accountability
Women won't even be accountable for not being accountable.
They also say shit like "Who cares?", "Why do you care?".
>but in recent years have been using the not all women argument
The thing is, these kinds of "people" do not care about consistency. They only care about doing whatever benefits them, personally, at that moment. Indeed, WE'RE the retards for expecting them to have values lol.
>Imagine how they'd react if it were the other way around.
You are 100% factually correct, but I must say, Right-leaning people have a bad habit of just saying "Wow imagine if we did that, huh" over and over, meanwhile the Left just keeps taking more and more ground in the culture war. You cannot make an appeal to Values to people who have none.
What about catcalling directed at women in the 10-16 age range, as many women report allegedly being the case.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 22:04 [Preview] No.47687 del
>Woman does something undeniably wrong
>This is completely impossible to process in a woman's mind
>Woman makes up a completely fictional scenario in her head to assign fake blame to the man
>Now they're both at fault, or the man is slightly worse
>Phew, crisis averted. Almost had to hold a woman accountable for a second there
The fucked up thing is that I'm not even exaggerating here. I'm starting to realize that women LITERALLY cannot process the concept of a woman being wrong about something, or doing something bad.
It's like they have a fucking black hole in their head when it comes to taking accountability. They'll seriously fuck up, get punished for it, and then genuinely scratch their heads in confusion wondering why they're not being rewarded.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 22:51 [Preview] No.47689 del
Hard to say, because 10 year olds are hitting puberty these days, but 12 to 13 and upwards, yes. Most commonly I'd say it's from 16 to 20 though.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 23:36 [Preview] No.47690 del
>Men lack accountability
>Women lack accountability
That's basically how that goes. It's like there is an evolutionary defense mechanism in their mind that keeps them from taking FULL responsibility for the things they do and say. Was there some danger in our far past that caused this development? What the fuck is going on here?
And don't get me started on how they LOVE to use the subjectivity argument when dealing with a topic they don't like. I've seen them do this countless times in these recent dating podcasts, where they go "Not all women" "It depends" "It's relative" "It's different for everyone" "This word means different things to different people" So you can never properly engage in a discussion because you're too busy discussing subjective meaning or definitions/descriptions they've co-opted to wiggle their way out of an uncomfortable discussion. Nothing can have any objective truth or meaning to it unless THEY decide it does. This is why we have stupid phrases like "My truth" when it should just be THE truth.

Anonymous 01/29/2024 (Mon) 23:38 [Preview] No.47691 del
I know this sounds wrong but this is why I don't feel bad when I see the stats about a large number of them being single and childless by 2030 or that their self-deletion rates are climbing. It's hard not to want to take advantage of their growing mental illnesses just for some pussy and then throw them to the curb. They live on demon time all the time, so why I can't I?

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 00:03 [Preview] No.47695 del
>Was there some danger in our far past that caused this development? What the fuck is going on here?
My guess is that women have been coddled their entire life, they never felt the pressure to be accountable, and they still don't. Both men and women are biologically programmed to do everything for women, and most people are NPCs, complete slaves to their caveman brains. The fact that they can speak and operate like people is barely enough to fool everyone into thinking they're normal.
Also, women are mentally and physically weak, and thus rely heavily on social groups. Any kind of accountability might damage her unstable social position. Just a wild guess.
>"Not all women" "It depends" "It's relative" "It's different for everyone"
I believe this is related to low IQ. Stupid people have a "black and white" mentality, so they take issue with any kind of generalization. I should really post my extended research on human IQ.
>So you can never properly engage in a discussion
And some of those kinds of terms are just pure deflection tactics. Although, I've noticed there's a sort of Poe's Law here, where it's often hard to confirm whether they're doing it to deflect, or because they're genuinely too stupid to understand.
>This is why we have stupid phrases like "My truth" when it should just be THE truth.
This shit triggers the fuck out of me. Just pure delusion. We gotta fight this by criticizing and socially shaming people who use this phrase.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 00:08 [Preview] No.47696 del
I'm gonna tell you guys this shit in confidence: The realization that the vast majority of the population are just fucking drooling morons, barely qualifying as people, shakes me to my fucking core.
I'm not joking here. It's like when you feel miniscule compared to the size and scale of the universe.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 00:13 [Preview] No.47697 del
Well, ideally, you should aim to be the more mature person in the situation, as well as see the bigger picture. For example, women being alone just means that more men are being alone, especially since women are fine with sharing Chads. Same for there being less of them in total.
>so why I can't I?
Because you're not a fucking NPC, and hopefully you're not a degenerate either. The main way to fight against this shit is for strong people to be Good. Women only care about Chad, so we all need to just become as Chad as possible, and only accept or give praise to ACTUALLY good women.
Don't engage in degeneracy, you're just making things worse for yourself, those women, and everyone else.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 00:41 [Preview] No.47698 del
I'm not a good person, though, and I honestly never have been. At least I don't see myself as a good person and I'm not even concerned with it, to be honest. Most people around me would disagree but I'm inclined to believe they're being delusional. I get too much undue praise.
>women being alone just means that more men are being alone
I believe with guidance and wisdom men are better at being alone than women and can thrive better that way.
>so we all need to just become as Chad as possible, and only accept or give praise to ACTUALLY good women.
I have no interest in a relationship or having children so this doesn't apply to me. I'm not praising a woman unless she's giving me children, and seeing as I'm never taking that risk, it doesn't apply. Because I'm not allowed to do what I believe is just when, WHEN a woman decides to destroy my family.
Otherwise I'd agree for other guys who still want to marry and procreate. I'll leave that to them. I know this sounds brutal but I have no more warmth in me, and contrary to what some would believe, it's never coming back.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 00:48 [Preview] No.47699 del
>so they take issue with any kind of generalization
Nor can they understand metaphors, or analogies. Which drives me insane. Women, and people who think like them, LOVE to focus on the subject of an analogie instead of the function which just easily conveys a message. Like when you use women and cars in an analogy, you aren't fucking calling them cars, but their emotions says otherwise, so you spend energy trying to defend something you weren't even insinuating.
>where it's often hard to confirm whether they're doing it to deflect, or because they're genuinely too stupid to understand.
That hit hard. I want to say a lot of them are just too stupid to understand. As these are the same women who can't understand what an analogy is trying to convey.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 00:54 [Preview] No.47700 del
Want to know something else? I've been thinking about this recently: everyone becomes especially brain-dead when it comes to women.
I say this because when everyone, including other "men" try to defend women in any capacity, their using female emotional "reasoning" to do so. It's always off the jump and you know these guys would physically hurt you if they got the chance. That's why you hear about some of them being killed or badly beaten for trying to white knight. These guys can't fathom the thought "This is none of my business, I shouldn't intervene or I could die horribly". They take on women's need for social brownie points. They'll even use female logic and shaming tactics and fail at simple logic LIKE women just to defend them from le "incels".
They are also why women can't be held accountable because they'll memesay/react you to oblivion while using "period" as a slam-dunk or physically harm you. Then as women's problems grow over time, they're left scratching their heads like the bitches they defend, and then come to the conclusion that it's men's fault.
They're right, but not in the way they think they are.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 01:11 [Preview] No.47701 del
>These guys can't fathom the thought "This is none of my business, I shouldn't intervene
Pure NPCs. What's also pathetic is when they do this shit WITHOUT even having any woman around to see it. It's one thing to be a simp\white knight to kiss ass, but it's another to genuinely believe this shit and have it ingrained in their mind.
>They are also why women can't be held accountable
That reminds me. Another reason women can't be accountable, is because they never even get a CHANCE to be accountable. Notice how when a woman fucks up, their friends instantly run up to her to tell her how it's not her fault. Even if a woman was close to virtuous, she wouldn't even have the opportunity to think if something is her fault, before everyone instantly absolves her.
>everyone becomes especially brain-dead when it comes to women.
Yeah, definitely It's that biological programming.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 01:16 [Preview] No.47702 del
Honestly, we just gotta stop coddling these retards and tell them the truth directly. I'm not saying to be rude to them, but just be actually honest with them, and don't tolerate their tantrums.
>umm boyz are just intimidated by career womennnnnnn
>No, you're just a pain to be around, as well as delusional regarding your flaws. If you want to be happy, you need to change your attitude
And then walk away. No arguing, no dunking on women, just dropping the truth and walking away.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 01:21 [Preview] No.47706 del
Yes! They're just unpleasant to be around. No one is intimidated by you unless they're a male feminist.

