Seabee 03/10/2021 (Wed) 22:32:45 No.446 del
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I tried the "Call Me" ritual spell. You need a blue marker a sheet of paper and your phone.
1) Draw a bird, plane or angel with the marker
2) Hold the paper in your hand and say, "Element of Air I would like Ashley to call me, help me send the message to Ashley"
3) Write Ashley's name below the drawing and recite, "I would like to hear from you, call me"
4) Keep holding the paper and imagine Ashley calling you and ask an angel to help send the message to Ashley.
5) Fold the paper into 3 parts and place it under your phone and wait for Ashley to call, approximately 5 minutes.

I tried several times with no luck. There are more intrusive spells and rituals that involve demons and such and that is something I'm afraid to get involved in.