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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.

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Brother 01/12/2016 (Tue) 03:38:22 Id: a1338c [Preview] No. 48
Hey /christian/. I'm not here to shitpost, I'm not here to cause problems, I'm just here because I came across pic related a day or so ago. Maybe some of you even saw it.

I'm not a frequent 8/christian/ poster, so I don't really know who Cuckvol is. That say, I do identify as a Christian, I am anti-pedo, and I do feel like it should be an issue that a possible pedophile has some part in running a Christian board.

I tried asking about it but got banned for being a 'vulture', see next pic. I tried asking about it on our /pol/, but the volunteer spazzed out on me. Seeing as a good portion of /pol/ is Christian, I assumed somebody from there might have known. An anon suggested I ask here, which I would've done had I known this board existed. Anyway, is there any truth to the allegations crudely put out by the OP of the thread I found? Is there any information relevant to this?

I can only repeat, I am not here to shitpost and this is a genuine inquiry. I genuinely do not know why /pol/ reacted the way it did, I'd like to think I'd get a more accommodating response here. If not, fine. No ill will is intended with this, none.

Brother 01/12/2016 (Tue) 03:43:02 Id: a1338c [Preview] No. 49 del
Here is the ban for being a 'vulture'. Again, I know that the OP in the original thread was crude in the way he made his allegations. I tried going into the thread because, again, any allegation of a sick bastard running a Christian board should be taken seriously.

Being banned for being a 'vulture' only confirmed in my mind that the OP of the thread may have actually known something.

Does anybody have any information to back the OP's claim up with?

Brother 01/12/2016 (Tue) 15:22:19 Id: 7a7bf2 [Preview] No. 51 del
No clue fam.

Brother 01/12/2016 (Tue) 22:45:15 Id: 85e878 [Preview] No. 52 del
(29.77 KB 712x682 cuckvol in action.PNG)
I got banned for two weeks for asking OP why the cuckvol was a pedo.

Brother 01/13/2016 (Wed) 08:45:15 Id: a1338c [Preview] No. 53 del
Okay. Thanks anyhow, bruv.

Yeah, I saw your post over on /christ/. I asked about it there, too, but that place is really dead. If you have any info whatsoever on Cuckvol, feel free to divulge.

Brother 04/01/2016 (Fri) 08:52:48 Id: 4b5d29 [Preview] No. 77 del
pot calling kettle black

Brother 09/13/2016 (Tue) 22:14:13 Id: 51e8d3 [Preview] No. 123 del
>Seeing as a good portion of /pol/ is Christian
Try saying that their and watch as a majority of the posters talk about "muh kike on a stick"

Brother 09/21/2016 (Wed) 21:34:42 Id: 13315d [Preview] No. 125 del
Ya I dunno why people keep saying that. Most posters there are heathens or straight up pagans.

מָוֶת&שְׁאוֹל 10/03/2016 (Mon) 18:43:18 [Preview] No. 131 del
The question was worded in an accusatory way. Instead of asking:
>why is he a pedo
'why are people saying he's a pedo?'
This doesn't make the assumption that he is, and it asks the question that's more relevant to your needs.

As for your earlier concerns about a possible pedo running a Christian board: if he's repented, awesome, if not, pray for him, and in the end we know that God is powerful enough to work all authority to the end of his will.

tl;dr: if you're afraid of corruption in the church, then you do not truly fathom the power of our Heavenly Father.

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