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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.

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Fear Not The End of The World My People Brother 10/25/2017 (Wed) 11:17:29 Id: ed3d25 [Preview] No. 172
Fear Not The End of The World My People

“The end of all things is upon you, My people. Fear not the end of material possessions, My people, for I Am your God, The All Sufficient One. I call you to the end of all things, your trust is in Me, your world and its possessions will fail you in the end—trust in Me, your Provider. I Am all things to you—where the supernatural begins where the world ends. I Am you heat in the cold, for I Am The Consuming Fire. I Am your food supply in the desert, the manna and multiplying of old. Trust Me in all things. Do not fear to be full of My Spirit, for that is what I call you unto, My Baptism in My Spirit, for what can you do apart from Me? Many of you are contaminated with the world’s pollutants and grime—I call you even to the Baptism of My Fire so that all of the world in you may be burned away, for I will have a Holy People before Me, a Spotless Bride. What will it take for you to be Holy before Me? Separation from all things, for that is what I call you unto. I will have a people who will know their God, so do not fail to know Me, to walk circumspect before Me, the Living God, and to do My will for your life, for if your fail to do My commandments, and obey Me in all things, to fail to know Me your God, even that is your eternal damnation. So fear the Living God, and do My will in all things, and walk softly before Me. For I call you to be separate from the world. If the Army sends its satellite drones against you, My obedient people, I will confuse their signals and cause them to crash into trees and deep valleys, mountainsides and ravines. And anything the Satanist-infested governments does against you is only for your benefit, to force you into My will for your lives. So do not fear the enemy, for Satan has not power before you, and all things work out for your good, My people. Only fear the Living God, for I Am A Terror to the godless and sinners and antichrists in the world. Failure to fear Me will put you in a class with them, for I will have a supernatural people who will stomp all over the enemy’s forces, and inherit eternal life in the end. Your God has spoken.”

Brother 10/25/2017 (Wed) 11:17:44 Id: ed3d25 [Preview] No. 173 del
The Great Delusion—Only The Elect Will Be Saved

“There are many among My people who will not make it in these End Times. You may be among them. In My Church there are many who are not among the Elect, but were born by the will of men. They will not be saved. Many will be damned because they love not the truth, they love not Me, but the world. They will fall prey to the delusions in the End Time. The world of evil will pull out all the stops to deceive you and get your soul by false appearances, delusions of all kinds, demonic manifestations, and all kinds of wicked technologies of the government and military industrial complex meant to get you to doubt Me, and lure you into deception and false doctrine. But My Spirit if faithful to correct and checks you, to convict and reveal the truth to you, the Elect. For it is impossible for the elect to be deceived, for only the elect can receive a true prophetic word. So trust Me, and stay in My love. Thus says the LORD of Hosts, Your Savior, Amen.”

My Church Will Be On Its Knees!

“I will have a victorious, overcoming Church, not a lazy, compromising Church. I will have a people who will overcome Satan in the world and in their lives. But sadly, few will come out of Babylon to the place ordained by Me, to fight the good fight on the front lines, to win souls, to run the race set before them. Few will do My will, and for that My Church must have judgment. Few willingly obey Me in their callings for their lives, preferring the pleasures and wealth of wicked Babylon. It has replaced Me in their lives, and for that I must send judgment to dismantle Babylon in their lives. The Church must continually suffer loss and deprivation until they are brought to a point of utter abject poverty and loss, for that is what it will take to bring them to that place in Me that I desire—on their knees! I will have a praying Church, not a prospering Church. And if dragging them to the FEMA Camps in the middle of the night to induce My humility in their lives is what it will take, then so be it. For then I can finally work with My Church in its final moments on Earth after I have pried all of the world out of their hands. So either willingly obey your LORD and Master, which is what I prefer, or else I will have you do it kicking and screaming. For few will leave Babylon in all its forms to enter My Kingdom. So obey and repent. Your LORD has spoken.”

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