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(76.97 KB 679x509 490240928.jpg)
Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 18:18:36 [Preview] No. 449
I want to ask anyone who was here before everything got deleted, and the ones who were there when Ashley was active.

when was this board created? was there an original one in a different site? was there a general in 4chan with a lot of people and OCs? how was the community? were there drama and toxic people? was there edits and talented people? what made this place special to you?

I just want to know generally how it was. I discovered Ashley very late and want to know about the golden years.

Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 18:57:24 [Preview] No.450 del
i only discovered her in 2016 after she already left but here's what i know
the original /ashleyj/ board was created on 8chan in late 2014. she originally was posted on 4chan /pol/ and posted there a bit but mods started to delete threads about her so that's why the board was created. yes, there was a lot of edits and OCs, drawings and things. there was drama of course because there always is around these things.

you can still look through the original board on the webarchive if you want to see how it was:
all images from 8chan were removed a while ago though

Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 19:24:05 [Preview] No.451 del
(1.12 MB 600x338 1569427768415.webm)
(482.60 KB 1592x1243 1444759762662.jpg)
thanks never thought about the webarchive. sad about the photos being removed but reading threads is fun. would love to see some of the edits, saw a little in the 4chan archives but I'm sure all the good stuff was in 8chan.

Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 21:08:39 [Preview] No.452 del
(78.33 KB 640x816 14391175811327.jpg)
someone in the archives said she is 5 foot tall, is this true? did she ever said so in a stream or video?

Seabee 03/12/2021 (Fri) 21:40:15 [Preview] No.453 del
(868.96 KB 997x747 1438009973001.png)
The Ash said numerous times that she is 4' 11". But in my opinion she's a giant among young women.

Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 23:29:46 [Preview] No.454 del
(55.67 KB 382x509 1416974781472.jpg)
that is cute. smol ash is still a giant in other departments.

Seabee 03/12/2021 (Fri) 23:54:29 [Preview] No.455 del
(30.65 KB 382x509 2842048204.jpg)
Without a doubt.

Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 00:36:06 [Preview] No.456 del
(18.34 KB 400x400 14391175811323.jpg)
were you on 8chan back in the day? was it cool and fun? ashley probably read a lot of posts form it.

Seabee 03/13/2021 (Sat) 04:31:50 [Preview] No.457 del
(400.03 KB 402x713 1434582038592.png)
Yes, I was on Ashley's board on 8 chan back in the day. It was fun but there was a few screwballs for a while that were rude and crude and most of the time would forget to take their meds, literally. There was speculation on whether Ashley read and answered posts under anonymous, but I think she did. I like to think she reads this board too but who knows. It was fun also when she was doing her vids on youtube, always looking forward to the next vid and making comments. Her vids are archived on youtube but most but not all comments have been removed. She also had a Google + e mail set up and any one could e mail her and she would return your e mail.

Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 11:33:47 [Preview] No.458 del
(2.68 MB 265x457 1533951997717.gif)
good to know you had a fun time, as for the rude screwballs I know what you mean. maybe she did post on 8chan but the thing I'm almost sure of is that she read most of the posts. I saw screenshots of her comments on YouTube and they are as funny as the videos. the email thing is cool, I would probably write a compliment to her and say that I love her videos and that she is funny.

Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 15:46:56 [Preview] No.459 del
>I like to think she reads this board too but who knows.
me too, she probably checked in to see at one point

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