Anonymous 11/22/2022 (Tue) 12:27 No.3135 del
well worth it IMO, its so satisfying splitting wood> I usually do it all at the start of the year and then leave it in the shed to season out. Yea theres so many preppers that really miss the basics and probably should watch townsends, the guy really makes you think on the basics.
If you wanna fix the heater then take a picture of the electrical properties sticker (like the voltage and current and stuff) and go to a hardware store and explain what you need the cable for, and then when you replace it, take a picture of how the power was wired up and then copy the picture, should be good as new :^) I think with log burners you get what you pay for really, but having a big flat top you can put a cattle or pans on is great, you can usually find a dealership that has refurbished models too for a fair bit cheaper.