Anonymous 01/30/2024 (Tue) 01:41 [Preview] No.47707 del
Oh and another thing to mention, is you shouldn't even attempt to engage with their arguments. They're just a deflection tactic anyway, so simply don't take what they say seriously.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 05:37 [Preview] No.47774 del
Lack of accountability in abusive relationship situations further proves that women literally do not understand the concept of being wrong.
>Woman stars dating an abusive man, and doesn't detect any of the red flags
>Over time, the abuse escalated
>NOW she can detect the warning signs
>She cannot process that she just didn't see them, so she creates this idea that the abusive man was just this 250 IQ master manipulator who fooled everyone for years
It's crazy how these women date 5-10+ abusive men over multiple years. There sure are a lot of super genius manipulators around.
And their "manipulation tactics" are so good that even when people openly warn the woman that the man she's with is abusive, she still chooses to be with him. Anything except the idea that maybe she has mental issues that lead to her chasing abusive men.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 05:49 [Preview] No.47775 del
If you think about it, the entire purpose of feminism is to farm victim points. I've noticed that they constantly reject solutions (Women taking measures to keep themselves safe, general self defense, gun ownership for personal protection) and they constantly chase unachievable goals (ex. "Teach men not to rape." Yeah thanks retard. Let's just make all crime illegal.) as well as push the idea that the situation is far worse than it really is (Handmaiden's Tale).
Their actions repeatedly point to them wanting to stay in this middle ground where they can farm out the maximum victim points.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 05:58 [Preview] No.47776 del
Feminists also seem to dislike guns because they get in their head that guns are a Conservative\Right thing, so they're automatically against them.
Which implies that they care more about the tribalism of Left vs Right, than women's safety lmao. (And it also implies feminists are NPCs.)
While I'm here, have you guys noticed how the people who are labeled as misogynists are the ones who care about women the most? It's like how leftists put on this act of caring about nonwhites, but they're the ones who are extremely racist against them. (Not to mention the anti-white racism.) It reminds me of how leftist writing rooms are full of white women, meanwhile pol meetups have people from everywhere. Truly, the racism community is the most tolerant there is. They don't care what race you are, as long as you're racist.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 14:51 [Preview] No.47785 del
Another thing I've noticed is how everyone from all sides lambast men for not protecting women. The reactions of feminists, especially black feminists, is especially funny when you remember the narrative that they're just as capable as men. There are women out there who believe they can physically take on a man, yet the moment they get their teeth pushed in who are they screaming for?
You've conditioned us with the narrative that you don't need us, you're just as strong as us, you're just as mentally capable, and that you don't even like us. You support girls who carry signs saying "Kill all men" but then the moment you're in actual danger, we're still expected to put our lives on the line. Fuck you. I'll stand there and watch.
>they get in their head that guns are a Conservative\Right thing, so they're automatically against them.
That realization pisses me off. They need to keep up the rebellion to the detriment of their safety.
>And it also implies feminists are NPCs.
True. Just look at their canned responses when being questioned. Keeping the sisterhood's fangs in their mouths is more important than formulating their own thoughts. You can see them look off in every direction, almost as if looking for the already formulated responses in their brains.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 15:05 [Preview] No.47786 del
>have you guys noticed how the people who are labeled as misogynists are the ones who care about women the most?
I'm happy I'm not the only one who's noticed this, including the part about racism. If we didn't care about women we'd not say anything at all and continue to let them harm themselves. For instance, guys who support abortion don't support it because "Women's body, women's choice", they support it because it's used as a form of birth control. So the man doesn't need to take responsibility for cumming inside someone instead of wearing a condom.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 15:43 [Preview] No.47788 del
Something else I was just thinking about with modern women is their hatred for men's preferences. Women, feminists mostly (which is most women), believe their innate desires are more moral than a man's, so they have every right to shame men for what we want.
Not only that, but women love to insult us while taking shots at the girls we actually like. Because modern thought makes them believe we are attracted to them for doing all the things men typically do, going hard at their career, having an A-type personality, being go-getters. When in reality they overcompensate with these attributes, making them less pleasant to be around. To them, that makes us insecure, but we just don't want to get married to another man. We are already expected to find high-paying fields and work many hours in those fields. You think I want to come home after 12 to 15 hours and deal with someone who wants to compete with me? No, I'll eventually smash their jaw to dust. We're meant to compliment each other, not be one-for-one. Not only that but if our job is already stressful, you think I want a wife who is also stressed from her job? Would that be beneficial to the relationship? What about our kids? As a matter of fact, these women expect to just have 2 or 3 kids. If I were to pursue a relationship, I want many children. At least 7 to 10. You think I'm paying for a goddamn nanny? No bitch.
So, on the off chance I'd want a relationship, I'd find someone young, feminine, and who wants to stay how and chase around my little monsters.
But they shame us for wanting those types girls, saying "You just want someone young and dumb" Or if you say you want a virgin "You want a child, then." They always go to the extreme, and it's always either or with them. There are no nuances to people. If I want someone who hasn't been to college, they must be a drooling moron from their perspective. Even though a lot of "college-educated" women have shown themselves to be retarded and make stupid life/relationship choices.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 15:59 [Preview] No.47790 del
>There are women out there who believe they can physically take on a man, yet the moment they get their teeth pushed in who are they screaming for?
I've been calling this the "crybully mentality". Women are exceedingly arrogant until they come across the SLIGHTEST resistance, at which point they instantly go into full victim mode. (And again this proves women being coddled is a problem for everyone involved. Neither men or women "check" these women.)
>You can see them look off in every direction, almost as if looking for the already formulated responses in their brains.
Nice catch. It's interesting how much accidental symbolism there is in stuff like this.
>Just look at their canned responses when being questioned.
This reminds me of that one video where a reporter went to talk to a bunch of anti-Trump protesters, and they were completely unable to explain why exactly they were there. And the reporter interviewed multiple people and the responses were EXACTLY the same multiple times.
>Why are you protesting Trump?
>Because he's racist
>What did he do that was racist?
>Pfft, you don't know? (Smug leftist)
>Nope, you tell me
>Well if you can't see it, there's nothing I can tell you
And when the reporter presses further, the person legit turns around and walks back into the crowd, and someone else holding a sign tries to place it in front of the camera.
Complete NPCs. Does anyone remember the vid I'm talking about?

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:11 [Preview] No.47791 del
And for the purpose of edification, other examples of crybully mentality include:
>Only wanting equality when it benefits them
>Manipulative women going from angry to fake crying
>When discussing how something negatively affects people and a man complains about it affecting him too, and they attack him for it. (Zero empathy for men)
>Leftists telling people to vote, then getting mad when you say you're voting Right
>Leftists when a nonwhite person says they lean Right
>Women's "kick down the ladder when you're up" mentality
>Leftists a few years ago praising AI thinking it would damage blue color workers, but it ended up damaging artists (same with the "learn to code" situation)
>Purposefully provoking a man and then playing the victim
And most commonly, when women are "winning" they're arrogant and aggressive, but when they're "losing", they're huge victims:
>Women on the Maury show screaming at the man, then running backstage when he's not the father (might be scripted)
>Women pushing for open relationships to attempt monkey branching, only for the man to find a better woman and leave her. Suddenly she'll claim it was never open and he cheated on her
>Women's achievements are empowerment but when they fuck up, they're oppressed and want Equality
>In arguments, when they're right, they argue the facts, but when they're wrong, they try to manipulate
>Women who turn 30 and SUDDENLY start criticizing hookups and "hookup culture"

Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 04:47 [Preview] No.47860 del
Is it me, or is parallel parking pretty easy? I've seen women hyping it up like it's a huge issue, as well as vids of women failing to park, not understanding that you need to turn the fucking wheel.
Again, am I a genius, or are people fucking stupid?

Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 11:19 [Preview] No.47866 del
Women are fucking idiots.

Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 11:30 [Preview] No.47867 del
I feel like I may have mentioned her earlier, but I had/have an online "friend" like this. She would love to be able to talk to people any way she wanted because she felt morally superior to them. Then when she received any push back she took it as me wanting her to kill herself. So she knew/knows she's THAT sensitive, knows/knew she couldn't withstand any pushback but wants to enter discussions where people are likely to get emotional.
>Pfft, you don't know? (Smug leftist)
>Nope, you tell me
>Well if you can't see it, there's nothing I can tell you
I cannot stand that shit! You can see this in multiple videos where people question protesters. These dudes throw a temper tantrum for simply being questioned. And the thing is, what if someone genuinely doesn't know? What if someone is just entering politics and want to know if he's actually said or done something racist? What then? Are you going to throw a childish tantrum at them? You think someone just starting out wants to be around a bunch of large children?
>Pfft, you don't know?
No, I don't, actually. Care to point me in the right direction?

Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 12:21 [Preview] No.47869 del
>Only wanting equality when it benefits them
They're allowed to hit men, men aren't allowed to hit them back. Wanting to be able to decide when men have sex, don't want men being able to decide when (or if) women get married. Wanting full reproductive rights while men get none but also want to relinquish responsibility when they choose.
>Manipulative women going from angry to fake crying
Then from crying to laughing.
>When discussing how something negatively affects people and a man complains about it affecting him too, and they attack him for it.
When it's the other way around, you can't exclude women.
>Leftists telling people to vote, then getting mad when you say you're voting Right
Leftists think that part is implied. To vote only for who they approve of.
>Leftists when a nonwhite person says they lean Right
"But you're black" I remember watching a video of a dickhead harassing a black guy in a restaurant for wearing a maga hat. I wish people on the right, especially non-white right-leaning people, would stop letting people make a fool out of them. Fucking stand on your shit and defend yourself. The guy smacked his hat off. Before it gets to that point, make it clear that you're going to put your hands on him if he doesn't stop harassing you. If he wants to escalate the situation to something more...permanent, you can do that as well.
>Women's "kick down the ladder when you're up" mentality
Destroying empires. Simps let them do this, too. Female validation is a horrible drug.
>Leftists a few years ago praising AI thinking it would damage blue color workers, but it ended up damaging artists
These same people who hate me believe I should show them sympathy for this. lol
>Purposefully provoking a man and then playing the victim
Like the famous bus driver video when he smacked that girl.
>when women are "winning" they're arrogant and aggressive
There is no real friendly competition with them. Women always want to prove something so they're more spiteful when it comes to competition. It's like an approximation of what they believe men are like when they compete with each other.
>Women who turn 30 and SUDDENLY start criticizing hookups and "hookup culture"
And again, criticizing men for dating younger. Trying to shame men into wanting them. Pathetic.

Anonymous 02/03/2024 (Sat) 03:26 [Preview] No.47917 del
You guys know what's funny? Female stand up comedians think they're being oppressed, and people aren't finding them funny because they're women, when in reality, they're actually SHIT comedians, and it's only due to female privilege that people laugh at their jokes anyway.
That's how delusional they are. They're overflowing with privilege, but genuinely think they're oppressed.

Anonymous 02/08/2024 (Thu) 05:49 [Preview] No.48392 del
Women will complain that men are "not romantic" or "emotionally unavailable", but they don't realize that they're the ones who created those men.
Young men will naturally be kind to women, but at some point they realize that women respond negatively to being treated well, so they have the difficult choice of actually being themselves, or turning themselves into a player on some level.
It's like when women want a man to "open up", but they invariably dump the man once he does.
So remember, never listen to what a woman says. Always pay attention to her actions instead.
Additionally, remember that the man women complain about the most, is the man they chase after the hardest.

Anonymous 02/08/2024 (Thu) 14:52 [Preview] No.48422 del
Women say what makes them look good to their community, something that makes them look more virtuous and mature. But I've realized women don't really know what they want, like children. At one point the child likes playing with their new toy, a second later, that toy is thrown in the trash.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 00:19 [Preview] No.48644 del
The main reason I don't watch dubbed anime is that the female voice actresses all put on this extremely fake high pitched soft uwu babytalk "cutesy" voice. It's just fucking painful to listen to.
What the FUCK are they teaching people at voice acting school. Why the FUCK is this who the people in charge pick to voice act.
Same for female streamers, youtubers, t*ktok users, and sometimes they turn that voice on whenever they talk on the phone.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 03:32 [Preview] No.48696 del
The way I see it, it goes beyond just rationalizing their choices. They seem to literally not understand empathy. They basically can't see things from the male perspective.
So when she sees women's standards for men, they don't say anything because it doesn't affect them personally. But when it's men's standards for women, they shit themselves because it relates to them. As always, women only care about something if it affects them personally.
What's funny is that women are actively making their lives harder than they have to be, purely due to not listening to what men advise.
Also, remember to not take what women say seriously. 99% of things they say are just manipulation for their own benefit.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 03:33 [Preview] No.48697 del
Oh and women aiming to be "career women", expecting to get Chad, are another example of low empathy and low IQ. It's just pure projection.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 03:43 [Preview] No.48699 del
>What if someone is just entering politics and want to know if he's actually said or done something racist? What then? Are you going to throw a childish tantrum at them?
This proves that leftists don't care about Politics. Any time a leftist is prompted to discuss or debate, that could be an opportunity to not only spread the word of their ideology or point of view, but also to convince people who disagree and get them on their side.
No, what the leftist ACTUALLY cares about is satisfying their ego, by both pretending to be victims, and by pretending to be virtuous freedom fighters. Just as long as they don't need to actually do anything, of course.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 03:49 [Preview] No.48700 del
All great points. Good work listing them. I'm reminded of the topic of "financial abortion". All the anti-financial abortion lines women use with a hateful tone against men, can instantly be used against abortion.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 05:21 [Preview] No.48706 del
I shouldn't have searched for relationship complaints on that thread. These retards will pick the absolute worst men over and over, and make every possible wrong decision, and then use that as an excuse to hate all men.
>Grrr men only care about sex. They only want to use and abuse you like a disposable toy They just want to dump their icky goo in you and kick you out the door. I hate scrotes
Okay how about just not dating bad men? There are millions of respectful men who are single, just pick one.
Ah, but of course those men aren't Chad, so she's not interested. She'd rather date an abusive Chad than a respectful sub8.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 13:10 [Preview] No.48739 del
>Grrr men only care about sex. They only want to use and abuse you like a disposable toy
Women are so beyond retarded it blows my mind. Not only that, weak men continue to let them be retarded and will harm us for saying we should do otherwise. How can they not see that their "sexual revolution" has caused this? Women turn themselves into sluts because it "empowers" them, while you have men in the background rubbing their hands together as their face grows darker telling them "YAS, QUEEN!" You've given men what they want, idiot!
You've conditioned them to know they can smash you without any true consequence and move the fuck on. Their mothers don't care, their fathers don't care, and their friends encourage it.
You mean to tell me I can have your body and don't have to deal with your nagging? Even if you do come crying to me, I can just fuck you raw again to calm you down? You mean to tell me I can do this with your friends as well?
You mean to tell me the attraction markers that make women want to fuck me, such as playing with your emotions will just get me more sex? You mean your friends will pat you on the back and then call me up because they want their emotions played with, too?
Fucking breadcrumb-brained idiots.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 13:13 [Preview] No.48740 del
Chad will fuck them, but he won't marry them. Women constantly confuse guys wanting to fuck them for guys also wanting to be in a relationship with them. Which is why the "sexual revolution" is retarded. Because not only did it start with being sexually free, but developed into girls competing for attention by showing off their bodies. Thinking it would get them a long-term mate. And I think as more guys begin to leave society and ignore them, the worse this will get.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 15:13 [Preview] No.48754 del
The problem is that both women and weak men are literally too stupid to understand what they're doing and the consequences thereof. Women will happily self sabotage and attack you for trying to help them, too.
Repeal the 19th.

Anonymous 02/10/2024 (Sat) 15:15 [Preview] No.48755 del
Don't get me started. Women are so fucking retarded that 1. they don't understand casual sex, and 2. they genuinely think their pussy (one of hundreds that Chad has access to) will magically turn the casual sex guy into a responsible individual seeking a long term relationship.
Not to mention how they're retarded for trying this strategy over and over from 18 to 30 with zero success, but with no intentions to try something else.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 12:00 [Preview] No.48914 del
Giving women power has been one of the dumbest decisions in human history. There was a reason we never did it. But weak men thrive on female validation, so here we are.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 16:23 [Preview] No.48954 del
You are the weak man, you dumb fucking trog.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 16:45 [Preview] No.48956 del
This thread is cheap /r9k/ women hate rhetoric. All of you, in a couple years from now, will look back to your past self and cringe, thinking that you could have spent your time more wisely.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 16:53 [Preview] No.48960 del
No, we won't.
Also, you're the one who needs to survive on female validation. You can't stand the mere thought of upsetting a woman, which makes you weak. Women get scared of being ousted from their group over stupid shit. You have the brain of a female and should be treated as such. You little puppy bitch. Now go back to mommy and tell them you tried to tell those evil incels what's what.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 16:55 [Preview] No.48961 del
Don't you have the child of another man to take care of. Get out of here before your gf's lover beats the snot out of you. And tell little Timmy it is better to die than to become a simp.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 17:08 [Preview] No.48963 del
A bunch of unsubstantiated ad hominems. So predictable.
>INB4 you also did it
No I didn't.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 17:11 [Preview] No.48965 del
>you could have spent your time more wisely.
like what? courting some single mother?

thanks, but I'll be sticking to orbiting some underage e-girls

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 17:19 [Preview] No.48968 del
How about you crack open a book and study something, like history.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 18:31 [Preview] No.48990 del
Don't reply to obvious bait, come on.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 21:12 [Preview] No.49011 del
Not bait, but no one will ever take you seriously if you're spouting all this /r9k/-tier drivel and hating women left and right but are still a virgin. I assume this is the case every time I ever see someone disparaging something they want to experience but haven't.

