Anonymous 09/23/2022 (Fri) 10:31 No.41639 del
and better yet, the left does all the work & more on making themselves hated
when anyone even remotely right wing speaks of reasons to hate the left, they're ignored or mocked, seen merely as "extreme"
when a leftist spouts about why they should be loved, they're suddenly seen for what they really are, and are seen from then on with disgust
over the years, i've spoken to numerous people who held no solid beliefs other than the standard "don't be evil" shit
i've spoken to them about dangers of leftism, they didn't believe me, but only after they saw fags raping kids en masse did they start to hate them
so i asked them "why? why didn't you listen to me before?", they simply replied "i couldn't believe anyone who'd do what you said would be allowed in society"
the average person is naive to a fault