Anonymous 11/24/2022 (Thu) 07:44 No.3210 del
I'm very well aware of that. If you didn't notice, I mentioned I do it for physical training and don't want anything that is going to make it easier on me. I don't wear gloves and I use a simple wood handle axe. I suppose that if I lived on a homestead and needed plenty of firewood for my family, I would look to make the task easier to ensure we had plenty for the winter months. Are you familiar with Uechi-ryu or Iron Palm/Hand/Fist Kung Fu or even grip strength training? That's another reason I cut wood the way I do. I want my hands as strong as a Slap Fighting Champion's. What fucking sucks is all my shit was stolen so I have to buy all my grip strengtheners again. All I have left is a black 40lbs. GripPro trainer I found cleaning up. I had already surpassed this one and even the red 50lbs one. I was already using CoC grippers. I just have lost so much that I'm still slowly rebuilding but it's slowly coming together. I'm not really in a rush.
Fiskars does make some quality tools I hear. They are often mentioned in the YouTube videos I watch. I prefer traditional tools over all these modern ones that look like shit an astronaut would use. I like that rustic look. I actually don't have a fireplace or wood stove and only require kindling to get a fire going in a Dakota fire hole. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. All these tool companies keep trying to reinvent the wheel to stay profitable. I don't want my tools to look like a Nascar. It's like they are even trying to infantilize the last bastion of men. The hardware store.