There's nothing wrong with hating women or normal lives if you've successfully attained them in the past and are still capable of doing so, but you need to seriously consider your motivation if you hate normies and females while still wishing you could have a gf or a happy life. Do you have legitimate reasons for hating them, or are you just trying to convince yourself that you're wrong to want them?

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 22:10 [Preview] No.49018 del
Who said anon wanted a girlfriend? He just said he would stick to orbiting. Like someone irl admiring women while also not wanting to talk to them.
>no one will ever take you seriously if you're spouting all this /r9k/-tier
Simps and cucks won't. There are men and even women who would listen to this anon. No one who matters cares about how you feel. And you can't prove he's a virgin unless he's said so himself. That is just an insult used because you can't stand seeing the poor women spoken about in a mean way. How much you want to bet this coward would never go up to a women carrying a "kill all men" sign and try to challenge her, nor is he in places where men are spoken about badly. He won't tell women they won't be taken seriously if they continue to disparage men. Ever. He'd remain quiet if his own mother disparaged him.
Anyway, good luck with having your kids trooned and groomed. No one here cares about how you feel about women. Go back to taking care of Tyron's children before he chokes you to death.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 22:10 [Preview] No.49020 del
You're right, better to just ignore them. Simps will hopefully get theirs one day.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 23:20 [Preview] No.49028 del
>keeps repeating the same 5 /r9k/-tier incel talking points without even replying to my question

>Anyway, good luck with having your kids trooned and groomed. No one here cares about how you feel about women. Go back to taking care of Tyron's children before he chokes you to death.
This made me laugh. The insane levels of self delusion of the average incel here is comical.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 00:33 [Preview] No.49036 del
Not the guy you're arguing with but it's weird to use the "you're ugly, these people are literally you" argument when you constantly bitch and moan about people doing the same to you/us.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 00:35 [Preview] No.49037 del
(172.63 KB 679x1127 naze.jpg)

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 00:40 [Preview] No.49039 del
You're absolutely correct. However, certain retards do not seem to understand civil communication, so you need to speak the only language they understand: Mockery and shaming.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 00:45 [Preview] No.49041 del
(62.15 KB 864x964 pattern.jpg)
(221.17 KB 1246x2048 unoriginal (1).jpg)
(16.77 KB 400x400 unoriginal (2).jpg)
Also it is a genuinely interesting pattern that the people most likely to use the One Insult always look stereotypically like you'd think.
It's like when it's very often unattractive women who call others "ugly" specifically. It's pure projection.
And speaking of patterns, there's also a pattern of women being incapable of originality and just copying what men say and flipping the genders.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 00:47 [Preview] No.49042 del
(164.52 KB 1160x2048 irrational.jpg)
Consider the following.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 01:07 [Preview] No.49045 del
I swear I'm not actively looking for this shit. These retards are just that common and unoriginal. I spotted this set between the last post and now. It's the same person repeating the same insult over and over btw.
ALSO, yet another example of leftists being bigoted. This time by using "gay" as an insult.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 01:09 [Preview] No.49046 del
(191.74 KB 391x1474 repeat.jpg)
My mistake. Again I'm too retarded to attach the pic.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 01:19 [Preview] No.49047 del
That's because you are noticing it only when ugly girls do that, and then you create a narrative in your head. I could nitpick and do the same for women haters too, but it would be meaningless.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 02:00 [Preview] No.49049 del
I honestly don't think I am. Sure, some look less bad, but I am yet to see one that's at least average.
Also, there's a difference between legitimate criticism, and throwing out unoriginal insults because you heard something you didn't like.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 08:22 [Preview] No.49073 del
(269.58 KB 1920x1040 Lolita.jpg)
eh, im an incel alright, but im not a virgin

i want to expirience "something", but its not what you think it is

i cant stand women, i hate them with a passion

but i like girls

if women i want only to hatefuck, for girls i want to buy tickets to Disneyland

i wont pretend my feelings are not sexual in nature, but its a weird mix of paternal instinct and sexual desire

i guess its like in that Lolita novel - girls remind me of my first love that i never had

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 08:50 [Preview] No.49077 del
I'm another anon. I think women are beyond retarded and their simps should get the death penalty, but I'm not fully on the hate train just yet. I just like pointing out their ridiculousness. Men finally have spaces to do so. Women have been doing this in media for eons yet none of these whiteknights will ever enter them and talk to them how they do us. There should be some mercy for women, but these guys should know better, and deserve whatever pain comes their way.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 08:52 [Preview] No.49078 del
>a pattern of women being incapable of originality and just copying what men say and flipping the genders
And weak "men" using the insult whether or not they know it applies because they can't stand to see women spoken about harshly.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 08:54 [Preview] No.49079 del
Try attacking a group of men with nothing to lose and nothing to live for. That would be a good idea. Not like we don't have a history of that not panning out so well.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 09:38 [Preview] No.49080 del
(161.95 KB 1600x983 lolita-stare.jpg)
eh, i dont care much about men either

im a romantic nihilist, not a traditionalist

i simp for underage girls and give them money all the time

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 14:30 [Preview] No.49121 del
The sad thing is they wouldn't care. Actually, they kinda WANT it to happen. They'd just use it to further their power dynamics. Just look at how they treat lonely men or school shooters.
Stop simping for them. You're just helping to create another generation of women who are used to getting shit for free.
I say you should find a woman who has the right level of being medically retarded, and go make her happy. That way it's a win for everyone. What do you think?

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 14:48 [Preview] No.49123 del
It really does fucking baffle me how stupid women are. They'll repeatedly chase men for casual sex over and over, and then are genuinely surprised when they don't get a boyfriend out of it.

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 14:53 [Preview] No.49124 del
Let's have a serious talk about this. Exactly what would be the downsides of women having significantly reduced power in society?
There are definitely a myriad of upsides, but what exactly would be the issues with it?
>The tiny percentage of women who aren't totally retarded would be unfairly affected
This is the only negative point I can think of. Are there any others?

Anonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 22:26 [Preview] No.49190 del
(191.54 KB 2048x1133 im not even trying.jpg)
Again, I swear I'm not actively looking for these.
>Unattractive woman. Ugly, fat, and saggy tits
>Jealous of woman for being better looking
>Possibly jealous of man for having someone
>Projects and calls man fat
>And mainly, she can't attack another woman, so she directs her hatred towards the man

Anonymous 02/13/2024 (Tue) 00:29 [Preview] No.49213 del
Its sad how many that so many of the girls that have threads on here have turned into whores. Why cant they just be innocent girls?

Anonymous 02/13/2024 (Tue) 00:47 [Preview] No.49216 del
Because it's much easier to be a whore than it is to actually cultivate a personality.
Years of training, self-aware self-analysis, listening to feedback, and overall self improvement.
Putting on slutty clothes, taking slutty pics, and being a slut.

Anonymous 02/13/2024 (Tue) 15:21 [Preview] No.49287 del
What a coincidence that this user starts to post this stuff right after the false grooming accusations reddit thread showed up.
If I were a thinking man, I'd say this is a deliberate setup to make Endchan look bad, or to farm for defamatory screenshots.

Anonymous 02/13/2024 (Tue) 19:56 [Preview] No.49331 del
I just started doing the same after criticizing dudes who do, but only because I found out she lives way close to me.

Anonymous 02/13/2024 (Tue) 19:59 [Preview] No.49333 del
For which men will throw money at them. It's an easy money making machine, well for some of them. A lot of them are just following what the sisterhood does without a second thought. A lot of them ruin their value and don't even make the money for selling themselves to have been worth it.

