NEET 04/03/2024 (Wed) 02:08 No.835861 del
When I had my car serviced they installed new windscreen wipers. Today I used them for the first time. Heavy rain.
One of the wipers came loose and was being flung around, barely connected.
I turned them off but the rain was so heavy I couldn't see. I was doing 80 on a main road, nowhere to pull over.
I chose to turn them on and risk the wiper fully detaching and flying into the car behind me rather than rear end someone because I couldn't see.
I just used single wipes when absolutely necessary and managed to turn off into a business car park where I got out and removed the loose wiper. It was on the passenger side so I got home using just the one that was left.
I will need to look up on Youtube how to install it properly. I think they did the other one wrong too but it hasn't detached yet.
It was all very stressful.