Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 19:06 No.38204 del
the piglet bon waltzed into the kitchen today. she wanted to start her diet and lose her lard hips and beer belly. so we got to say she wanted to deposit lose about 50 pounds of body (ie lard) weight attached to her at least.
ahh! what a shame the piglet is such a useless, fat and lazy piggy. her piglet diet of wonder lasted only about 6 minutes. as soon as she approached the fridge she never left the fridge, and she would have been better to lift up the whole fridge as say a container of monster drink, or a can of shrimp, turn it over and let it fall into her wide open and hungry piggy mouth faster.
that would have saved her a few hours of party shuffling through the fridge contents like a field hog, or a field beast, biting and nibbling at this or that, but basically eating everything it contained. not surprisingly twenty minutes later after her feast finished when she tromped into her bedroom to play some computer games and listen to her piggy music her guts started to explode. uhhhhh! the piggy wallowed in self pity as loads of brown goo moved rapidly to her tainted butt hole. the poopies spilled out and the piggy got to the toilet a little late, since there was a couple spoonfuls of poop in her panties after she threw them down and hopped on the toilet bowl.
the next few hours of the piggy's life consisted of ptttt, pttttt, pptt, ptt, pt, ptttttttttt and splash and plunge and again repeat. the piggy ran out of toilet paper twice and had to grab her bath towels to wipe her dirty brown anus.
disgusting. and don't ask me how at the end of the day the piggy ended up with half her face covered in brown poop smears.don't ask. just don't.