Anonymous 08/05/2022 (Fri) 04:32:32 No.5224 del
>that could be an old "private pic" she sent someone
Yeah, because I had a horse dildo and vibrator when I was 15.

>I need a shitload of silicon valley bullshit for college.
Why would you attend college in 2022? And fine, but why did you completely ignore my suggestion to do what you can now, outside of work and school? Don’t use those devices and/or services outside of when you absolutely need them.

>what are you gonna do C# code in arch linux on, vs code?
All of your excuses link back to college, maybe the soy shit they’re making you do in college isn’t worth it. If you’re a smart man when it comes to technology, why do you continue to engage in devices, services, operating systems, that you know are possed up? Plus, from my understanding, there are plenty of C# developers who use Linux.

>I keep my important shit on one of the mint laptops pictured

>dissenter browser
I honestly can’t even take you seriously right now.

>VPN is the most important one. I don't have a VPN because I'm POOR because I'm IN COLLEGE AND WORKING PART TIME

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