Anonymous 02/14/2024 (Wed) 22:56 [Preview] No.49504 del
Women are so unoriginal with their comebacks that it's fucking painful to witness. This might actually be a worse display than when they can only come up with insults based on sex. (ex. incel, small dick, virgin, etc.)
A few years ago, I read about a theory that when NPCs have information in their head, they genuinely believe it was an original thought that they came up with, and that seems to be what's going on in these situations.
>man says some shit like "women talk a lot"
>woman receives this verbal information
>woman has "X talks too much" in her head
>woman suddenly has an idea
>she thinks she just came up with an original insult
>"No, MEN talk too much."
>woman smugly believes she verbally destroyed the man
>woman has zero self awareness that she just repeated what he said
These fuckers are seriously at the mental level of a middle schooler.
Not to mention how any of the parts that aren't blatantly repeated, are just condescending or passive aggressive social shaming (ex. the laughing emojis, or saying what you're doing is "hilarious")

Anonymous 02/14/2024 (Wed) 23:00 [Preview] No.49505 del
Two things to point out regarding the first pic.
1. People who use any variation of "That's not a fact, it's your opinion." tend to be fucking retarded.
2. Notice how women will completely make up a narrative in their head about a man they dislike, with zero factual data.
3. It just hit me as I'm writing this how extra retarded that poster is. She talks about something not being a fact, but then proceeds to make up a whole narrative in her head about someone. Pure projection.

Anonymous 02/14/2024 (Wed) 23:09 [Preview] No.49506 del
Feminists' hatred of the word "girls" is also really fucking stupid.
>women constantly use "boy" as an insult towards men
>men use "girl" as a term of endearment towards women
>women stupidly project and assume men are using it as an insult too
>attention: new victimhood dropped
>now using "girl" is a hateful misogynistic terrorist term
>women themselves go out of their way to make the distinction too. Ex. "women and girls"
It's one thing for mentally ill feminists to push for this shit, but normal women go along with it too. Probably because they still benefit off of what feminism does (read: destroys)
Speaking of, that itself sounds like projection. Like when women say that men "benefit from the patriarchy". No, it's women who are benefiting from female privilege.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 00:28 [Preview] No.49510 del
Women also have turned equating the use of the word "girl/girls" in certain context as pedophilia. Like if you say you love kissing on pretty girls, these stupid modern women will make it seem like you're talking about a child. Pretending that we don't use boy/boys and girl/girls even for men and women. I.E "Going out with the boys/girls". I fucking hate these retards.
Or retards who think "Baby girl" is creepy when it's used as a term of endearment.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 00:35 [Preview] No.49512 del
>Ha! I'm using your own insults against you!
Wow you really owned us. Women basically admit their pussy is their only value when they base the value of a man on him getting some.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 10:00 [Preview] No.49529 del
Notice too how they don't say anything when women use "daddy" for their bf. That one's even weirder since [mentally ill women] use it during sex.
The funny thing is, women could easily have value by having a good personality instead of just showing skin, but they absolutely refuse to do it.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 11:01 [Preview] No.49530 del
I've had this thought years ago, but men can be unattractive by doing exactly nothing, but women need to deliberately do things to be unattractive.
For example, a man can be a virgin or not athletic, and he's deemed unattractive. Meanwhile for a woman to be a slut or be fat, she needs to go out of her way to make wrong decisions.
Also, women get very mad at this pic, so feel free to repost.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 11:12 [Preview] No.49533 del
Also, women are stupid and manipulative liars, and will dare to fucking imply that not being a fat fuck woman is in any way comparable to a man having to work out and be muscular.
I fucking hate how they constantly twist words around in order to manipulate both others and themselves.
>Umm uhhh actually, "fit" can mean just "not fat", so that's totally what the man 's side of the pic meant by saying "fit"
Fuck you.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 12:47 [Preview] No.49538 del
(14.29 MB 5800x3500 why.png)
(68.28 KB 715x715 sigh (1).jpg)
(98.12 KB 816x810 sigh (2).jpg)
Guys, I'm legit fucking begging these people to just be fucking normal. I'm seriously not even trying. That pic is top tier, I've never seen this happen so much in just one comments section.

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 12:51 [Preview] No.49539 del
>women claim they cannot possibly detect that a man is abusive or a rapist despite dating him for years
>women openly accuse men of being abusive rapist incels just because they commented something that the woman doesn't like

>women claim that they've had a lot of sex due to men peer pressuring them
>crazily enough, they're never "peer pressured" by a sub8 man
>or """""peer pressured""""" into a stable healthy relationship

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 15:47 [Preview] No.49551 del
find a job nigga

Anonymous 02/16/2024 (Fri) 04:22 [Preview] No.49605 del
My friend, the only job I find is a handjob in the Hooters bathroom from a waitress for a 2 buck tip.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 01:18 [Preview] No.49875 del
>but men can be unattractive by doing exactly nothing, but women need to deliberately do things to be unattractive
I've noticed this, too.
Or thinking they can be fit at any size.
>My guy, it's not being short, bald, whatever that's the problem
I bet that faggot would never tell a woman she's the problem when she complains like an "incel".

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 01:24 [Preview] No.49877 del
Anything to avoid responsibility. Leftists and conservatives will never allow this for them. Both are feminists. But I've seen conservacucks telling men who have given up on relationships that they're likely just choosing wrong. They also laugh at these men for going MGTOW and insult them for not taking the relationship/marriage pill. Now there's a trend of these dick heads shaming men for taking control over their sexuality and reproduction by finding companionship elsewhere. It's like conservatives have this cultish mindset about relationships that they can't fathom men would rather get AI gfs than deal with real women. You don't see these same faggots making fun of women for using vibrators or dildo machines that fuck with the press of a button. You don't see them shaming women for all the sex toys they by or even taking their sexuality how they will.
Even Jordan Peterson called women right for rejecting you. Has he called men right for rejecting women? Can anyone find out where he has? I'm willing to admit I'm wrong. I don't think he has. You also won't see conservatives tell women men are totally in the right to reject them in any way shape or form.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 11:09 [Preview] No.49908 del
>that they're likely just choosing wrong
That's another thing. A woman dates and has kids with 20 openly abusive men, and it's never her fault. A man complains about the overall quality of women, and it's 100% his fault, he's totally just picking bad women. Fuck off.
And yeah, I'll agree that conservatives are huge fucking cucks these days and aren't conserving shit.
I'm a fan of Jordan Peterson and I've seen him support men, but not at the expense of women. Even Andrew Tate, who the TDS people claim is this huge misogynist, still says shit like "Men are meant to suffer and work hard, happiness is for women and children." (paraphrased), the one point on which I disagree with him.
Even "misogynist" groups are very tame on women. When a man rejects a woman, they'll dunk on her but while holding back a lot, and they'll refer to the man with a "phew, glad that's over for him" tone at best.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 12:13 [Preview] No.49913 del
People can say women are dunked on for choosing the wrong men because of this new red pill sphere, but I go based on what society as a whole allows. Yes more people are dunking on women than ever before but it's still a small minority of people that just seem large because the space is more prominent now. Most people would chew you out or give you the side-eye for trying to hold women accountable.
Andrew Tate just some podcasts with his F&F friends and said this shit again. Most of these guys will then say you must suffer for the benefit of women and children as that is your job as a man. That's why (I believe) he has insulted MGTOW men in the past. It's a covert way to pussy worship.
Men can't carve out their own meaning and path in life. They must strive for the betterment of women. If those men don't want to deal with women, there's something wrong with them. Pussy worship and covert men hatred is what I see that as.
Suffering and hard work is good but it doesn't always need to be to benefit women and children. Some of us want nothing to do with them. Also God doesn't require me to get married and have children, it's just encouraged. His is the only fucking opinion I care about on that matter.
It's not my job to protect women.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 13:19 [Preview] No.49918 del
I'm lmaoing at how biased people have become, that even the most allegedly "misogynist" people still worship pussy pretty hard. The Overton Window is no joke.
Then again, of course, terms like that are just shaming terms, their meaning doesn't really matter to these people.
I must say, I'm glad to see more and more people waking up to women's bullshit over the years. It gives me hope that there'll be some real change over time.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 13:21 [Preview] No.49919 del
Have you guys noticed how women always bang shit when they're mad?
>slamming the door shut if in a house
>stomping their feet if walking on the street
>banging cutlery on the plate and table if eating a meal
It's seriously like a child throwing a tantrum. Not to mention the high chance that they're "mad" at something stupid or something they created out of thin air.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 13:53 [Preview] No.49921 del
> the high chance that they're "mad" at something stupid or something they created out of thin air.
Or they freak out over a situation that even if it is serious, women blow out of proportion and make worse with their emotional reaction. They don't even want to take wisdom in NOT being emotional when you outright tell them it isn't a good idea. Then when the situation gets worse BECAUSE of them, they're dumbfounded.

