Anonymous 11/08/2022 (Tue) 16:55 No.2614 del
I think dreams are more than meets the eye. It's more than just neurons firing off in a brain. I just had a really odd experience with dreams. My dog is 3 years old and he's lived with me ever since he was 8 weeks old. His entire life he has been treated with love and respect, never hit, never injured, always has plenty of food and treats. He's never been in a negative situation, the most that has happened is he gets chased around for having my shoe in his mouth, but he thinks it's funny. He's never in a bad mood.

Twice in the past week he has woken up himself up by suddenly snarling and growling, about to attack something. Last night it happened again and it's clear the dream was very distressful. His eyes were huge, wide open when he woke himself up. He was confused and scared. I have no clue how my dog can be having some clearly very negative dreams, probably being attacked, when his entire life he has no context for bad, let alone bad enough to growl like he's being attacked. It's weird that it's in a short span of time. I think there's truth that you can be attacked or harassed by evil spirits while dreaming. How else can a puppy with 0 negative life experience or context for being attacked be violently attacked in his dreams?