Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 08:59:44 No.5209 del
Your first mistake was attending school. I'm sure they require you to use all kinds of gay "apps".

Why not start like this: what steps COULD you take outside of school and work to start respecting your own privacy and sense of sovereignty outside of the corporate/slave system? Here's an easy one. Do you pay for Netflix, Hulu, or any possed trash like that? Either stop watching it, or simply pirate the things that you do want from those places. That is a small step to regaining control and it literally saves you money.

>your writing reeks of a cold, bitter person
I am an attractive 23 year old who isn't overweight. Honestly it would be a little sad if my writing wasn't cold and bitter. If you sense anger, it's because people always use technology yet never care to know how it's using them. I also don't write like a tard, so I guess proper sentence structure can come across as cold. Here's a smiley face so you know I'm not trying to be aggressive, I mean that. :) Oh god I hated typing that. :(