Anonymous 11/25/2022 (Fri) 23:39 No.3285 del
Yeah, it's awful. Frozen tv dinners taste awful. I never get these things but if I had that yesterday, I would have ate the fuck out of it. It would had only made me want the real thing though. I do eat frozen foods, but only the good stuff. I actually like the Banquet pot pies and Swedish meatballs, though. I have a very specific grocery list for frozen foods. It's mostly things I enjoyed eating as a kid. Ashley and I both eat Farmrich mozzarella sticks but who doesn't? I actually made a post of the things I get but it didn't post again because of endchan and I lost everything. Maybe I'll reshare if anyone is interested in discussing food.

Any of you faggots like anchovies on pizza? I love them.