Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 18:58 No.38241 del
oink oink, this morning the poopy and dumb piggy bon decided to take a trip to the new jersey marches. she traveled far and wide and took in the sights and sounds, including a pig out at mcdonalds until uh oh; the piggy felt as though her intestines were going to explode and split. she felt that due to her pig out meal at mcdonalds her guts were going to open up from her large pink piggy belly. and out will spill mcburgers and big macs. if fact the piggy's order was so huge it landed with constant burger flipping two mcdonalds cooks for a whole hour; they were tossing and turning the burgers the piggy stuffed her frog face with as she sat in the lounge and stuffed her belly full. well it was time for the piggy to pass those burgers so there she stood as still and stiff as a wooden board for a minute in the middle of a jersey street until she couldn't withhold the poop from spilling out of her brown anus hole. ahhh,
the piggy squirmed at the last and she dropped her pants and bent over and out slid several brown curls, one right after another; in total some observer counted twelve poop longs. pptttt, ptttttttt, the crowd of people around the piggy got upset, they told her to get lost. but the piggy undeterred pressed her face inside her poop pile and started to eat her dog pile of poop like a pig hog. the people there said pig pile eaters are not welcome and the piggy with her poopy face and a mouthful of her own poop walked away.