Anonymous 02/21/2022 (Mon) 04:02:49 No.3138 del
This is my first time so forgive me if I'm not Canadian or Jewish enough to be doing this. Ashley, your mom may be hot, but I can still roast her. Your mom looks like a former porn actress who came out of retirement to star in milf videos because her second marriage to some guy she met at the bar of a casual dining restaurant failed. This photo looks like it's taken from her crappy facebook where she shows off her hobby no one is interested in that she's mistaken for her actual talent she's paid for. Her porn name is probably Mary Kay because she wears cheap makeup and does facials. The kind of woman that thinks knowing how to mix hamburger helper makes her wife material. I bet your mom relies on Betty Crocker because she really identifies with being moist and easy. j/k Ashley, your mom seems like a nice lady and I look forward to getting a blowjob from her in the future.