Anonymous 08/05/2022 (Fri) 03:32:08 No.5223 del
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how have you been on 4chan for like 10 years and don't understand timestamps?? I almost believe you because of the arch laptop, but I'm not conceding without full proof. that could be an old "private pic" she sent someone. I'm relatively new so I haven't seen all the old pictures either. what'd she even take that picture with, a digital camera?

anyway listen here nigger.
I need a shitload of silicon valley bullshit for college. what are you gonna do C# code in arch linux on, vs code? no sir. they make me have (another) microsoft account, a jewgle account, ms teams. I can get rid of it when I graduate but for now that's the state of things.
I keep my important shit on one of the mint laptops pictured, and I say "wrong think" stuff on the internet on them as well, in dissenter browser. and even that doesn't matter because like I said the VPN is the most important one. I don't have a VPN because I'm POOR because I'm IN COLLEGE AND WORKING PART TIME.

maybe you'll convince me otherwise but it sounded to me like you didn't know what digital fingerprint means because it refers specifically to using data matching to track your browser and hardware. things that pertain to tracking your person like facial recognition fall under "digital profiling".

and guess what else. SOMETIMES maybe I want to play shit like DARK SOULS AND ELDEN RING that doesn't work on LINUX.

hope you're happy, now I'm emotionally compromised and I have to do a mountain of homework for this numeric programming class from hell tonight.
and that dildo definitely does not fit her. she bought it specifically to put in that picture.