NEET 08/04/2022 (Thu) 07:18:15 No.570881 del
>fucking census date confused
So you got the census date and WNF date mixed up? I've known people to have failed subjects (not withdrawn, just done them and failed) that managed to get them struck from their transcript by getting a psychologists note saying they were depressed or whatever. It seems unis will even back-date it so you can fail a subject, get the note afterwards, and get the transcript retroactively amended as though it never happened (other than the HECS debt still applying of course). If you are willing to be a dishonourable shit cunt about it, do this:
>go to student services or whatever
>say you want to withdraw but you are worried about your GPA
>when asked why you want to withdraw cite 'mental health reasons'
>say your psychologist recommended you withdraw due to 'suicidal thoughts' but you haven't yet taken his advice due to your GPA concerns
This is a round-about way of threatening suicide. Student suicides are very bad publicity for unis and they will gladly trade their integrity by allowing mongs like you to remain in exchange for avoiding that publicity.
I'm with webby. You should try to salvage the semester at this point.
>fucking retarded minda cunt
I love how South Australian this line is.
To justify giving it to someone more deserving?