Anonymous 06/05/2017 (Mon) 05:44:52 No.160 del
Aghhhh, it has so many errors even when I ignore the Gondola, but these time constraints are killing me, so those jitters which are surely noticeable will not be fixed. Reason why is because I'm going to be hand drawing 32 inbetween images now. So 1/3rd will be made with my "3d" tool, and the other 2/3rds by hand. The reason why is because drawing by hand is just much faster for me, not precise, but much faster.

Anyhow, I'm planning on having the hill the temples is resting on to be made of copy pasta rocks and vegetation. The vegetation I won't be drawing by hand one by one, that's just as asinine as the problems presented by the tree... Instead GIF related is how I intend to solve this dilemma.