Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 02:15:13 No.5196 del
It’s not about knowing who your past relatives are; that’s the front. What these websites do is put a profile together regarding everything about you. You submit loads of information about yourself to these websites and the MAJORITY of the money comes from selling the data submitted rather than selling the service itself. In fact, that’s why a lot of these services are free. The data collected and sold is far more valuable in terms of profit than the cost of running the service for free. Again, it’s not about seeing who your ancestors were, the business model is collecting your data and turning it for a profit.

Why do you think 23andMe is owned by Alphabet, aka Google? I’m sure the jews at Google collecting your DNA just to see a rough idea of your genetic background surely have good intentions. And if you think it’s meaningless for the alphabet agencies to have your data, just remember that this information is sold to sects of the government dedicated to building profiles on people for wrong think, buying items they deem dangerous; such as buying too many canned foods, water, seeds, etc. We’re starting to see government increasingly clamp down on shitposting, who knows what they're doing behind closed doors, but they recently publicly tried to roll out their “Disinformation Governance Board”. So while you may think submitting your personal data to these websites is meaningless, it plays a pretty large role in funding the data business and gives the government even more information about you. Did Edward Snowden mean nothing to you?