story contest NEET 11/25/2021 (Thu) 09:56:54 No.437177 del
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I doubt there will be more works for this contest, so I won't wait till the evening.
Here are the three contestants, side by side, from these posts:
Technically none is eligible since none wrote "story contest" into the subject field. But for example when the first one was written I did not even posted the contest so whatever.
I also suspect the one who pointed to the first one wasn't the one who wrote it. The story itself is solid, would read more of that.
Formally the third one followed the rules, namely it should be at least four lines in this >>436856 length. It is also a breddy gud story.
The second work is a poem, not bad. It actually would be good, but for me it takes away from its worth, that I don't know what knackers mean in this context.

Hereby I open the 2nd short story contest. Rules are the same (at least four lines). I though I add some topic, but for now, it can be picked freely.
Submit your works, fellas.