Anonymous 02/17/2024 (Sat) 13:54 [Preview] No.49922 del
Of course. Pussy validation is the best validation to these creatures.

Anonymous 02/18/2024 (Sun) 02:08 [Preview] No.49964 del
Have you guys noticed that women in porn often "run their hands" through their body Why exactly do they do that?
For example, gliding their hands from their hips to their tits and then back.

Anonymous 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:48 [Preview] No.50128 del
(175.65 KB 1655x725 casual.png)
>woman goes to places where people go to have casual sex
>uses services made for finding people to have casual sex with
>repeatedly has casual sex with men she meets there
>woman is shocked that these men only wanted casual sex and not a relationship
>woman now hates all men, all men are at fault
Women are absolute fucking morons to 1) not immediately realize how this makes no sense, and 2) continuing to do the same thing that's clearly not working, for 10+ years.
They also have ZERO game and need to offer their pussy to retain a man's attention. Not to mention the zero self restraint to not immediately bang.
Ah, but that 0.001% chance of nabbing a Chad into a relationship must make their pussy so wet. Like a firehose of ovulation juices.

Anonymous 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:12 [Preview] No.50207 del
Before I reply to this later I have to mention a thought I just had. You see how easily those incel-hating I-need-female-validation-desperately type guys (or girls) give up in these threads? I wouldn't be surprised if those fucks were reddit tourists who just needed to feel vindicated by being keyboard warriors for women. These guys have no true resolve. Like that pussy "Chud Logic" who ran like a bitch and used his gf as a shield when her crazy ex came to shotgun them both. Those are the type of "men" calling us incels.
They give up when they realize we don't care.

Anonymous 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:17 [Preview] No.50208 del
What a fucking moron. Your sexual revolution was the problem you dumb bitch, not men. Men have adapted to the current dating market you set forth for decades. Now that you and other women are tarnishing your worth, men no longer see most of you as serious long-term commitments. You're allowing them to use your body instead of making them wait. The opposite I guess would be being tradtional, which means being conservative, but she's likely a leftist.

Anonymous 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:20 [Preview] No.50222 del
Nice catch. I agree, they definitely have zero resolve. How the fuck could you when you don't have any actual beliefs and just follow what other NPCs are doing.
It reminds me of how r*ddit users try to "help" incels by telling them to shower, and when incels say they already do that, the r*ddit cucks instantly go apeshit and attack the incel.
It's like at the slightest indication that things aren't going their way, they instantly flip the board.

Anonymous 02/22/2024 (Thu) 01:22 [Preview] No.50577 del
(176.21 KB 720x1603 sm.jpg)
I know this has been brought up before, but is really is crazy how women will adamantly assure you that it's impossible to detect whether the man they're dating is abusive or not, BUT, when they see a man's comment online telling them to pick better men, SUDDENLY, they're fully capable of declaring that this man is an "abusive manipulative narcissist".
It's all manipulative bullshit lies. Never take what women say seriously

Anonymous 02/22/2024 (Thu) 15:34 [Preview] No.50628 del
>How is the parent who stayed the problem?
Because you dumb bitch, you're directly responsible for their upbringing. How have you not INSTANTLY parsed that out?

Anonymous 02/22/2024 (Thu) 15:41 [Preview] No.50630 del
And most fathers are pushed out of their child's life you fucking misandrist. Women lie about the man in court so that she has most if not all custody rights.
Didn't we talk about this a bit earlier? Where people want to blame men for women's poor choices but also blame men for their poor choices? If a woman cheats on you and abuses you, you just chose wrong. If a woman chooses an abusive man, it was never her fault because she couldn't have known.
I wish society would actually burn.

Anonymous 02/22/2024 (Thu) 16:44 [Preview] No.50640 del
Every male needs to read this:

tl;dr: men go to war, women cheat on them with hostile prisoners of war, they return war-worn, often crippled, 28-51 women conspire to kill their husbands, but sometimes kill their new lovers too, sometimes male relatives, sometimes male child.
Feminist coverage on the topic:"uh.. their husbands were probably abusive, this was an uprise against the oppressive patriarchy!"

Anonymous 02/23/2024 (Fri) 12:14 [Preview] No.50733 del
(233.34 KB 1779x666 1522808014764.jpg)
Am I doing the right thing? I like to find young girl vloggers and tell them they're ugly and trash. this accomplishes three things 1) a pre-emptive strike against them for all the harm they will cause men in their lifetime. 2) a blow to their confidence in their vulnerable pre-teen years, which will lower their dating standards. 3) a blow against female narcissism allowing them to spend their time on more intellectual pursuits.

Anonymous 02/23/2024 (Fri) 15:23 [Preview] No.50747 del
Anon no. No, man. Little girls (and kids in general) don't deserve to be talked to in this manner. You should guide them with patience and rationality. You have to teach them to think with their heads first, not their emotions. Just because something makes them feel a certain way doesn't make it true or untrue. Teach them to learn from the mistakes of other feminist women. Also teach them to remember that men reserve every right to relinquish their resources, protection, and attention from them at any moment.

Anonymous 02/23/2024 (Fri) 17:46 [Preview] No.50758 del
Oh great, the false flag posters are back.
It's crazy how we're painted as these huge evil misogynists, but the people supposedly on women's side need to fabricate artificial anti-women content themselves.
The demand for oppression exceeds the supply.

Anonymous 02/24/2024 (Sat) 00:28 [Preview] No.50801 del
They're a pathetic people, aren't they?

Anonymous 02/24/2024 (Sat) 14:56 [Preview] No.50960 del
They truly are. They abuse other people just to satisfy their own ego. That's literally the entirety of this feminism and SJW bullshit.
People who purposefully and maliciously create problems for others should be beaten with sticks.

Anonymous 03/01/2024 (Fri) 06:54 [Preview] No.51951 del
(120.26 KB 1242x925 ba1.jpg)
(107.50 KB 1080x1042 ba2.jpg)
(51.12 KB 675x624 ba3.jpg)
Women and r*ddit users call us "misogynists", but older women are the ones giving young women purposefully bad dating advice just to cope and soothe their own ego.
They made stupid decisions, and now are trying to poison other women to feel better about their fuckups.

Anonymous 03/01/2024 (Fri) 17:32 [Preview] No.52014 del
People believe these women are purposely giving bad dating advice because younger women are their competition and want to ruin their dating chances but I don't believe it's ENTIRELY the case. These women may genuinely believe what they say because not enough people are telling them they're retarded.

Anonymous 03/03/2024 (Sun) 01:58 [Preview] No.52202 del
As I understand it, it's a combination of them being coddled, like you said, and women rationalizing everything because it's easier to think that way.
I'm not joking when I say that effectively all women are delusional regarding a myriad of topics.

Anonymous 03/03/2024 (Sun) 11:31 [Preview] No.52219 del
Not only that but most people are then braindead when it comes to the topic of women. Even people who might have some logical and rationality in them lose that the moment the conversation turns to women in a bad light. Actually, what am I saying? The usual suspects are mostly just irrational when it comes to anything.
They believe only women are allowed to be upset when someone hates them. When I say hate, I just mean perceived hatred based on their emotional filters. Men are not allowed to not like people who hate them for being men, when people show they actually hate men.

Anonymous 03/04/2024 (Mon) 20:57 [Preview] No.52443 del
>most people are then braindead
Yeah you could've stopped here lmao.
I've been calling it "The Filter" for years now. Women do something, nobody cares. Men do the exact same thing, people freak out. Like when women physically attack men and men fight back.
>Men are not allowed to not like people who hate them for being men
Incredibly based point.

Anonymous 03/05/2024 (Tue) 20:36 [Preview] No.52676 del
If you think about it, when men complain, it's usually because they're being disadvantaged and are asking for Equality. However, when women complain, it's usually because they're unhappy about getting Equality, and want special treatment (daresay, privileges).
Men complain about things like:
>wanting to pay 50/50 on dates, while women demand the man pay for everything
>people dating their looksmatch, instead of hypergamy
>fights where the woman provokes the man and he defends himself
>wanting a financial abortion, since normally women have all the power and zero responsibility, while men have the opposite
And notably, in each of these cases, women get extremely mad if you talk about them. Women genuinely get mad at a proposal of ACTUAL equality.
Meanwhile, women's complaints are about just wanting more shit:
>throughout the marriage, they want the man to pay the bills
>during divorce, suddenly they want 50/50
>pay gap
>programs for women in jobs like STEM
>more women in college (now that there ARE more women in college, suddenly they don't care about gender ratios)
>more women in well paying jobs (never the difficult or badly paid jobs, obviously)
>female quotas in jobs, in general
>any kind of "equality of outcome" benefit
>expecting the man to ask them out, pursue them and put all the effort in the entire relationship/marriage
>being drafted (when proposed, women suddenly change their tune to wanting to abolish the draft. They were quiet when it was men only though)
Have men ever asked for anything less than Equality? Have any of men's requests been unreasonable?
Meanwhile, basically all of women's requests are unreasonable and self serving.

