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UK snow forecast: Britain faces ICE fog and snow TODAY – 89 flood warnings issued
FREEZING fog is set to descend upon parts of the UK as sub-zero temperatures and more rain arrives for another weekend washout.
>There are currently 89 flood warnings in place around most of England and parts of Wales. The Met Office has said heavy showers will lash the far west of Wales and Cornwall today. Many other regions cloudier with some rain at times, especially northeast England.
>But most of southern UK and Scotland will be dry with sunny spells.
>Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “The frontal band continues to bring rain across parts of England and Wales.
>“This brings the risk of flooding but also with the cold night air the chance of more hill snow, even again a little snow to lower levels this evening in the same warned areas.

Welsh Separatist Leader: Wales Should Be Turned Into ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ for Refugees
Liz Saville Roberts, who leads the Welsh separatist party Plaid Cymru in Britain’s House of Commons, has called for her small country to become a “nation of sanctuary” for the world’s refugees.
>“We live on an island of Britain,” the London-born ex-teacher told a BBC Question Time audience.
>“In terms of managing immigration this is way easier than for many other nations,” she added — although despite the seeming logic of this statement the United Kingdom does in fact have the joint-highest illegal alien population in all of Europe.
>“[Immigration] has become desperately political. Now, forgive me, now, to be referring to Wales again, but this is equally true for other areas in the United Kingdom… 96 per cent of people in Wales were born in the United Kingdom, and yet we hear this same argument there, but we’re dependent so much on people to come in for clinical staff, for food processing, for catering — we’re going to be in trouble if we don’t have these people still coming in,” she claimed, appearing to suggest in the same breath that immigration to Wales is both too limited to be of any concern, and also absolutely vital to the health service and for a steady supply of cheap waiters and factory workers.

Boris Declares He Is ‘Pro-Immigration’, Will Not Commit to Capping It

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