Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 20:06:58 No.24259 del
I've posted a few, but so much can get lost in the shuffle. Threads over there last for 2000 posts/roughly 24 hours on average.

Same. That's part of why it's so weird. There was a big blowup the other day about the schizo(s) and the state of the site and lack of moderation. One person mentioned that the weirdos and schizos would be easy to stop, and another replied "sometimes i find myself reconsidering the old 'is moemin shitposting on the site himself?' theory". "Moemin" being the Admin of the site.

"Formerly Shitposter", a former janny for the threads, was mentioned and stepped into the discussion and went into detail on why he resigned months ago. He posted this screenshot of him e-mailing Moemin that he's resigning, and why.

He added "here is what went down - someone was spamming child porn and "forbidden chips" (essentially CP...) and a lot of other stuff from Tor nodes, and i asked for a month repeatedly for the admin to ban tor but he wouldnt respond, so i resigned"

"Forbidden chips" refers to a 13 year old tiktokker nicknamed Chip who has posted seriously risque stuff in the past. FS also said that this current schizo running rampant seems exactly like the one he was trying to stop back then, and are probably the same person. The schizo does post Chip, has a grudge against bonbi and bonbi posters, and sometimes praises Seth. We can tell it's probably this singular schizo poster because posts that are critical of Chip or Chip-posting...but don't mention anything about Bonbi at all...will be replied to with anti-bonbi schizo rhetoric. This poster has also defended pedophilia. This is an interesting convergence of factors.