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Preferred Oil Painting Palette

This is 100% personal preference, and has little resemblance with classical methods. It's something I stumbled upon, and found I liked quite well. This palette lends nicely to realism since the colors are very much subdued. I will edit with a color-wheel sample at some point.

Brand - Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color
I love this brand, I've only picked up one 37ml tube where the oil was separated. It has a smooth texture, plays nicely with most mediums, IS CHEAP, and has wonderful coverage. I pay around $4-$8 per 37ml tube.

Note: Van Gogh is an option, but if you buy a large tube, be prepared to transfer it to another container (it bleeds like all hell). It also has poor coverage (less pigment) and about half the tubes I've opened had the oil separated. It's cheap though, it will get the job done.

As I stated above, I prefer to buy my paint from:

Alizarin Crimson (37ml)
French Ultramarine (37 ml)
Cadmium Hue Pale Yellow (37 ml)
Titanium White (200 ml) Just get a big white, it will last forever. Ease up on the white use.

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