NEET 05/03/2021 (Mon) 08:55:07 No.347426 del
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Feeeling like such a numpty.

Got the point and was chillling. Needed to piss and rode down the grassy slope on the way to the block. WE GAAN.

Had a huge bunch of rain over the weejkend. What seemed "grass" and the route i normally take was actually some green ontop of a huge muddy slipery slide.

Hit it on the eeb at speeed riding into the sun, instantly washed out and slid 5 meteres and got covered in mud and slime. Bent my levers and bars. Fark. Bike was now unridable.

Old mate who i see at the carpark often helped me out with some allen keys. Reset my bars and levers. Felt like a retard, afternoon ruined.

muddy clothes in washing machine, showered, pizza in oven