Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 08:53 No.38234 del
Bonbi is the queen of the swamps, she lives there with her swamp monsters, the swamp monsters obey her will, because she is the biggest monster in there, she has many name, swamp queen, ham beast of the swamps and bonbi, the monsters who obey her call her swamp queen, those who are terrorized by her monstrous ways call her ham beast of the swamps, some of her devout human followers call her bonbi, and they think she is normal, bonbi is in fact not normal, bonbi descended into the depth of the swamps and lost her humanity, for she is now a monster, a ham beast, a queen of the swamps, and she rules the swamps like a tyrant and king, she owns a swamp like no one has ever seen before, in the dark, wet, cold, deep darkness, and she sleeps deep inside the water, and her minions guard the entrance from all but the bravest of her enemies.