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Grsecurity GPL Violations: Linus/FSF/SFConservancy won't defend. Claw back your copyrights. BSD-in-Practice was not the deal.

Silence is consent.

>Are there FOSS developers making decent money via Patreon, GoFundMe, whatever?

Yes, Grsecurity is making good money.
They simply added a no-redistribution agreement to their patch of the Linux Kernel.
> ( )

The FSF, Software Freedom Conservancy, and the Corporate Linux Kernel Developers all agree that this is fine (silence is consent).

>Importantly, neither the FSF nor the SFC, nor in fact any actual lawyer agrees with this bizarre claim from an anonymous troll. More info about the source of the claim can be found here:
> Thanks for doing your part, "Dr" to continue the troll's harrassment

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