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Well, I might as well post the history so it's not forgotten, not even close to complete, just the highlights. Years ago gghq was just like the other GG boards, acidgirl ran the board and other than his autistic avatarfaggotry and inflated self worth he didn't really get too involved. Then he just kind of lost his fucking mind, going on about spoopy cabals running shit from the shadows and called for a purge. The real reason was because people kept calling him a faggot for jacking off to literally the worst character from neon genesis. Whatever the reason he decides to start permabanning people for no real reason. Most of the bans were for "lying about the rules", which was never a rule, in effect he banned people for disagreeing with his asinine purge. He essentially destroyed mainstream GG discussion on the site since the only people that used the /v/ cancer thread were a handful of homosexuals that spend all day jerking each other off and avatarfagging, ie his favorite people.

That's when ggrevolt was formed, it was supposed to be the alternative hub but when people migrated for a fourth time everyone became jaded. That's when they realized how fucked the whole situation was, the ethics cucks became obvious, the e-begging became obvious, the cancer became obvious. The board stopped being another GG discussion board and became a board about fixing the problems with GG, which after years of blackpills became a board where people who gave up could have a giggle and laugh at the shitheap. Essentially the board was attacked day fucking one by the usual clique of autistics calling it a "goon" board or whatever, they changed it every week. Acidman made damn certain no one could crossboard, if you admitted to post on ggr you'd be banned, same goes for the /v/ thread. the leddit page also banned all mention of ggr. That was when the shitposters discovered the clique pretty much, hatman purposefully tried to make it look like ggr doxed him, and after he was outed by the wheelchair nigger himself he just kind of went apeshit. That's when all the ecelebs turned on ggr and started FUDing the hell out of it. By this point both ggr and gghq were ded. The UID war ran for a while, which wasn't a major point of import but it was funny getting a rise out of cole when you pointed out how low his numbers were.

Acidmans name is cole by the way. Turns out he was a dumbass and left a papertrail on the internet which led people to find out he was into forced feminization and being a dirty cum slut, among other juicy morsels. That's when he went into maximum overfaggotry. Instead of accepting that he was a degenerate, he creates this tapestry of skulduggery, a "cancer crew" that worked in the shadows to dox him despite the fact he was using his real fucking name on kink sites and was always an asukafag and had him swatted. He was never swatted by the way, he just made that up to make it sound bad. He then did the cock consuming magnum opus, he went to the FBI. He reported people to the feds for being mean to him, he tried to get people arrested for shitposting. Pro-tip, didn't work. Turns out being rude to someone on the internet isn't a federal crime.

After that, the two boards just kind of faded off. gghq went down with acidgirl and he basically abandoned the board to go post in the /v/ thread, and aggrandize himself as the savoir of gamgergate. ggr decided it would be better to burn out then fade away and the 8chan board was abandoned, ostensibly because of privacy concerns, the shitposters moved to endchan. That's where you are now, by the way. And now it's just a few old men remembering gamergate and remembering when they gave a shit. I like to come back here every once in a while and remember the good times. You faggots were the best, the solid year of autism was the most fun I had in forever. I'm not sad that its gone, i'm just glad that it happened.