Anonymous 01/25/2023 (Wed) 00:26 No.36572 del
crash, the piggy smashed through her bathroom door after a load of brown poop started to come out of her brown butt hole while she was sitting in her desk chair. The piggy didn't want to mush up her poop in her panties today. she was too busy watching her favorite television show wednesday. but the piggy cannot escape so easily her pig pen existence and her large four plates of supper came back to haunt her. let's see, six all beef hamburgers, five hot dogs, eight quarts of blueberries, four bananas, 3 haddock fillets, three cups of coffee, 1 cup of orange juice and eight dinner rolls the piggy couldn't hold on for long and it all came tumbling out of the piglet's anus briskly. the piggy hopped onto the toilet just in time and pppptttttt, ptttttttt, uhhhhh, a brief second, ptttttt, ptt, pttt, ptttt, three long 1 footers and three small brown curlys came racing out of her butt hole. and dropped into the toilet bowl. ahhhh, the piggy enjoyed the feeling of rubs the poops gave to her anus hole as they parachuted out. but uWu, sadness for now the poops were no longer inside her a part of her body.
and how she despised the departing from them and their trip to the sewage adventure lands. so she flushed them down and watched as they rolled down into the drain pipe. the piggy wiped her butt hole with some toilet paper and brought the toilet paper up to her face. the toilet paper was smeared with her brown poop. she took a great snifff, and it had a stinky poopy smell to it. it must be from the brown poop the piggy thought. hmm.