Anonymous 03/11/2023 (Sat) 19:24 No.38178 del
the piggy bon was brooding in her bedroom today because she didn't want to stay home and sulk like a hog.
she actually had wanted to go to the circus. she had her plans all set but a late cancellation made it impossible. and one of the piglet's favorite foods at the circus is cotton candy. so the piggy threw herself down on the floor and brood, and like a useless piglet spent the better part of two hours farting and burping like a bored field hog.
wait a minute the piggy thought if i can't go to the circus I'll make the circus come to me. and so the piggy got up and gaily danced around in her room pretending for a time at the circus, and she felt the beginnings of a roll of poop start to form in her lower pig guts. if i cannot have cotton candy i'll have a load of brown poop the piggy thought out loud.
she squat and pulled off her pants and panties and this from her disgusting brown anus hole a curl of brown poop came spilling out and plopped on the ground. what a pig. the piggy then reached down and picked some bits and clumps of her poop pile and plopped them into her mouth. brown cotton candy. she munched and munched her home made cotton candy, pretending for herself it was cotton candy directly from the circus, until a bilious nausea came over her and the piggy vomited.