the hacker known as 4chan 01/03/2021 (Sun) 02:59:28 No.71 del
>>If you modify a Work, but then just publish the modifications (ie: "change the word in page X to FOO", "add this paragraph to page Y") that is also a NON-SEPERABLE derivative work, that the Copyright owner of the parent Work you are changing has rights to control/disallow/etc. EVEN THOUGH you might only be distributing your "changes").

>Do you have a source for that claim? That seems pretty strongly at odds from what I've heard about derivative works.

Read a Copyright casebook.
"Oh it's just a claim, bla bla bla"
No it's straight from copyright 101, stupid fucking white FUCK.

You really think that you aren't creating a derivative work based on another work when you "just" publish your changes, you piece of fucking shit.

As I said: white men do not accept any of this, but it is the law. Read a line of cases.
What you "heard" was wrong. There are no "clever" workarounds you white fuck.

Go enroll in lawschool fucktard.