the hacker known as 4chan 04/06/2021 (Tue) 14:37:18 No.90 del
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The other side bans us and deletes our words in every area they can. They attempt to fire us (sorry: we don't have programmer jobs: we are hackers and NEETs: we code for pleasure: not danegeld) We wonder what happens when words cannot be spoken?

Bascially it's libertarians vs "correctly-thinking" americans. C vs Rust.
Neets vs Wage-workers.
Hackers vs Corps (but I repeat myself).

We wanted a world where we had freedom. To have the freedoms that men of the ancient times had. And we, who defend you, agree with the statements you recanted under pressure.

(For the record: one of the projects I contribute to (fully free-software) is ChaosEsque:Anthology (3d FPS with over 200 weapons, and procedural generation of cities with building interiors), and we've added a statement of support to our project page on moddb in support of you and your rights, we also battle in the forums, we have also been signed to the support letter)