Доброчанька Admin 01/23/2023 (Mon) 20:43 No.2982 del
Privet Dobrochanka!

I turn to you with an issue.

First I try to explain it short and simple, for easy translation.
Illegal drawn images:
- child having sex
- child showing penis or vagina
These will be deleted.

Long version, explanation:
Drawn or computer generated images which depict childlike characters having sex or their private parts exposed are illegal in the United States. These are called "simulated child pornography".
The Japanese genre of lolicon is not illegal as a whole, but those images from this genre, which depicts the above mentioned, are the same as any other drawn or computer generated images in this question. There is no separate law for lolicon. Therefore we can allow some lolicon images, but not others (sex acts, fully exposed children).
It is important that these are "childlike characters", because it doesn't matter if it is 1000 years old in the story if it looks like a kid.
I'll wait about a day, and will go through this thread and remove couple of images. I will issue no bans, I just have to prune the thread. If I find a picture where I can't decide if it is a child, I will probably delete it just to be safe, but we'll see.
I will also try to pinpoint acceptable images for examples.

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