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Resources for Drawfags:

- Riven Phoenix [Not free, but cheap.]
He is not the best artist in the world, hell, he isn't good by a long shot. If you are a total beginner however, this is the absolute easiest way to get into drawing and breach the form over shape barrier. Just take each lesson, and draw along as he draws. Do at-least 1 video per day. Don't slack off, if you do, you won't see gains.

- Draw a Box [Free]
You're going to find, as a beginner, that you probably suck with perspective and form. Here is some more hand-holding, and it is totally free.

- Andrew Loomis [Free]
For those of you who actually want to be worth a damn as an artist, get the human form down, this is one of Loomis's books. They're all worth their weight, but you can usually find them free with a quick Google search.

- Richard Williams (The Animator's Survival Guide)
It wouldn't be a resource list without this staple. If you plan on animating, or even being an effective visual artist, give this at least one read.

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