Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 16:42:15 No.10165 del
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I don't think people get what cult of Roxybon really is, how it will be remembered and seen in the future, when the dust has settled and all that ever was Bonbibonkers is but a small paragraph in history books.
That small corner of what it all really was about, the desperate clinging to what we all saw and what was yet again taken away from us. A piece of heaven we stole and molded to fit our own desires, that we protected and alienated from it's source the moment it became corrupted. It's obscurity is it's strength. It will be nothing like pyramids, nothing like big and marvelous statues of god-kings, their deeds and life written on thousands of clay tablets and old pergamins. Instead it will be a small temple, burried and preserved by the sands of time, with strange writings and drawings, similar to what is know, yet...different. There will be something strange about the temple, about it's contents. A curiosity for sure, but one that will always be hidden in the shadows of what was above it, both in it's life and so in it's death.
Bonbibonkers will trully be gone one day, but Roxybon...

...Roxybon will be eternal.