Anonymous 08/07/2019 (Wed) 07:43:23 No.113 del
Takashi Ito - Spacy (1981)

>Outstanding experimental animated short. First a few words explaining this film's technique. Ito took a series of still photographs in a gymnasium setting up his camera incrementally in a circle. He then took photos of those photos mounted on stands in the same gymnasium (again in a circle) He then photographed these onto film in stop motion. The striking (and somewhat unnerving) effect is that you are flying into an infinite array of photos within photos. When I saw this as part of a program of avant garde Japanese film, one viewer brought their toddler, who immediately began to wail uncontrollably at the vertiginous display. If you ever get a chance to view this, please do, but don't sit too close to the screen or you may get motion sickness!