I AM ASHLEY PLEASE MAKE ME A MOD Anonymous 08/27/2022 (Sat) 19:50 No.5724 del
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Dear board owner,

There are way too much tranny and gay shenanigans going on here and I will be the bigger person and say that I do not tolerate it. I'm asking nicely, can you please make me a mod? I won't ban anyone or remove posts unless it meets the following conditions:

1. Talking positively about gays or trannies

Please respond, board owner. We have 0 rules as it stands and recently it feels like this place has gone down hill. I'm coming back soon and I just want to make sure this place is cleaned up for my return. I will allow you to continue your functions as a unpaid employee of mine.

I'm actually not kidding, I really want to be a moderator of my own board. I just wanna ban trannies and tranny sympathizers. Thoughts?