Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 03:32:52 No.23716 del
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Pretty nice cosplay. I read that this is a cosplay of a super-hero named super-cat. Cosplay itself doesn't look very good. But in the performance of Bonbi, the cosplay looks much better. He is perceived as a cross between a boy and a girl by gender. That is, it is a boy cosplay, but Bonby is a girl, and it makes the cosplay more cute and beautiful. This is the rare occasion when Bonby is cosplaying a boy but not trying to look like a cool, brutal and arrogant boy in him, and that will come some mercy to the cosplay. This cosplay does not cause a desire to test the boy's strength and whether he is as cool as he tries to look.

The fake ears add a lot of fancy to cosplay. They generally make many girls more cute and feminine.

It is also possible that cosplay is perceived more positively than others because it is a cat cosplay. On 2ch, the cat is something like a sacred animal, almost like a cow in India. 2ch, the cat is considered a friend of bitard and anonymous, and every Saturday Sub-cat threads are created.