NEET 08/04/2022 (Thu) 07:21:24 No.570883 del
>So you got the census date and WNF date mixed up? I've known people to have failed subjects (not withdrawn, just done them and failed) that managed to get them struck from their transcript by getting a psychologists note saying they were depressed or whatever. It seems unis will even back-date it so you can fail a subject, get the note afterwards, and get the transcript retroactively amended as though it never happened (other than the HECS debt still applying of course). If you are willing to be a dishonourable shit cunt about it, do this:
When I go into the doctorate program, the first half year or so required bullshit subjects and I missed both deadlines and withdrew and got charged nothing. Basically sent a 'fuck you pajeet' email to the head of the faculty and they didn't argue.
Doctoral advisor went on to claim he was fucking Satoshi, so I would have been vindicated anyway.