Anonymous 03/06/2024 (Wed) 22:13 [Preview] No.52888 del
It's funny, the reason I shit myself over women being retarded is because I'm treating them as equals, and expecting them to act like respectable people.
If I were an ACTUAL "evil poopy misogynist", I'd just dismiss what women do and say, and look down on them as if they didn't matter.
I guess it's another case of actual equality being treated as hate.

Anonymous 03/09/2024 (Sat) 14:55 [Preview] No.53374 del
I've just noticed that women who complain about having anxiety, always go out of their way to make decisions that provoke anxiety, like drinking coffee all the time.

Anonymous 03/10/2024 (Sun) 01:36 [Preview] No.53501 del
Or when they think emotions and being emotional is important and can take precedence over rationality but their emotions always end up getting them in trouble, and then they wonder why it happened. Like saying hurtful shit to someone when they're having an unnecessary emotional outburst that permanently damagers their relationship.

Anonymous 03/10/2024 (Sun) 01:39 [Preview] No.53504 del
The reason I shit myself over women being retarded is because society clamors against us telling them they're retarded, continues to let them BE retarded, being retarded yields retarded results, women and their simps cry about it, continue to be retarded.
Then if I come in and say they should stop, I'm the evil misogynist.

Anonymous 05/01/2024 (Wed) 08:16 [Preview] No.65923 del
I'm really struggling to not write another fucking essay on this, but women being entitled really pisses me off. Specifically regarding food
>Scraping just the sauce\gravy on food, or the icing on cakes
>Eating food off of your plate, especially if they said they weren't hungry
>Cutting up small bits of multiple other foods, instead of picking just one and sticking with it

Anonymous 05/01/2024 (Wed) 08:49 [Preview] No.65925 del
(164.66 KB 1179x1314 fuck you.jpg)
Take this fucking donut situation for example. I've seen this happen so many times.
1. Women (purposefully) missing the point and acting like the issue is whether the donuts were cut or bitten, when the actual issue is them EATING SOMEONE ELSE'S FOOD.
2. Any variation of the phrase "Well at least she didn't X" or "You're lucky she just X". Always making excuses for women, absolutely refusing to hold them accountable.
3. The insane fucking rationalizations that eating a tiny bit of donut makes it so the calories "don't count". ESPECIALLY when these retards are so fucking stupid that they'll eat more than a full donut's worth of small bits. Again, women will do all sorts of shit, as long as they don't feel bad about it. Utterly amoral.
4. Any kind of weight related rationalizations piss me off, really. "Oh no no, if I just eat a tiny bit of it I'm still dieting hehehe. Ooh maybe another bit hehehe." FUCK YOU. Skip on the donut if you wanna diet so badly. AND, these same women will give you shit if you just pick up an entire donut. Like you're a fatass just because you didn't do this whole song and dance about convincing yourself it's fine to eat a donut.
5. This woman mentality of trying out multiple flavors instead of just picking one and sticking with it. Women's pair bonding is so fucked up that they CANNOT EVEN COMMIT TO A FUCKING DONUT. No wonder they jump from dick to dick and divorce their husbands so often. What the FUCK do you mean "get bored of one donut"??? Is your attention span so short that you can't even eat a full donut before needing more stimulation???
The feminization of the workplace has been a horrible decision. It's like they're so narcissistic and solipsistic that they just get the good feeling of eating all the donuts, so they assume it's a good arrangement for everyone else.
I fucking hate when women do this. They'll eat like pigs, but as long as they can convince themselves that they're dieting, then it's all 100% fine in their heads. "Hehe I'm watching my weight haha." Fuck you.
6. You know it's all women doing this shit, too, cause a man would get his ass beaten for doing it.
7. All the women encouraging this shit, calling it "considerate" when in reality it's the exact opposite. They're so arrogant and condescending about it, too. "I don't see the problem". Further proof that they have ZERO empathy for others.
8. I've noticed this mentality with women where they prefer all sorts of stimulations instead of just picking one thing and being happy with it. Like when they want to try out a ton of new restaurants instead of going to the few that they know are good. It's like they CRAVE negativity.

Anonymous 05/02/2024 (Thu) 19:19 [Preview] No.66081 del
I know you want to go on a rant about this "Man v Bear" debate going around. We really have hit a new low in the discussion between the sexes. I just wish I had fuck you money to be away from it all.

Anonymous 05/02/2024 (Thu) 19:53 [Preview] No.66090 del
(74.55 KB 640x1136 sigh.jpg)
I was thinking about it, but then I concluded that the women obsessing over this topic are either severely mentally ill with some kind of trauma regarding men, or they're individuals whose pussy gets literally wet over feeling like a victim. (Different type of mental illness lol). So it's not worth getting mad about.
Separately from this, I could understand a woman being wronged by a man and from then on being innocently wary of them, but a woman going out of her way to spread misandry is going too far. I cannot accept that.
Another point is the people who are willfully ignorant or genuinely too stupid to understand statistics, and it's another "per capita" situation again.
Honorable mentions go to women going "Anyone who disagrees with me is abusive." and "Teach men not to rape.", as well as women hating it when you flip the script and bring up things like infanticide statistics (Women cannot handle their own medicine).
Finally, I've noticed that there is a similar mentality here to how women attack those who are on their side and trying to protect them, and chase after those who want to harm them. Like abusive bfs vs the people telling her he's abusive. Or here, the man vs the bear.
At the end of the day, it's just more ragebait gender war anti-men propaganda bullshit.

Anonymous 05/02/2024 (Thu) 20:01 [Preview] No.66095 del
(89.87 KB 739x960 tallyho.jpg)
Fuck me, I ended up writing an essay anyway.

Anonymous 05/05/2024 (Sun) 16:08 [Preview] No.66490 del
This bear topic is just confirmation that even when the choice is obvious, women will STILl make the wrong decision.

Anonymous 05/06/2024 (Mon) 21:45 [Preview] No.66712 del
>600lb morbidly obese women get to pass their genes
>a man is a bit weird and hes fucked

Anonymous 05/08/2024 (Wed) 14:32 [Preview] No.66881 del
Yep. That's the way of it. Those men then get jumped on by everyone and their mothers for leaving society behind. Why should a man serve a society when he has no skin in the game? This is a question that never crosses their minds. Or it does and they believe a man should serve society anyone by nature of him being a man.

Anonymous 05/08/2024 (Wed) 21:04 [Preview] No.66908 del
It's pure narcissistic thought. They literally do not see men as humans, but rather as a tool that provides something for them.
The only thing they perceive is that they used to get something, and now they get less\none of it. Simple stimulus-reaction.

Anonymous 05/14/2024 (Tue) 15:02 [Preview] No.68045 del
If you think about it, one thing between women and leftists, is them pushing their sexual fantasies into real life, causing trouble for other people
Women trying to turn a bad boy player Chad into a husband (because her pussy is just soooooo speical)
Women getting wet from the thought of being victims, that they create this oppression narrative
Trannies demanding people to cater to them
The whole pronouns thing is just a controlling mentality, really
Probably others idk lol

Anonymous 05/15/2024 (Wed) 20:15 [Preview] No.68219 del
Women are so retarded that their """""confidence""""" in their own looks is constantly fluctuating, dependent on various factors, including her mood.
Frankly, I just think it's their denial at their level of looks. If they just accepted that they aren't 8s, they wouldn't feel the cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous 05/15/2024 (Wed) 20:18 [Preview] No.68220 del
can anyone explain why there are no more pukara threads? she is the only e-shitgirl i care about seeing since she started playing vice city

Anonymous 05/15/2024 (Wed) 22:47 [Preview] No.68231 del
It really does blow my mind that women will spend 10+ years having casual sex with Chad, desperately hoping that he gives up his casual lifestyle and get into a relationship with her. And they see that their plan isn't working, but they keep doing it. And they see their female peers doing the same thing and also not succeeding, but they keep going.
Realize that they're picking that 0.00001% chance of getting a Chad over just dating an average man.
And then when their plan invariably fails, they manipulate and lie and say they were "used for sex" (Women have no accountability)
And then when they reach 30+, they pretend to want stability and go for stable respectable men. (Women knew the whole time which men they should be pursuing. They just chose not to)

Anonymous 05/15/2024 (Wed) 22:48 [Preview] No.68232 del
I don't know mate. Try asking in another thread, like the misc egirls thread.

