Anonymous 07/23/2022 (Sat) 21:55:54 No.939 del
Like >>938 said this isn't the typical 4chan brand of general trolling and shitposting, at least those are generally a minority of the voices in a thread and maybe a quarter of the time funny in their own way. This is a complete and total attack on the threads, by a tiny handful of people who have happened to feel so wronged by the threads they feel the need to constantly shitpost, samefag, spam, etc in order to attack, berate and deride anything good in the threads. Oh, an artist drew something new? He should be dead. Oh a writer said or did something in an entirely other thread? Time to crosslink to it repeatedly to shit on him and then derail his thread. Another artist who's not even around anymore makes an OC? Post it just to shit on it. And the thing is because there's zero shame in any of this making fun of them doesn't work, and just ends up being used to derail the threads further anyways. There's no winning except ignoring them, and ignoring them just leads to them samefagging which inevitably pulls in at least one person to *not* ignore them, and the cycle continues for tens of posts more.