Anonymous 05/06/2021 (Thu) 17:07:29 No.34906 del
Since endchan is a Post Your Personal Agenda Bullshit board as of late, then my favorite degenerate brutal porn is watching gigantic wobbling blubbery whales in t-shirts spank crying first graders while decrepit "deputies" in matching shirts who can barely speak English hold them down. If only there was a studio producing such trash for people to jerk off to.

I also enjoy the meta-porn, degenerate and sadistic and brutal on a much larger, subtle, and more sinister scale, of an entire generation who find themselves unwilling or unable to read or absorb any concept that cannot be conveyed in under four seconds in a colorful word bubble on their personal tracking devices. It's like a real-world mind version of Saw or Hostel, only with a hundred million kids trapped in the room instead of eight.