Anonymous 05/17/2024 (Fri) 12:22 [Preview] No.68391 del
(376.37 KB 1080x1080 bruh.jpg)
>Be woman
>Write about molesting your little sister for years
>Don't receive any punishment
>Instead get multiple acting jobs, starting your actress career
>Media praises and supports you and wishes you well
>Nobody mentions what you've done
Isn't this fucking insane? Purely for having a vagina. She's not even a attractive, a fucking 2/10, so it's not Lookism, i's purely female privilege.
Any time you want to question the insanity of women's actions, just flip the genders. So imagine if a man wrote about fingering and kissing and molesting his little sister, and h*llywood started offering him work as an actor. THAT's how privileged women are.

Anonymous 05/17/2024 (Fri) 12:29 [Preview] No.68392 del
It just fucking blows my mind every time I realize that 99% of "people" have this mental block, or biological programming, where anything a woman does is automatically justified in every way imaginable. Like female privilege is built into their NPC DNA.

Anonymous 05/18/2024 (Sat) 04:02 [Preview] No.68522 del
Have you guys ever been on a date with a woman, and she's being kinda annoying, like with her retarded stories or something, and you know that if you showed any annoyance, she'd get mad at you, and the whole day and date would be ruined.
But then if you were the one being annoying, she'd also get mad and the day would be ruined.
Kind of a fucked up situation isn't it.

Anonymous 05/18/2024 (Sat) 04:08 [Preview] No.68524 del
Oh another thing that's fucking retarded is how the man is always expected to have a higher responsibility than the woman. Ex. when a woman is insecure, the man is expected to make her feel better and boost her confidence. When the woman is fat, the man is expected to care for her and help her lose weight (or be happy being fat)
Can you guys fucking IMAGINE the roles being reversed?
An insecure man? She wouldn't even date him to begin with.
A man getting fat? Women will dump men for opening up, for losing a job, just for being unlucky to have a better man give his gf some attention.
Ya know, one of the main reasons this shit pisses me off is that they NEVER apply the same standards to themselves.

Anonymous 05/21/2024 (Tue) 20:36 [Preview] No.68974 del
Women will compliment and praise the living shit out of every woman around her, it makes those women have a retardedly inflated ego, and guess what, it's men who have to deal with those women now.

Anonymous 05/22/2024 (Wed) 22:39 [Preview] No.69069 del
I just came up with a theory.
You know how women get giga mad at the idea of doing nice things for their bf\husband? Like reacting with hostile vitriol at the mere sight of a woman being nice to her bf.
Part of the reason why that happens may be that women are too fucking stupid to understand the difference between "need" and "want". Yes, men don't NEED women to do certain things, but a woman doing them is a NICE thing to do.
Another possible part of it, is the NPC mentality of only doing things because they're ordered to. Like how leftists only follow the technicalities of the law, and are morally fine with exploiting loopholes to their advantage (ie following the letter of the law, not the spirit).
That would explain why retarded women are fine with taking orders from their boss, but act with indignant hatred at their husband asking them for a beer or something. (They even say shit like "my boss pays me")

Anonymous 05/22/2024 (Wed) 22:44 [Preview] No.69070 del
Heh, 69. Yes, obviously the main reason women shit themselves over this is jealousy and possibly some kind of past trauma, but I'm trying to reverse engineer how women think.

Anonymous 05/22/2024 (Wed) 22:55 [Preview] No.69073 del
The "want vs need" mental disconnect reminds me of how leftists don't understand the difference between a right and a privilege. (Guns, communism, abortion, etc).
I've learned that when trying to gauge intelligence, it's often hard to be sure whether it's deception\dishonesty, or genuine lack of intellect. It's like a Poe's Law of mental ability.

Anonymous 05/24/2024 (Fri) 01:47 [Preview] No.69189 del
Forgive me if I wrote this before, but I have proof that men care about personality, and women care about looks.
A man will happily date down in search of a woman with a good attitude. This is how the entire Hypergamy situation started in the first place. Men will trade a woman's looks for better personality
Women will repeatedly chase after men who don't care about them and mistreat them, just because they're good looking. Women trade personality for good looks.

Anonymous 05/24/2024 (Fri) 13:10 [Preview] No.69223 del
Have you guys noticed how a woman will say the most basic unfunny shit, or the weakest insult imaginable, and all the simps and women around her will react like it's a legendary diss.
Obviously, they're just faking laughter to either appease the woman or to support her in attacking a man, but it does showcase a dishonest, manipulative, NPC mentality.

Anonymous 05/26/2024 (Sun) 21:28 [Preview] No.69569 del
Ya know, it must be hard for the 1e-6% of women who aren't retarded, to have to deal with other women.
Imagine such a woman getting a million fake compliments from her friends, and having to be polite about it, while realizing that everything they're saying is fake. Surely the lack of honesty would get to her. It's no wonder that after decades of this treatment, women just "give up" and become delusional.

Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 04:57 [Preview] No.69614 del
Since women often use affectionate words and tone when being passive aggressive, it suggests that their affection itself is fake, which, combined with the fact of women's attitude towards a man being highly conditional (on mainly his looks), makes it very hard to take women seriously.

Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 11:59 [Preview] No.69647 del
Seriously think about it. How can you take a woman's "I love you" seriously when she uses it all the time with her friends and with food and with everything?
Conversely, you can also discredit women's attacks\insults, since they do often say them just to counter criticism.
Bottom line, don't take women seriously lol.

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 14:36 [Preview] No.70054 del
Women often have this idea that people dislike them purely because they're women, when in reality it's due to their personal actions and words. (They are so lacking in accountability that the idea that they're at fault for something is literally incomprehensible)
For example, some women think men dislike female leaders due to their sex, but in reality, men just dislike bad leaders, and women tend to be precisely that.
Women have a tendency to "pull rank", and impose themselves on others, purely because she technically outranks them, while a good leader would show their ability and prove why they were appointed the leadership position.
It's the difference between "You have to listen to me because I'm the manager." and "You should listen to me because I know what I'm talking about.".
So, when a man detects that his female superior is mentally weak, incompetent, etc., it creates resentment and annoyance.

Anonymous 06/01/2024 (Sat) 07:38 [Preview] No.70164 del
(447.50 KB 517x680 EiMHxjvUYAI-ara.png)
Women are wild. I both love and hate them but here's the biggest thing I've learned in life so far: learn to love yourselves no matter what even if she won't. The most important person in the world relative to you isn't another person, even if it's a qt grill, it's yourself. I say important 'person' because god and whatever. A house cannot be build on shit foundations. Trolling women is fine but don't have an emotional attachment to your craft otherwise you'll end up looking like a fag. Jovial prankish detachment is way better than bitter resentful hatred plus you'll look younger and not act like a retard.

Anonymous 06/01/2024 (Sat) 16:53 [Preview] No.70217 del
Wise words. Definitely shouldn't take this women shit too-too seriously, cause it might affect you negatively emotionally. Don't be too much of a doomer.
Personally, I get hyped up cause I want women to be better, so for me it comes from the complete opposite of hatred.
Like when a dog shits on the floor, and you go "What the fuck are you doing? You know better than this.".

Anonymous 06/02/2024 (Sun) 04:52 [Preview] No.70296 del
Coach Redpill? Is that you?
Anyway you're right. I was emotionally invested with this shit and it made me look like an idiot and depressed. Ever since I took the clownpill I started to enjoy life. Don't hate them, they have no idea what they're doing. Just chill and work on making *friends* who have similar ideals and goals as you, not for the shit tier desire to "fit in" by compromising yourself with shitty people that don't care about you. Looksmaxx, but accept yourself at your worst and learn to not give a shit. I got fucking body dysmorphia because I was scared I was going to die alone and so desperate for approval, that's how bad it was. Fixing myself, doing pretty well so far. We live in a society but you need to learn how not to give a shit while at the same time stand on your two feet and not ldar despite it all. Maybe this message isn't for everyone, maybe people just physically cannot seem to stop caring about it and what a sorry state of affairs we've gotten ourselves in. Also laugh. Laugh a lot. If I couldn't laugh, I'd kill myself. Make a mockery of the powers that be (including women), they know they can't do shit because they're dumb retard gorilla double niggers that deserve it. Women need a good RIBbing sometimes.

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