Anonymous 03/24/2021 (Wed) 02:21 No.12 del
Hey, I'm retarded and new. This past weekend I decided to finally undertake the massive project of organizing my massive hoarded collection since middle school cus I save fucking everything even if I don't particularly like it. I've been getting help on Hydrus a bit in the /g/ threads. I'm playing around with LANraragi, and the chaika tag parser, nhentai parser, and others have worked pretty well. (And I'm aware of the issue with the hentai nexus rips' metadata and chaika, but thats all mostly boring vanilla trash so it's low priority for me.)
I have always unzipped or unrarred every doujin I've downloaded and deleted the archive. I'm fully aware that simply rezipping everything won't magically make the tag parsers able to understand the archive most of the time. Out of my humble and probably not impressive collection of about 12,000 individual works, about 3500 are untagged. I'm looking for suggestions or ideas on the least painful way to tag these. I've been looking at the program to see if there's a way to export a list or raw text of all untagged archives I have, which I can then simply proceed to go redownload as the original archive.