Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 01:16:11 No.4342 del
Don't jack off with your bros, bros. Nothing but heartbreak and disappointment lie down that path. Believe me, I know.
>stroking to some porn on my couch
>just about to bust
>all the sudden buddy comes through the door like kramer
>completely forgot he was coming over to pick up some stuff he left in my garage
>he immediately knows what I was doing
>whoa put that thing away bro he says acting shocked
>we kind of laugh it off
>he sits next to me on the couch
>wtf bro I was just jacking off don't sit next to me
>porn still on my laptop
>wow anon that chick is pretty hot, I see why you guys like this
>he sits back and starts watching
>getting hard again so I can't stand up and leave
>he starts rubbing himself over his gym shorts, I can see his big dick
>long story short we gobble each other's cocks
>awkward every time we hang out now, especially in front of friends

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